Badass? I think so.

Still haven’t played 3… >_>

Honestly, I was just so disappointed by 2 that I’m afraid to look at the series again. I imagine it’s better, I mean, it couldn’t possibly be worse. I’m just afraid that I’ll get my hopes up too high again.

Enjoyed #1?

You really <B> really </B> can’t go wrong with DMC 3. Take this from hardcore DMC 1 Fan and DMC 2 Hater :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, DMC3 was much better than DMC2. It is something you should seriously check out Saturn.

Anyway, as for DMC4. It looks cool. The snow is a nice touch, and that sword looks detailed (in one of the other pics). I just hope that is one of weapons he gets in game, and not his base sword, since they need to keep Force Edge (Or Rebellion, if a prequel).

And the only other thing I’d like to know is, whether this will be a sequel, or a prequel.

Strange thing is that reports that you can play either as Dante, Lady or Vergil.