fire emblem for the gamecube???

i wanted to know if this game was any good because i found a copy and i can get this sat because that when i go b day shopping so i need to know is this game long and fun or will i get bored playing like ff 8 lol?

Fire Emblem games are pretty cool. They’re a little harder then other tactics games since when your units die, they are gone forever.

I’m also wondering about this one. How is the one for the GC specifically?

Eh… So-so. A lot of new elements added… I only used, like, two laguz characters up until the halfway mark. They’re kind of unreliable when you need 'em. However, I still liked it.

Some laguz are better than others. The Demi Band is a big help.

In any case, I seriously enjoyed Path of Radiance.

While Path of Radiance is not the best Fire Emblem, it is very good and definitely worth playing.

Like BMO said, it is can be a bit difficult, especially if you try to keep every unit alive like I do. But it is refreshing for a game to be genuinely hard sometimes.

I think you should get it.

That’s pretty much every tactical game. Take Warcraft for example. When your archers die, you can’t bring them back to life. You can make new ones, but never revive old ones.

I think he means like in Disgaea (and most other Nippon Ichi) and FF:TA you can use almost any K/O’d member in the next battle.