Finally! Full SUPERMAN RETURNS trailer

My apologies if this has been posted already:

Not bad… still not sure if I like the concept, or the actors. But it certainly looks fun. Definitely will see it.

Eh … I have some doubts about the acting, but between the “C’mon, say it!” part and the “photograph” bit at the end, I think there are going to be cute bits.


the casting was perfect I don’t know why you guys have problems with it.

Kevin Spacey looks like an awesome Lex Luthor. :sunglasses:

It’s not so much that I don’t like the actors as that I don’t know them well enough to tell if they’ll perform well. But they do look good (maybe a little too young… isn’t this supposed to take place 5 years after Superman II?) Spacey, however, does indeed look like he’ll be GREAT as Luthor.

Eh. Maybe I was just thrown off by that NPC going “Mr. Luthor! We are arriving at da coordinates!” at the beginning there.

This actually looks well presented. I’m surprised. As a sidenote, there is a new X3 trailer out and it looks very sexy. I can’t wait for X3.

Yeah, I saw that when I happened to be in the dorm lounge when some guys were watching TV. It looketh pretty awesome.