Finally saw Silent Hill

I’m in Ethiopia right now for a week off and I finally got to see Silent Hill. There’s a bunch of booteg copie of movies out here and so one of my friends got Silent Hill. I was pleasantly surprised. It was pretty close to the games and it seemed like the directors really understood the games. It is definitely one of the best game to movie adaptations. The verdict is still out on Superman since the copy I have only plays half the movie and then freezes. However, from what I’ve seen, it is pretty good, a little slow, but good. I love the little throwbacks to the original Superman movie. The guys that play Luthor and Superman are great in their roles. I like Kate Bosworth as an actress, but I don’t think that she is a very good Lois.

It was, indeed. Dunno about Superman though, haven’t seen it yet. :confused:

I just saw Silent Hill like a week ago. My friend showed me it and it was really good. Now one of my fav’s :slight_smile: Anywho I loved the part when the pyramid head guy came out, and when hell burst out.

I saw it about two weeks ago. The part where Pyramid Head ripped the woman’s skin off really shocked me.

That part was brutal, it shocked me too! But that lady had it coming.

Probably the best video game movie since Mortal Kombat, but that’s not saying much.

DR, :stuck_out_tongue:

For those of us in the 'States, the DVD came out on Tuesday. If you haven’t seen it yet, now’s the time.

Bought it on release day, I enjoyed the movie so much that I had gone twice at the theater when it showed.

The extras are quite neat as well. Other directors COUGHUWEBOLL&PAULANDERSONCOUGH could learn a thing or two from Christophe Gan’s masterful adaptation of a video game.

Hey, Paul W. S. Anderson is <I>light years</I> ahead of Uwe Boll when it comes to video game adaptations. While they don’t always closely follow the subject matter of the games, it’s usually because the game is designed to be interactive, and you have to make a story flow differently in a movie. Mortal Kombat was a great movie, considering the source material. I personally thought that Resident Evil turned out very well, too, though some disagree.

What do you mean considering the source material? Seeing as Mortal Kombat (2) is one of the greatest games of all ages, the movie ought to be at least on par with Casablanca.

Eh I dont think Silent Hill is too scary for me i only seen parts of it when my bros rented it because i was too busy playing cs probably when i watch the full movie i could get scared…hey you never know!

I thought SH was very good.

I liked Silent Hill. Although I found myself bursting into laughter when I shouldn’t.

After seeing the part with Pyramid head ripping off that ladies skin and tossing it at the door. gave me a giggle fit. much to the displeasure of the rest of the audience at the theater when I saw it.

I found myself giggling in the theater, but out of excitement. When familiar music or enemies appeared, I got giddy. It was pathetic.