Finally did it! All 15 EX File Keys!

Phew… it’s been an slow, arduous, but fun process… Finally, I have truly completed the third Wild Arms game! I know I’m far behind, but I’m just so happy that I did it! How about everyone else? How did you feel when you found them all?

And by the way, for those of you who have beaten the game, doesn’t the final boss (Beatrice) bear a striking resemblance to Nulani?

Anyway, if this post goes against the rules or anything, I’m sorry. But I rarely open new topics, and I’m just so damn happy!


Do you get anything uber-special for getting ALL 15, or just the ability to unlock everything?

I think you get something really good for getting all 15 EX-File Keys, but I’ve only gotten one of them so far.

By the way, Dalton:

How hard is the boss in the Abyss that has the EX-File Key?

You don’t really get anything special for earning all the keys, but it feels nice to have it all done. And the boss isn’t too hard, providing you have high Defense, Finest Arts on Clive, a level of about 90, and you can completely ward off Elemental damage. All you need to do is just Full Carrot, then Finest Arts, over and over until he dies.