First guns, now Vodka.

Is that the AK-74 pictured below the standard 47?


82 proof? Strange. Usually its either 80 or 90. 82 is just an odd number. 41% alcohol by volume.

Now I want to have a drink and fire off some rounds.

What does # proof mean?

Just divide the proof number by 2, and that is the % of alcohol in the bottle

Proof is such a weird system.

Ever have Antigua Rum? It’s 82 proof and tastes like ass. I highly recommend it if you need some purging. thumbs up

Just don’t use them both at the same time. >.>

Mmm, guns and alcohol. It makes me all tingly on the inside.

I think the message the image is giving us is to shoot full vodka bottles.

This is one of the greastest ads I’ve ever seen.

Hey, Comrade! Kak diela.
Za Vashe zdorovie (to your health) !

To life! To life! L’chiem!:toast: :toast: :biggrin: :toast: :toast:
Bocta strovya!:toast:
(can sum 1 get a pic of tevye singing to life here? I dont know how to directly post pics without a link)

Here’s an appropriate drink to make with that vodka:

White Russian

Fill a glass with ice.
Add 2 parts (4 oz) of vodka.
Add 1 part (2 oz) of Kahlua.
Add 1 part (2 oz) of cream or milk.
Shake or stir and enjoy.

“Nah, it’s got no proof, just circumstantial evidence.”

Try this comrades.

Have you had either of those, Warsaw?

Not yet. The store nearby doesn’t have them.

I can see the tagline “Make people think that tou are drinking out of an un-exploded artilery shell. Then when people get used to seeing it, give a real shell to your friends and…”

no more friends