Firefox 2.0 and this messageboard

Well, FF 2.0 just came out a few days ago (and has some cracking great additions). One stupid change, though, is that now Alt-S opens the History menu, meaning the keyboard shortcut for quick reply in vBulletin boards is broken. However, I found this solution to fixing it:

In case anyone was wondering. :sunglasses:

Thanks Cid. I didn’t even know it was released already.

Haven’t played with it yet but the formatting looks different in the new version.

Where can you get it?

Was the massive memory leak fixed?

No. That was a feature, not a bug.

Apparently it was, from all reports. I personally never noticed it, since I don’t often pay attention to how much memory my programs are using up.

k, next question: how do I get it to always open in new window and never in new tab?

Try the Tab Mix Plus extension. That’s the best way to micro-manage your tab options.

By the way, the one thing I really don’t like is the fact that Find As You Type now just pops up a single text box rather than the whole Find dialog like it used to. Hopefully someone will come up with a fix for that.

EDIT: Awesome, someone already has. 8p

Tab Mix Plus doesn’t work on Firefox 2.0, I want to fix the thing specifically in Firefox 2.0 which now makes it excessively open in a new tab instead of a new window. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d just like to note FoxyTunes is the bestest extension ever.

Tab Mix Plus absolutely does work in FF2.0. I have it installed right now.

As long as this is up, is there a list of recommended basic add-ons or anything of the sort? I’ve been using Firefox completely bare for over a year and I’d like to know if there’s anything simple (non-resource-hogging) that I should plug it with to improve performance.

Adblock and Flashblock are must-haves. I also highly recommend Download Manager Tweak (makes the download manager actually useful), Image Zoom, and Tab Mix Plus. IE Tab is also good for those pages that don’t look nice in Firefox.

You’ll hear some people sing the praises of FasterFox, but all it really does is prefetch links from the current page with excess bandwidth - something which is extremely annoying and costly to the website owners, and which doesn’t really make that big a difference anyway.

Adblock Plus and Adblock Filterset.G Updater are excellent for removing ads with no hassle (Flashblock is entirely unnecessary if you use these two add-ons). DownThemAll! is a great download manager. Tab Mix Plus (there’s a link in the comments that works on 2.0, but you’ll probably have to update it manually later) has the best control over tabbed browsing. Greasemonkey can help you change the way pages are viewed, there’s a huge number of scripts available, and Platypus allows you to create your own. Gmail Notifier is handy if you have a Gmail account, as is Gmail Space if you’d like to use that account for file storage.

FasterFox was actually the reason I asked. I had read so many conflicting reviews that I thought I’d get some other opinion. Thanks.

EDIT: Cid, what was that Download Manager Tweak you mentioned? DownThemAll! looks ok, but based on the comments, it needs to be disabled when downloading from Rapidshare which pretty much kills the purpose of having it for me.

My favorites:
<a href=“”>MiniFoxFlat</a> (theme…not sure if it works on FF2, but it makes the interface MUCH smaller and prettier to use)
<a href=“”>Download Statusbar</a> (gets rid of the download dialog, and puts download progress in the, duh, statusbar)
<a href=“”>SessionSaver</a> (might now be incorporated into FF2, not sure)
<a href=“”>GreaseMonkey</a> (if you browse yotsuba or other sites that could use customization)
<a href=“”>ForecastFox</a> (lightweight weather information in your statusbar)
<a href=“”>WebMailCompose</a> (replaces all mail protocol functions, like create message, send image, with the webmail of your choice. this way Outlook isn’t always launched when you click an mailto: link)
<a href=“”>QuickNote</a> (take notes in your browser, pretty slick)
<a href=“”></a> (chat and post messages with other people browsing the same site as you…kind of useless but fun sometimes)

The interface becomes smaller in 2.0, though I still went and got Winestripe to make it a bit more like the old 1.5 theme. I realized I liked the bigger version better :confused:

There is a session saver incorporated into 2.0 and another in Tab Mix Plus.

Already got the Download Statusbar. Much better than before, though I still want to hear about that tweak Cid mentioned.

Adblock: I have not loved a program so much since I found the FoxIt PDF reader. <3

The tweak allows you to put the download manager in a window, tab, or sidebar, and it adds a couple of icons that make the individual downloads much easier to pause or stop, in addition to giving more info on where you’re downloading from and to. It’s really neat.

My personal favorite theme is Qute. Actually, it’s the only theme I ever use. It’s just so easy on the eyes.
Oh, and I forgot to mention CuteMenus 2. It puts icons next to almost every menu item, which makes it much easier to recognize and hence faster to click.