First DS pic.

Too bad about them wild photoshop designs, the thing looks fucking boring.

Still i can play my Mario. made in 1989 on it.

Sgi demo- FF please!! (See FF compendium).

Big Nutter
The GB was dual Screen only when you Pugged it in to another GB.

You’d think they’d come up with something, I don’t know, sleaker?

"Oh, look mommy! The nintendo people are trying to compete with mobile phones…

Really, you’d think they would start expanding… you know after the X-box managed to compile all of the old games in a handy machine you’d think nintendo might get a clue and start thinking about muli-purpose machines. Listening to mp3’s while playing a game or something.

At least they publisized the PSP in this article. I’m more interested in it than the Nintendo DS. Yes it cost more but heck. I’d prefer to watch anime episodes when I get bored of playing a game while traveling than see two screens at once.

Nice and all… but I just got an SP… and now they’re trying to tell me it is out of date? Not gamewise, but systemwise, I mean…

And bringing out two very similar systems at the same time and trying to make games for both? That sounds a little too Sega-like to me… remember the Sega CD, 32X and Saturn? Oh, Nintendo… what are you thinking?

It looks a little lame to me.

The DS is not supposed to be the next GBA; it’s supposed to be marketed alongside it.

Still, I smell Virtual Boy…

Yeah … I’m having mixed thoughts of this, most of them along the lines of “Why do we NEED two screens?” We do just fine with ONE screen and multiple menus as it is …

I have trouble keeping track of Just one. See Me on FFX-2.

Seen it’s hand held, i can’t see why unless you want to know whos doing what on ISS 2005 DS. (Real M(1) Vs Man U(0) Goal: Real M - D. Becham(21)). If it’s got a tutch screen, Battle Top. and Spells/items tutchy select bottom.

Big Nutter

Agreement with Cid here. Two screens seems a little spurious.

I agree with Cid. And last I checked it wasn’t sure what medium the PSP would use. As much as I’d like to use it as a portable dvd player myself, I doubt that’ll happen.

you’ll probably have to buy all your movies on whatever proprietary format Sony develops to house the information to work with the DVD player.

according to a scorce on Gamesville. PSP was Disk based and Region-free. I however doubt that becouse, they’ve said that FF6 and CT have never had a english Localistion.

put g=i in your message. (Guru=idiot!)

PSP will use mini-DVDs, probably similiar to GameCube’s.

I hadnt heard that. But honestly its one of the fucking most retarded buisness moves since the history of ever. Not only are all GB’s backwards compatible, there will now be a GBA, GBA SP, DS, and eventually a N5 console. You know what we call that nintendo? Flooding the market, you stupid fools! Who the hell is going to know what game is for what system, or which system is more worth buying? Who the hell is even going to care enough to purchase more than one nintendo handheld, when the can just buy a one PSP.

I assume that the N5 will be another hulking failure. I honestly thought the DS was what would save nintendo. I honestly was saying to myself “good luck to you sony, good luck trying to beat nintendo at the portables”, but now that is see this piece of shit, and im doubting if it will outperform NGAGE2. I mean, not only is it horribly designed, but it also makes no fucking sense. (the 2 screens bit)

I could see how much 2 screens would have rocked if it was a glasses setup, like the virtual boy, but slimmer. I thought that would have been cool. But 2 screens, just on the same style of flip up unit? What the fuck is that? Honestly, the only reason i have to buy this thing now is if some developer can come up with a cool, or innovative use for 2 screens, but i honestly dont think there is any decent use for it.

You know what? I dont smell virtual boy. That thing had games that were innovative because they used the 3D aspect of that system in a new and exciting way. The VB had a chance (albeit a very small one, and one that would wear thin after a few games), but the DS just boggles my mind with its absolute absurd concept of 2 screens, and the nintendo plan of putting out as many damn systems as they can.

I dont even know what i smell. Maybe a or a sega nomad, or something. Maybe there hasnt been such a retarded design and failure so far yet.

I reckon it’s just innovative enough to work… hell, the GB had personal organiser software, it bombed but it had it… if Nintendo are smart enough to add gimmicks to make full use of its capabilities I reckon it’ll do well. I’d buy one. :slight_smile:

It looks like a Game & Watch!