Finally, Science I Like

This, too.


Wow, that rocks.

Research in this field demands more funding.

Support Peep research! We must tell the government we want the info on the peeps! We must have government funding lest some great breakthrough in Peep Research go undiscovered!

(or at least get something that can win a Golden Fleece award)

Die evil bunnies!

ooo, fire rabbits.

Haha, crazy but fun.

The science behind this is questionable, and quite frankly, retarded.

Shortly after the filming stopped, one of the Peeps’ heads that was blown off started to recite a prophecy of the end of the Bunny race, screaming “Death is but a door, time, a window… I’ll be back!”.nearby Observer Bunnies seemed nervous for a short while, but quickly recovered when it was realized it was quoting from “Ghostbusters 2”

I think they should start researching on babies. And I’m talking about real babies.


This is the weirdest science ever

but its atleast science you can eat, thats the best science

I liked the laser one. Cause the rabbit had sunglasses.

They didn’t state a hypothesis or draw conclusions; they simply did observations, so its debatable how scientific it is.

I don’t give a fuck, it’s fun.

… Good Peeps. Bad all else.

Finally, Science I Eat