Check them out quick, before some Hollywood lawyer has the link taken off!

…Storm with SHORT hair? That had better not be a Halle Berry whim! ~_^

I think they should have Storm go back to the mohawk days.

This is going to suck balls balls balls. I hate Halle Berry and I hate the new director for giving into her selfish bullshit demands. Adios, X-men movies. :frowning:

I too was quite shocked to hear how pushy she was.

What’s the character line up for this movie? Theres no Gambit, i hear :frowning:

I hope the Beast isn’t 100% CGI

I hope they use a hot young buff stud to play him

No such luck. I turned down the role.

Then I’m boycotting X3

And then, the Wolverine started dancing…

Darn dosn’t look like Squirl Girl will be in this movie either. ;____;

:moogle: is that camera man taking shots of Halle Berry Butt?

These pics mean nothing. What’s up with Hale Berry?

Gambit apparently didn’t make the cut, but The Beast, Angel, Multiple Man, Kitty Pryde and Juggernaut did.

And the Beast is played by that guy who starred in FRASIER, wearing makeup.

The story so far, seems to involve a possible “cure” for being a mutant… and, yes, the return of Jean Grey. (Everybody together now: WE WANT PHOENIX!!!)

Thats what i’d be doing if I was a camera man.

:moogle: The old guy?

…Crap. And still no Squirl Girl.

How the fuck do you cast kelsey fucking grammer as the beast?
Honestly. that man is the last thing I think of when I hear “beast”

Steve: Maybe he’s a friend of the director? In any case, the Beast is supposed to be annoyingly erudite, so Grammer may play the part well.

And, look what I just found! Shots from a (possible) X-Men 3 movie trailer!!!

Yeah the beast was always a smart person, he just had the body of a beast. So Kelsey Grammer, should do rather well.

As for the story, a possible ‘cure’, that could be interesting. Since that is what Apocalypse offered his four horsemen, to change them into his servants. But I doubt they will go that far, oh well.

Oh hell, I forgot that’s how the beast was.
I just remembered the whole, y’know, overtly angry whenever I saw him… thing.

Awww, no Gambit. Will Nightcrawler be in this one?