Firefox died on me today, and I reinstalled it.

When I check the Agora, instead of avatars being shown, it’s Setz’s Avatar, or Sinistral’s Avatar, in writing rather than an image.


That’s because it’s not displaying the images properly. It could be temporary internet files that are still there, but corrupt?

Im getting this issue too, and only on this website. So, either something was changed on the sites end, or maybe there was an update that did something.

The forum’s firmware was updated last night.

Yeah, it may still require some tweaking on the adminside, I’ll see what I can do on my end.

I’m getting it too, no reinstallation involved.

It’s doing it for me too, even in IE.

Ive got FF and I cant see anyones avatars, except by going through the link to their user page.

hay its fixd