First day of online courses...

…and already someone posted a stupid comment.

The professor (not the stupid comment):

"PHL 317 is not a course in comparative religions or in the history of religions. Neither is it a course that preaches, or trains students in any sort of religious doctrine or theology. It is a Philosophy course. If you have no previous acquaintance with Philosophy, you will get one in the context of this course.

However, Philosophy should not ignore all specific historical, cultural or doctrinal features of actually existing religions . All religious traditions raise certain philosophical issues. But the philosophical issues raised are different from one religious tradition to another. Also, one of the central issues in the Philosophy of Religion is how to define the general concept of Religion. In order to address this issue, it is necessary to be familiar with a variety of traditions."

One of the students: “The only true relgion (sic) is Jesus Christ.”

Thanks for completely putting me at ease in my class environment. -_-

EDIT: It was after the prof posted THIS, too:

This educational ideal of a community of inquiry is to be hoped for in any course but especially in Philosophy courses . It is most important to try for it in Philosophy courses that deal with things about which people have particularly strong and opposing feelings: things like sexuality, politics and religion. In trying for this sort of intellectual community, it is essential that no one tries to use this class and our time together as a platform from which to advance their own religious or anti-religious goals. This does not mean that no one should try to rationally support their opinions. Trying to form reasonable opinions is the heart of what philosophy is all about. But, being reasonable also requires that we seriously try to understand opinions with which we may disagree and try seriously to understand opinions we may at first find obscure or disturbing.

So, yeah. They’re pretty uh… dumb.

You don’t say? They’re actually more than dumb, someone who’s dumb wouldn’t necessarily at the same time be an illiterate narrow-minded intolerant fundamentalist nimtwit. It sounds like you’ll have a lot of fun.

Or it could’ve been a joke, but that’s not half as likely.

Stupidity on the internet.


What is this guy doing in a philosophy class? It’s bound to anger people like him, he’d save everyone and specially him some stress by staying out of it.

Don’t worry, Ren, he’ll find out. I can just see it now: “Professor! Why did I fail the course!?” “Because you can’t comprehend the idea that people might have different beliefs from yours.” “But I’m RIGHT!”

(Oh, and Jesus isn’t a religion. He’s a prophet. I just can’t resist adding that.)

Just think, this could have been funnier in real life.

Woohoo! Another thread about how awful it is to have an opinion about religion and why such behaviour should be repressed!

I’m actually impressed that he’d say something like that in such an irritatingly PC world, and that he evoked that kind of response from your nauseatingly PC ass.

GO OPINIONS :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: But don’t let the number of :Ds trick you into believing this isn’t a serious post.

Nonsense! Jesus is a religion, just like Einstein is physics and Hitler is army fetish!

There is a time and a place for religious evangelism. An academic philosophy class is not one of them, unless you want to look like a buffoon. What makes you think an utterly heavy-handed and entirely unsupported statement of opinion is in anyway creative or insightful?

As if it were “politically incorrect” or somehow subversive or original to proclaim membership in the largest group in the world.

It’s not the statement that was creative or insightful. It’s when and where and why he used it.

As if it were “politically incorrect” or somehow subversive or original to proclaim membership in the largest group in the world.
No one implied it was politically incorrect to do that.

I implied that it was politically incorrect to proclaim Christianity as the only true religion in a philosophy class that is no doubt filled with people of different religions as well as people like CC who hate any mention of religion, without really knowing why, because they’re unknowingly conforming to others’ principles even though they pride themselves on being class-act snowflakes. And it sure as hell is.

You have a bad habit of omitting the most important details. Do you think no one will catch on?

Edit: By the way, I do have a point. The reason I said what I said was to point out that CC’s life is based around not pissing people off, and he always seems to be miserable because of it. He also (hypocritically) wants to stanch others’ opinions while still claiming that everyone should stand up for their opinions and fight for what they believe (which I’ve seen him do in the past). He wants to appeal to everyone, but he just ends up not really having a voice. He should go into politics.

He could have espoused that opinion, Hades, had he not done it in such an idiotic manner. I have nothing against Christianity or Christians, and I agree with you that academia is a little more hostile to them in some areas than needs to be, but I wasn’t ragging on religion nearly as much as the idiot’s inability to follow directions.

Note that his comment was deleted and the second section that I posted was put in bold.

Also, if you think that I’m overly PC you clearly don’t know me. I distinguish being un-PC with spouting an illogical shitstorm, however.