First look at the Revolution controller...


I’m a big Nintendo fan.


I’ll wait until it comes out to pass judgment. If I was able to end up liking the Xbox, maybe I can like this controller.

I still have to question the logic of recreating the wheel rather than following the tried and true process of following the basic controller premise while altering it. I mean, if you look at any controllers today, you can easily see how they evolved from, say, the NES controller. This just seems too out there and needlessly complicated.

I think it looks awesome. And no, the z buttons aren’t gone, there is a Z1 and Z2 as triggers on the analog connector, and the entire right remote is a C-stick.

Because someone has to do it. And honestly, with all the random-ass stuff Nintendo makes can you honestly say you were suprised that it would be THEM to try and re-create how we play games?

I personally wouldnt want any other company to try and do somthing this “crazy”. If anyone can make it work, It’d be Nintendo.

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. I’m very curious as to how this will be used for the older games that the Revolution will play.

I don’t think someone HAD to do it. Why reinvent the wheel? Was there some fatal flaw in the current controller paradigm which necessitated a change? Change is fine, but change just for change’s sake is stupid.

And given the sheer number of sequels and rehashed updates, I don’t see why I should expect Nintendo to be the one to recreate how we play games.

Well, apparently there’s a shell in development that’ll allow you to play much like a GC controller, which isn’t too bad, even if it costs extra.

Now things get interesting. Apparently the motion sensor stays the same. I’m thinking three analog sticks. Ehehe…

While I’m still skittish, I will admit my interest is piqued.

I like the idea of a motion sensor, but I hate the shape and button layout of the thing. Looks mighty uncomfortable; even with 2 triggers, I’d only have my thumb to hit face buttons., and the A and B buttons being so far away from the D-pad, with the start and select buttons in the middle… doesnt help. Good idea, but needs to go back to the drawing board.

That’s if you’re using it in the NES style. As a remote, it would be considerably easier with the big A button and the B trigger.

Mind you, the buttons on the bottom are likely to be X and Y, methinks. But still.

Ugh … I’m sorta reminded of how, in “Thief of Time”, the first auditor experiences the sensation of (something like) “euuuuurrrgggccchhhh”.

And I will wait with pretty much Vimes’s air as, in “Night Watch”, Colon explained why they’d … er … not to spoil or anything, but Colon explained why they’d done something really stupid that “actually had a weird kind of logic, if you ignored things like ‘the real world’ and ‘common sense’.”

New attachment! OMG!

You people are making too many assumptions when you haven’t even seen the stuff yet. You made me register here just to tell you this.

Forum with pictures #1.

Forum with pictures #2.

The small “a” and “b” buttons are only going to be used for NES games that you download from the game library. To use those you just hold the controller horizontally with the "a "and “b” buttons in your right hand and the D-pad in your left hand.

Welcome to the internet.

In all seriousness, the more I see of the controller, the more interested I get.

And just as clarification for the not-so-quick people, those links are merely conceptual renders, not actual products/controller shells.

Wow, lol, they look like remote controlers for the T.V…that blows.

I like how you posted fake pictures. “Lol would u liek deez attchmnts?>!”

He wasn’t making them out to be real, they’re made as jokes, or actual clarification as to how the thing might work with various types of shells.

Nice, lol.

I actuay think the controller has real potential, once you get past the “OMGWTFBBQ” phase. Certainly for first person shooter games consoles have ALWAYS been trounced by the sheer control quality that is PC gaming. The same with most of the flight/racing sims etc. You simply cant beat the control mechanism avaliable.

It also opens up several important mechanisms

  1. Its not scary (ok, its scary to you). The regular consumer/mother etc doesnt like controllers. AT ALL. In the same way you probably dont like the look of basters. They have no idea how to use one or see how it could possibly work. We have all had a laugh at someone who has picked up a controller for the first time and sucked at it, since its not intuitive to them. The remote style IS intuitive and I think this will bring a lot more people into gaming, its a control style they feel they could actually USE.

  2. Who here has hands on experience with the controller? Anyone? Didn’t think so. You can’t see how it would work? You say it can’t possibly work? Stop the universe, if you cant see how it works, it obviously can’t, right? Like the humble computer mouse. That got hazzed even worse than the controller is and it was hazed by professional engineers… Of course, the mouse never got anywhere and it certainly didnt change how we used computers. at all.

  3. Ask yourself a question. Why does the military use joysticks in their jets, since they are all fly by wire? Easier to use you say? Great, well done, give yourself a cookie. Anyone here ever had their hand slip off an analogue controller right at the crucial point and got nailed for it? Me too, it sucks dosnt it! Anyone ever had their hand snap back to the original location against thier will? Didnt think so. It appears to be a much more reliable form of control, your hand motor skills are probably more than up to the task and the average person’s is likely to be as well. My only concern at this point is overtiredness, but its quite likely to be less of an issue once you get used to the contol mechanism.

The idea has real potential and can be adapted into a myriad of different control schemas. The fact that you can use your primary controller as an adaption point means accessories are likely to be cheaper, which is only a good thing.

And I’m betting launch will come with one or two accessories included, like the joystick and a vibrator or such shit.