First post

Woo… I can see thsi necroposted one day.

First reply to first Post!! :P:p

First reply to one’s own first post… or something.

… FF10 r0x0rz, I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is so getting locked when Cid sees it, and FFO is my current favorite.

FFO can’t be a favorite. It’s a compillation game. You either have FF1 or FF2 as your favorite.

1 disk, 1 game.

1 disc, TWO GAMES. You didn’t notice the Game Selection menu that pops up right after the Squaresoft/Square-Enix thingies?

I know, but I consider it one game, Mario and Duck Hunt was one game too. And with the age of the games, its more like a mode change. And I was just indecisev before FF2 has been more fun with super powering my charcters.

No, they’re one cartridge/CD. However, contained on that cartridge is two different games. That’s like saying if I bought you Xenogears, you’ve got 2 games, because there’s two discs.

Interesting that they’re on one CD- in Europe they’re on two CD’s, same as anthology. However, I agree that they’re two different games and should be counted as such.

Wait, is this a Favorite FF Thread now? Cause if so, then I’ll just say FFV Is the best!

It certainly seems to have verged off-topic- or should that be onto a topic? :S My fave’d probably be FFVII, imaginative guy that I am. -_- :wink:

Hey the child killing gnome returns! Whats your future nick, Neb???

Umm… past, present and future it will always be “The Nebagram” and how you could mistake Morph for a gnome is beyond me :S

and this almost certainly ToB-bound now, no offence, mate :wink:

Okay, let me ask a slightly different question: Which FF Do you think was the best FOR IT’S TIME? As in, was FFIV More popular in 1992 that FFI back in the eighties, or what?

FF4 was the best for its time.


Eh, I think FFIV was the best for it’s time.

FF7 had to have the best reaction at the time. I mean, you’ve just gone from sprites and mode 7 graphics to polygons. That’s a huge ass step and it got everyone excited.

Hell, if you want to get technical, FF1 would have been the best of it’s time, if you only count square…