First comic I made (not sure where to put this so please move it wherever it goes)

I started my hand at making comics. Can I have your opinion?

Comic (click here)

Hehehe :hahaha;

Not bad! But it goes in the media I believe.

Thanks for the info, I just made this today, I still have time to make another one. I’ll keep track of my progress in this thread. And I am open to suggestions about stories and even cameos. I also need backgrounds (You must’ve had noticed that) :wink:

Backgrounds are easy, a small green rectangle under a large blue one makes a field, and some white blobs in the blue for clouds and maybe add some trees?

Or do you want ‘realistic’ backgrounds?

is thinking as asking to cameo

I was thinking about more realistic backgrounds.

Edit: The site has been updated. There is a new comic to see.

Not bad mate =)

Since I got no backgrounds, the comics are coming in fast. I am still willing to put up a camoe appearance. Don’t worry, the cameo star won’t get blasted, I promise.

I’ve found some nice pictures for backgrounds, you’d have to re-size them.

Nice Field

Another Field


Some building

If you want any more, just say.

Nice, thx, I’ll use those for now. I’ll also start searching for some myself.

trys to surpress a laugh as X get’s blasted A very interesting, and promising start.

I’d love to make a guest appearance in one of those, if you could work it.

All I need is the sprite sheet, and there’s a new character in the comic.

<img src=“”> 9 out of 8 Megaman sprite comics are horrible, and yours look to be no exception, no offense.

<ul><li>Try having something of a plot planned out, or at least interesting random stuff</li>
<li>Just… don’t godmode, even if you are the author</li>
<li>Megaman. Bad. Megaman comics. Worse. Megaman sprite comics. Worst.</li>
<li>At least <i>try</i> to draw a background, it’s not very hard</li>
<li>See point 1</li></ul>

It ain’t a megaman comic. But, I still like to torture X a little.

Not bad…not bad at all. But thorw in a few non-megaman characters if you want fewer people to discard it at first glance. :hahaha;

[li]The sprites are too small.
[/li][li]It needs backgrounds.
[/li][li]It needs a unique and captivating plot.

Aquire the last, and you’ll be successful. The competition has little to no plot at all.

I am still thinking about a plot for the main story, as for the background, I’ll get some when the main story starts. And I will increase the sprite size.

Edit: I can’t increase the sprite size without lowering the sprite quality, I’ll just do bigger comics instead.

Ah, you’ll give it up in a few days. Weeks at most.

I like it. It rocks hard. Keep it up my friend.

Why thank you Ahkeeyuu, I am actually making the fourth episode. It will still not have backgrounds. The backgrounds will come when the main adventure starts in the comic.