First FFIII DS Screens

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Good to know that they still care.

I wouldn’t say those are the first pictures of the game, because I’ve seen photos of it elsewhere, particularly of them fighting the adamantoise at the beginning.

Looks pretty nice. If this comes here I’m going to have to get a DS… those bastards.

Taking into account the kind of game FFIII was…I need to save some money and get me a DS >_>

The REAL question is, how many times can Square-Enix cheat you out of your money before you realize you’re playing the same inferior, outdated games over and over and OVER and OVER again. This has always been an interesting aspect of the RPG community for me to watch. Next year you’ll be playing Dragon Warrior IV for the eighth time and loving like it was the first. Then they’ll toss the DWIV characters into a game with the FFIII characters and call it something stupid like Queendom Hearts, and you’ll buy that. And then you’ll buy it’s sequel, and praise both of them as if the company went to great lengths to give you a new and innovative game instead of recycling the inferior, outdated scraps of other games.

But what do I know. I liked FFVIII.

Most of us in the 20-year-old neighborhood have played, replayed, and re-replayed these games to death, but surprisingly, new people were born while we were busy with all that. Some of these new people can actually appreciate an old fashioned game, but would rather like improved graphics and not having to go through some of the completely unneeded whoring older games had (I’m looking at you FFI).

So yeah, we keep on gobbling this stuff even now, but I have a thirteen year-old cousin who loved Dawn of Souls and is very much excited about this. We’re not the only target anymore.

And, besides, FFIII is the one game in the series not officially released in North America. And while the vast majority of us have likely played it through ‘other’ means WINK not everyone has. Personally, I’d like to be able to play this game and not on a computer screen.

Not to say Hades doesn’t have a point. We’re seeing WAY more remakes lately than we ever have in the past. Mostly because a lot of companies realized that much of their market are nostalgic geeky young adults who grew up in the 80s, and hey, nostalgia sells to them.

What’s more, these days, with how many hours I work, not to mention trying to be social both IRL and online and other activities, I don’t always have time to figure out all of the new RPGs, much less sit through 2 hour FMVs. Thus, I prefer going back to games I know, because I can pick them up at any point, know where I’m at, and be able to finish them.

Also, I simply prefer older-styled RPGs to the new ones. That’s why I like Dragon Quest so much.

Yeah, like I said in that other thread, the majority of games released lately are [Familiar Name] + [Number]. Franchises that aren’t really sequels (Wild ARMs, Star Ocean, Grandia) have a bit of an excuse, but I’d really like some new concepts.

For the last time, Kingdom Hearts isn’t an FF game with Disney characters. If anything, it’s a Disney game with FF characters sporadically thrown in, but the true game and the real protagonists are original work.


Dammit. I still want a DS …

I had already been thinking about getting a DS. Guess I’ll actually have to now.

It’s gonna fuckin own, I can tell you this!

I DON’T KNOW!!! Maybe!!

I … well, I personally played FFVIII with the resolute intention of enjoying it. This in fact worked.

Yeah but you can use the DS stylus! This way you can play in ‘style’.

FF3 is at least a real REMAKE rather than the sad retreads they’ve been tossing our way lately.

As for sequels… the problem is that name recognition is a big deal for people who have to shell out fifty bucks for a new game. I’d be much more likely to buy a game that has Final Fantasy in the title than one that doesn’t, simply because I know that I’ve enjoyed the previous FF games I’ve played. It makes fiscal sense. Luckily, FF games recently have been so different from each other that practically the only thing they share is the name and a few thematic elements, so it’s not like I’m getting the same thing over and over again. However, it’s still quite hard for new series to get their kicks in over the establishment.