Fire Emblem 6: Sword of Seals (Fuuin no Tsurugi)

I have a few questions regarding this Japan-only game.

First off, has anyone played FE6?

Can I play a Japanese cart on my US GBA SP?

Is it difficult to interpret the Japanese characters?

If I get a translation guide, will it be enough info to play through the game?

Where can I find an import copy of this game?

Thanks for any answers you can give. Also, I don’t want a translated rom. I want to play the game on my GBA.

Japanese is hard as hell. You can study it forever and barely understand twat

And Fire Emblem 6 is harder than 7. 7 is a prequel to 6.


Anyone know a good place to get import games?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, here.

It isn’t. Not as long as you take care to use the arenas.

…I love you. :kissy:


I hated the level up systetm in fire emblem because you had to go out of your way to let your lowbies get the coup de grace, and if you messsed up in that so called arena cheat, you had to start over

The good thing is its a fast level up system, and when you’re characters become gods, the fun begins

Its a strategy game. You need to use strategy in everything, including leveling-up.

And the arena isn’t a cheat. You are supposed to use it to level-up your characters. Thats the point.

Personally, I like the fact that you can’t let anyone die. It makes you think more, and adds more challenge to the game.

It’s not really a challenge, it just makes you waste time restarting the missions 10 times

The arena trick is you get ninian and nils the cast bard song on you to go to the arena and have other people move in and everything. Then you could have gods. Still, it’s really hard and you can lose a guy

And i hated that whole “give the lowbies a coup de tat”. I mean if you try to level up well the cute green haired girl at the eend, well, it’s impossible to level her up. Better to use Pent

Do you know what a coup d’etat is?

lowbies kill bosses? why? screw the lowbies! i generally only use the people that i will use in my multiplayer teams. the rest can just stay lowbies for all i care.

Multiplayer team people = coolest, strongest people obviously.

Shit. I didn’t even know there was multiplayer!

Why would there be multiplayer in FE6, but not in FE7 or 8?

Yeah but the lowbies at the beginning turn into gods if you build em up. Sain, Priscilla, Matthew, Oswin, Hector, are all really great characters. The good advance guys were Pent, Jafar, and Hawkeye

what kind of screwed over game do you have? if they’re for GBA all you have to do is go in to extras, and then do the link thing. you can create a team of up to five characters and then link up to someone else’s GBA and play your teams against theirs. it’s not really fun unless you have both beaten the game and use characters that are leveled up to second class level 20, have the best weapons, and have the highest stats…but those last two were kind of obvious…

You’re talking FE7. We’re talking FE6.

Uhh… I don’t know what to say. I guess I never went into the extras menu.

But I don’t have anyone to play against anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.

if you build multiple teams, you can let the computer control a team and play against AI, which is fair to middlin’.

I’ll check it out. Thanks.

It’s not THAT hard… One just needs to apply oneself. Kanji are tough, though.

I figure, if I can memorize certain characters/words by their locations on the various menus, I shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Btw, I tried out that link arena multiplayer mode last night. I swear I never knew it was even there. It was not exactly what I expected, but kinda cool. Doesn’t really do much for me.

it’s not the greatest. ideal multiplayer would have you facing off against either friends or AI in an ordinary map, not merely picking which person to attack. for a game like that i had expected a decent multiplyer that required actual strategy. instead looks like we got stuck with a fairly mediocre multiplayer instead. pity. it could have been really good.