First look at the Revolution controller...

I know that one should give these things a chance before shooting them down, but as-is, this does not bode well. Had I not been told beforehand, I’d never have guessed that these were gaming controllers.

That looks bad, really REALLY bad.

those things look like crap… I don’t see how you can be expected to map useful functions to those spaced out buttons.

Honestly, it just a controller. You have no idea how it going to feel until the system comes out. Sure there are bad controllers (original X-Box controller comes to mind), but it looks to be pretty good, even so it not exactly the design I would went with, but meh.

What. The. FUCK? No seriously. WHAT THE FUCK? What the sweet merciful holy FUCK? How the fuck can you play a game with one hand? Man, to hell with that. I’m done with 'em.

From IGN’s live updates-

* Keynote begins at 7:00 PST.
* IGN editors wait.
* Readers scream for news.
* Iwata says Nintendo has built a bigger game population in three ways: Famicom Mini (shows commercials). GB Micro. Promises more shipments next week. Then he mentioned it was Mario's Birthday week. Miyamoto stands up. Number three, Iwata says, is Nintendo DS.
* Iwata mentions "touch generation" games such as Nintendogs and Brain Trainer.
* Nintendogs has topped one million units shipped in Japan already, according to Iwata.
* 60% of Nintendogs buyers picked up the game with a DS, according to Club Nintendo statistics.
* Iwata begins topic on how to build game population going forward.
* Giant Wi-Fi logo on screen in background. Iwata says he will reveal much more on next-generation Wi-Fi this October
* Iwata speaking about Revolution controller
* Iwata unveils Revolution controller
* IGN will post high-resolution pictures, hands on impressions, feature breakdowns, roundtables, and more at 7:50 PM -- fewer than 15 minutes.
* More...
* Revolution controller looks like futuristic television remote.
* Glossy white design.
* Looks Apple iPod inspired.
* Controller is held in one hand. Attachments in the other.
* Attachments connect to the bottom of the controller. Iwata shows analog stick attachment.
* Thinking about packing Revolution with the main controller and attachment, Iwata says.
* Controller acts like a mouse in real-space 3D. Pefect for FPS games!
* Future attachments planned.

That doesnt sound too bad actually. In fact, it sounds cool.

Furthermore, it says Hideo Kojima and Square Enix think it’s pretty cool. All of a sudden I’m curious.

I’ve tried to use my PS2 dvd controller for games before…I’d imagine this thing would suck no less. >.>

Uh… No. That controller would work if every game were Monopoly or something, but geez. That just fucking sucks and would be uncomfortable as hell to handle. I mean, it’s essentially like holding a TV controller with two hands, one on each side. Gah.

God damn next-next gen. I’m still getting over the death of Dreamcast.

You only hold the controller with one hand. The other hand is used to hold the “attachments” (the analog stick attachment is shown in the fourth picture). So basically, you’re still handling the analog stick with your left hand, and the action buttons with your right hand (although this setup seems like it would make it easier to use the stick in your right hand and the buttons in your left, which might be a handy feature, I guess).

Anyway, I’ve always liked Nintendo’s controllers. And the N64 and GCN controllers both looked very odd, but they ended up being surprisingly effective (especially for first party games). So, I’m not going to judge this until I’ve experienced it, since the design is too alien to me to judge immediately. Being able to use the controller as a 3D mouse for FPS games DOES sound pretty cool, though. The biggest thing I’d need to get used to is having the control stick just be attached to the main controller via a cord, instead of being part of the controller itself.

I’m also curious to know what other “attachments” can be used other than the analog stick attachment…

Oh, and speaking of the analog stick, I’m disappointed that it looks like they’re using the same type of analog stick as in the N64 and GCN controllers. Those things ALWAYS wear out, while it seems like my Playstation analog sticks never do…

I don’t like the controller. I liked the GC controller more than the N64 controller (I liked being able to use all the buttons), but this one I hate more than all of them. It seems like it’ll be good for some unqiue quircky games, but not most games. Also, this seems to alienate third party developers since they won’t be able to port the games over as easily. I may just skip the Revolution now. This just kills any excitement I had. I’d have to see some awesome reviews of launch games to make me get it now.

I didn’t mind the big XBox controller, I thought it was fine. It was a little big, but it was light and I was able to use it fine.

If you havent seen this, it helps give a better idea of what kind of gameplay you can expect.

This means most games that are good will most likely be 1st party games… However, I can’t really say I’ve ever bought a Nintendo system for anything other than 1st party games since Final Fantasy was on the SNES.

So, uh. C-Buttons?

Exactly. Anyone remember the Zelda GBC games like the Oracle series? Remember how you had to enter the menu and change equipment every two seconds? That was because there where only two buttons.

It was understandable then, but this is a big boy machine and we’ve been spoiled by the ability to perform a minimum of 4 actions with the same setup. Even if by miracle this thing is comfortable, we’re gonna be seeing a lot of menu screens.

Actually, I think that with the joystick attachment, the controller motion itself becomes the c-button.

In which case, I pray to god there’s a button to supress motion commands.

Another pretty good reason to not get the Revolution.


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Ok. That fucking blows.

Good grief! It looks like a simplified remote control. I’d imagine this would scare people off…

this has got to be a joke! how the hell are you s’posed to use that thing? the c-buttons are gone, the z-button seems to have diasappeared, and it looks like my tv remote…the one that died after a day or two. someone please assure me this is a joke.