Find A Star

Not as easy as it sounds.

Haha these are pretty fun

I haven’t found any especially difficult ones though

That was for the most part a cute diversion. The only real problem I had was on #30 (but that’s largely due to the fact that it’s 5:30 in the morning right now and I’m finding it difficult to keep my fingers on the keyboard and my eyes from crawling under their lids).

I’ll wait until more people try this before I post any spoilers.

Well I can’t figure out the light switch one and the sandwichy one (two before light switch one)

Number 33 was ridiculous (I only “solved” it by random mouse movement, and it still makes no sense), but the other hard ones were pretty clever.

I admit I had trouble with several ones, but it was really fun. ^^

Yeah I ended up having to look up the lightswitch one.

Does that even make any sense?

Yay :smiley: That was fun. I think I hated 28 the most <_<; The lightswitch one took me several minutes of random clicking too until I realized there was probably more to it… all stages took me like 10-15 minutes alltogether.

edit: does anyone still have the links for the “white room” (like the thing where you have to figure a way out) and the life cube thing (the pixel thing that develops into a world/ does random stuff if you do everything right)?

I don’t know about that other one, but I think you’re talking about the GROW games, which are here:

Number 33 is fucking stupid. There’s no way to know and no way to figure it out. Solving it is random.

The only legitimate one I had any trouble with was the balls on the strings one, but even that was pretty easy.

I seriously can’t figure out number 5. I feel impotent.