Firefox oddities

After getting sick and tired of the obscene memory usage and general slowness of Firefox 1.5, I decided to revert back to 1.0.5. Ever since I have this gigantic grey bar at the bottom of my browser window. Any ideas?

ive heard of so many problems with 1.5, i never upgraded from 1.0.7
which works fine for me

1.5 regularly uses in excess of 200 MB of memory for me, often peaking at over 400 MB. I have literally sat and watched the memory usage go up while the program was idling on several occasions. I upgraded to 1.5 about 2 weeks ago and it has crashed on me at about 5 times, not counting the numerous temporary freezes.

deathstryke, it might be a problem with your extensions. That’s almost definitely the reason for the grey bar.
An extension might also be causing your memory leak. I’ve been using 1.5 since it came out, and it’s never used more than 40-50 MB.

Definately a problem with extensions for both the bar and the huge memory leaks. Right now I have about 20 tabs open, and I’m using 40 megs of ram. I have quite a few extensions running too. Your skin might be using a little bit too. The grey bar is an extension allocating physical space on the bar without using it. It might have to do with some leftover extensions from the downgrade.

It was doing it (the memory leaks in 1.5) before I bothered bringing my extensions up to date, which consisted of installing adblock, flashgot, fasterfox, and plain text to link, none of which I have had trouble with in the past.

I have a habit of opening just about everything in a new tab and then closing tabs as things become unnecessary. For some reason 1.5 doesn’t deallocate the memory used by those tabs anywhere remotely soon after closing, which is what builds up ludicrous amounts of memory usage. It is a very easy to reproduce issue: all one needs to do is open several pages (10-20 is a good number), close all but a couple of them and repeat until you’ve consumed all physical memory and your pagefile.

The grey bar is a problem with an extension being too upgraded. 8p The procedure for making an extension installation changed in 1.5, meaning that there are some extensions out there which install correctly for 1.5 but not 1.0.x.

I should note that Firefox isn’t smart about whether or not an extension “works” for a given version. It’s up to the extension authors to indicate “yes, my extension works for versions 0.9 through 1.6”, and if they’re lying, Firefox won’t be able to tell.

I’ve never had that problem with the tabs. I just tried opening/closing about fifteen tabs now, and my memory remained stable. (I’m using 85 MB right now, but presumably that’s because the extension I’m personally working on consumes a lot of memory… the one at home never goes over 50).

Try disabling all your extensions and see what happens.

I uninstalled 1.0.7 and reinstalled 1.5, and noticed part of my problem was this annoying tab browser extension I tried messing with which wasn’t showing up at all in 1.0.7. I had it disabled, but after uninstalling it completely my memory started being almost sane. I’m currently using 63 megs of ram just to look at this thread, but that’s better than I’ve seen in a while. For some reason random sites like refuse to load :confused:

Currently it’s consuming 22 megs of ram at startup, which is down a good bit from the 60-80 it was doing, and settling at around 80-90 megs after 15-20 minutes of browsing, as opposed to leaking memory all over the place. I’ll have to play with things some more and see how it does after idling for a few hours (I have class for the next 5, which should get me a decent idea of how it’s idling)

Like I said, just try disabling all your extensions (go to Extensions, select each one, and hit “Disable”) and see what happens. Chances are there’s at least one which is messing up.