Firefox extension beta testing.

Yes, it’s a different extension which I made. 8p This one’s actually kind of cool, but it’s still in beta. This means that there’s always a possibility something will get messed up. I have it installed on my own machine, and so far so good. ^^;

The basic idea is that it keeps track of every page you’ve been, and the Back menu gets turned into a tree structure, meaning you can always return anywhere you want within a session. This gets rid of the annoying problem whereby you hit the Back button a few times, then click a new link, at which point everything forward of your current position is erased.

More info and downloads can be found here. I’d love to hear feedback or bug reports on it! Note that whenever a new update is released, you can get automatic updates (usually by clicking a little blue arrow that appears at the top right of your screen).

Sounds hot, just dled, restarting now.

Edit: hey a bug report :smiley:

I installed it, and it made my status bar at the bottom huge and display a red Overlay ^

I’m using 1.0.7 with extensions Flashgot, Fasterfox, Adblock, your webstats thing, DownthemAll, and Tabbrowser Preferences.

Hmm… I hope it still works with 1.0.7. ^^;
Try starting your browser and immediately opening the Javascript console. Can you send me all the messages you get there?

Nothing at all, blank console.

Edit: I do know for a fact uninstalling the extension gets rid of the ^ </overlay> and that it looks like the same thing as when i tried to install 1.0.7 extensions when i had the newer version, which i also uninstalled.

deadtear: I’d tell you to upgrade to 1.5 anyway. Nearly every good extension has a new version available for 1.5 by now. I’d just tell you to back up the webstats stuff first… it’s in your profile folder/extensions/{3b something or other}/lots of text files

If not, 'sokay, hopefully someone else can help me. ^^;

I’d upgrade…but I’m so incredibly lazy, and I dont remember half of my passwords which are saved anymore. Unless the importer thing catches all of that?

Super Ninja edit: I cant find anything in my extensions folder except for extensions.rdf, installed-extensions-processed.txt and, {972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd} which has a \chrome and a install.rdf,

Yes, the upgrade won’t change any of your passwords, bookmarks, etc.
You’re probably looking at the wrong profile folder. In Windows it’s
c:\documents and settings\USERNAME\application data\mozilla\firefox\profiles\YOURPROFILE.

Ohohhhhohohoho you are correct sir in my looking at the wrong folder. Am I going to have to c/p the webstats back into the folder or what?

Hopefully not, but just to be on the safe side, copy them somewhere else and double-check again later. :sunglasses: They should still all be there. If not, you can copy them back.

Alrighty, probably wont be able to tell you anymore tonight, gonna give it all a go in the morning.

Fun stuff. Lets see what happens…

how do I install it Cidolfas? I’m new to the Firefox reVolUtioN.

The easiest way is just to right-click it and save it to your hard drive, then go to File->Open and select it.

It’s pretty neat so far. However, whenever I pick something in a branch of the tree, I can’t use the back button again, nor can I see a back tree. Just a tad annoying…

That’s a bug. You report it. 8p Go to “Histree -> Debug Histree” and send me the information there along with any info you can see in the Javascript Console.

v4.0.1 is out now, so check it out if you guys want. :sunglasses:

Bumpy bump. The version currently up has pretty much all the features I want, so anyone who can beta test it would help out a lot, because I shouldn’t have to totally redo it like the last four times. ^^;

I also redid the web page to be a bit more friendly, so take a look:

I discovered that the extension uses up a TON of memory (I’ve clocked it in at 90 MB after several hours of browsing!). If that’s a problem for you, don’t install it, or just restart your browser every hour or so. ^^;

I’m confused as to why you keep coming back time and time again because it doesn’t work.

What doesn’t work? O_o

This sounds like an interesting plugin. I think I’ll try it out when I get home.

How does it cache the recently viewed pages? Is it in RAM or direct to the disk? Does it just cache the URL or the actual page?
I’m just kinda wondering what this could do after extended use…
I generally have sessions of firefox lasting maybe a week if I don’t close it or reboot my computer.