fire emblem for gamecube.

ohh man i just got the game and i’m loving it so far it’s the best game for the gamecube well they are other games out for the gamecube that are good but anyone who loves rpg’s will love this game it’s sweet.

That’s it, I’m buyin’ it!

Hint: The second archer you get in the game… the kid… USE HIM. Level him up first, before sending him out as a serious character, THEN use him.

Make a customizable weapon every chance you can. You can only do it once per chapter.

The peg. knight you get soon… just take her shit and then leave her. Keep her in your party…but don’t use her, I mean.

Titania is a tanker character right now early on. De-equip her weapon and send her to take hits so she doesn’t nab all the exp.

Make your Green Knight a Paladin and your Axe User into a Barbarian so they both use bows. It’s necessary for a secret attack later on.

hey i just the kid and i wanted to know if u can go back to different levels because i’m at chapter 9 and i really want to level my party u so can u revisit place’s?