Fire Emblem Help

Ok,i have been playing Fire Emblem for the GBA for quite some time,but i still don’t know how to get the support conversations,i know it’s putting compatible characters next to each other,but how many turns,and do thay got to do something in particular?

Thanks for the help in advance.

You need to put compatible characters next to eachother for X turns (amount of turns depends on the characters, check gamefaqs). You get neat little conversations, different endings and if two characters that have support for eachother on they get some stat bonuses, though I don’t know exactly which.

Something weird happened to me yesterday,in battle 26 Harken was defeated (he had a light brand and some other things) when i go to battle 26X i look at the characters and there he is w2ith only the brave sword he started with.My question why did he come back when once you lost a character after chapter 10 it could not come back?

PS:it was my first character defeated in the hole game.

I goofed,never mind the above post i confused Harken,and Raven.Raven was the one who died.