Finished Twilight Princess (GC) and God of War II

Ok, so TP is easily the best Zelda game, at least story wise. The darker atmosphere makes for a much more compelling story, instead of some loose narrative that’s just an excuse to slog through dungeons and solve puzzles. Despite that, I still like Ocarina of Time the best, but this was still an amazing game, even though I just wanted to be done with it.

GOW II- Sweet Jesus god, this game pissed me off to no end. Still epic as fuck, and the end of the game came fast. When I was fighting Zeus, I was expecting something big to happan that would just pave the way for an extra few hours of game and then the big final climax. Nope. Just the end credits. The final boss fight here was loads easier than the final boss fight of the last one. I could REALLY have done without the cliffhanger ending, seeing how the third one won’t come out for at least a couple years, and I’m in no position to purchase a PS3. Anyway, fantastic game, shitty ending.

I’m sorry, what version of TP were you playing? Since I recall it being nothing but a slog through dungeons with very loose narrative after the first three dungeons (everything up to you know what was awesome). If you want a dark zelda, give Majora’s Mask a try.

What TP should have done is given you the Spinner in/before the first dungeon and made you use it for the rest of the game.


Funny thing is, I have no way of getting a ps3 either {I hate xbox and i’m to blind to use wii remotes becuase i have to be so close to my TV to see anything} I was planning on getting a gamecube just becuase there so cheap now. $29 bucks at teh pawnshop, and teh games are pretty damn cheap aswell.

Yeah, the ending being a cliff hanger was a turn off, but now we know what the 3rd game will probably consist of. I thought the Zeus battle was pretty cool compared to a lot of other games final bosses. But you’re right about one thing for sure - fighting Zeus was nothing like fighting Ares. Thats why I’m sluggishly going through God Mode, and then Titan :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: Good God, shitmasterxxx, get some damn glasses.

I didn’t mind most of TP at least until the 6th dungeon. There were some ups and downs through out the game but it was for the most part a solid game.

Now if they had spent less time on the fishing sub-quest and more time making the Rod of Domination dominate monster ass then we’d be talking.

I’m blind in one eye and far sighted in the other, Glasses only help so much. :bowser:
Anyway, i don’t think there are going to be many “old style” rpg’s on the wii anyway, seeing what kind of audience and game types the console is aiming itself at. ps3 is my only hope.

I’m playing God of war 2 right now, and i just got done beating the hammer guy {took me forever, But i put the game on hard becuase somebody told me it was a “one time through” type of game. how far into the game am i?

TP was a good solid Zelda game, the best since MM. The only problem i had with it was the sensitivity of the nunchuck for the the whole spin and shield counter. When I tried to one it did the other.

GoW 2 was a good game just a little bit on the short side for my liking. Then again I have a weird memory when it comes to gaming. You can have me read the guide. Wait a month and I can recall the entire thing.

In reference to your question you’re gettin’ close maybe a few stages left.

I played the GC one, so I didnt have that problem. My only real concern was the camera in spots.

No problems with shield bash/spin here.

Only trouble I had was with the using of the C-Stick to cast the fishing rod.

I didn’t really care for TP. The story was good, but it was just to linear. Zelda games have always been about freedom (WW might have had too much freedom). There wasn’t really a lot to explore and Epona just wasn’t as fun as it is in OoT and MM.