Final Saga character profiles

Damn. I tried updating Movie Saga 2 again, but just can’t focus. Since I’ve sworn NOT to update another fic until Movie Saga 2 is updated, I’ll just add to these.

Neutral Guys:

Age: 40
Race: Human/Blob of Flesh
Gender: Most Likely Male (nobody wants to get close enough to tell)
Height: 5’10"
Class: Detective
Alignment: True Neutral

Appearance: A blob of flesh, soaked in sweat, beer and meat juices. Wears a tacky plaide jacket, with black dress pants and a white shirt and red tie. His eyes are hidden under his flesh, and his hair is a shaggy mess of brown.

Bio: Mitchell hails from a land far, far away from RPGC. When most of the RPGCPD quit, Mitchell was called to help fill in. When the Treasures of Fanfiction were stolen, Mitchell was charged with staking out Wilfredo Martinez, who had become rich thanks to dark powers and influence. He soon proved to be VASTLY incompetent, but still managed to bust a big illegal porn deal. Finally, Mitchell and Heaven’s Soldier chased Wil’s boat in a helicopter, and when it ended, everyone but Mitchell was dead. (Unfortunately, Weiila decreed that no RPGCers could be permenantly killed in a fic, and everyone came back to life, much to Mitchell’s chagrin.)

Mitchell stayed around, helping again when Christmas came. Gemini snuck in and stole the wallets of all of RPGCPD officers, driving Poke and Mitchell into a mad hunt. After Weiila and Starstorm were captured, however, Poke summoned the RPGC Task Force. When the war began to escalate, Mitchell joined the Task Force, finally helping to bring down Dr. Kaizer.

Mitchell is still around, much to RPGC’s chagrin…

Equipment: Besides his clothes, Mitchell carries a standard semi-automatic 9mm handgun.

Power Level: 4
Black Magic Level: 0
White Magic Level: 0

Strengths: Uh, does bad fashion taste count?
Weaknesses: Weak, ugly, stupid, unfashionable, sick

Bad Guys:

Age: 20
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5’6"
Class: Necromancer/Engineer
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Appearance: When working with Naar, wears standard Drakkar equipment. Wears a zipped-up jacket and jeans when in public. Also has grey robes, adorned with skull imprints.

Bio: In the faraway land of Canada, a young man was born. His name was supposed to be Alexander, but his mother, delirious from the drugs used, stammered out the name “Snuggles.” She then passed out from exhaustion, and due to previous medical conditions, had to be placed on life support. A janitor then unplugged her machine to use the vacuum, killing her. Unfortunately, though, the father, delirious from his wife’s dead, signed the birth certificate for “Snuggles.” He then went to have a burger at McDonalds, where he was ran over by a freight truck.

Snuggles was sent to an orphanage, where he grew up unadopted. When he was of age, he tried to have his name changed, but lacked the funds needed for court proceedings. He tried to live under an assumed name, but his web of lies were quickly deciphered by all his employers. He was soon unemployed, homeless, and alone.

Finally, Snuggles jumped onto a train headed to Alaska. There, he saw the brief battle between Galloway’s group and the armored Mox, and became fascinated by the armored being. He eventually tracked Mox down, and joined the Order of the Black Pentagram, where he soon learned he had a talent for necromancy. He followed the Order, as it was shifted from Mox, to Daemon, and finally to Naar. He was one of the few survivors of the Order, which was torn apart early on in Naar’s attack on RPGC.

Following the Order’s dissolution, he remained in Naar’s army. He wanted to kill everyone, destroy the world that had named him Snuggles. Unfortunaly, he was kicked out when Naar was destroyed, finally ending up back in Canada.

Until a few months ago, he was lonely. Then he met a young woman, which he started dating. When Naar returned, he defected back to Naar’s army as an engineer, helping in his creation of monstrosities and weapons. Still, he continued to date the young woman. He doesn’t know much about her past, except that she’s a catgirl…

Equipment: Although he wears no armor, Snuggles does not need protection. He wields a bone staff with a skull headpiece, and can summon the freshly-dead.

Power Level: 9
Black Magic Level: 10
White Magic Level: 5

Strengths: Necromancy
Weaknesses: Weak physically, is named “Snuggles”

More later. I’m really scrapping the bottom of the barrel later.

You know, Gallo, sometimes when I read your profiles, I see stuff like Naar’s origin, and I’m very impressed… and then I read things like Snuggles’ profile, and I fall off my chair, laughing. :hahaha; Few writers have had that effect on me. :slight_smile:

One thing: if you’re going to reference my “outing” as a mobster, then we’re definitely going to have to bring Alternate Realities into the story, as it doesn’t fit in with my more heroic version. (Ah well, we already have had like half a dozen Galloways, so why not? ^ ^ )

Btw, I can whip up a Philemon profile if you think it would help, too.

Yep, this is my good old “I can’t think of an update” crutch. Let’s just give it another whirl with two more characters, ones you should know much about already… (Note that these will be LONG!)

Good Guys:

Age: 22
Race: Angel
Gender: Female
Height: I…uh…really don’t know
Class: White Mage
Alignment: Neutral Good

Appearance: An female angel with long brown hair and white wings. Wears a long brown dress and glasses.

Bio: Weiila’s origins are unknown to everyone but her…and possibly her sister, but she doesn’t count. Whenever directly asked, Weiila either dodges the question entirely or gives the old “birds and the bees” story. Whether this is actually true or if it’s merely there to dodge a shadowy past is unknown. Weiila is also descended from a hero known as White Robe, who along with Blue Robe succeeded in stopping Mox millenia before.

Weiila’s involvement actually started long before Mox came, back when Galloway hosted the FF Break Room. Magus, who had long suffered at Weiila’s hands, finally snapped and tried to kill the FF characters (who led to his suffering by creating RPG fans outside of Japan). When the plan failed, Magus kidnapped Weiila and held her hostage inside Barrows castle (then lured the FF characters there on a fake treasure hunt). Weiila, with the help of Black Mage and Galloway, escaped, and finally knocked Magus and Dan Barrows into a portal to the source of all evil (Microsoft).

Shortly after this, Mox escaped, and came looking for Weiila. As it turned out, Weiila’s pencil was one of the few weaponst that could kill him, as it had the same power as the weapon White Robe had used. To get her out of the picture, he used an Infanto-Ray to turn her into an eight-year-old. Galloway eventually followed Mox’s trail to her house, and decided to help the girl return to normal.

After many trials and turbulations, the group left for the Black Mage village. There, Weiila was captured, then returned to adulthood by Blue Robe and White Robe. She helped fight against Mox, and even laid the smack-down on Falchin (thanks to some spinach). When the smoke cleared, Weiila and Galloway had barely escaped from the Black Pentagram’s explosion. (Magus then used their unconcious bodies for a sick, risque joke.) Also around this time, she and Starstorm started a relationship (much to Galloway’s chagrin).

Months later, Daemon showed up. Weiila was in the middle of torturing Magus when Galloway came with the news. Once again, they joined forces to battle evil. This time, Weiila and Neo went back in time to her school days, where they watched one of Weiila’s early creations, Loriah, tear apart Red Phoenix. After rejoining the group, everyone went to Daemon’s hideout, where Weiila had to fight another of her fiendish creations, Kerr. Finally, they reached the Dark One’s Cave, where Avoozl was summoned. Galloway, Starstorm and Poke all bet they could kill the dark thing, but it was Weiila, through use of the Talisman of Fornus and some holy water that finished the deal. She then used the last of Daemon’s youth water to turn the three boys into kids for a week.

(She was then charged with child abuse for holding Galloway upside-down for the whole week. She was rendered bankrupt, and had to complete two hundred years of community service. Justice was served.)

Weiila was ARed yet again when Naar came, this time by the now-armored Falchin. The two joined up yet again to battle Naar (with Weiila returning to normal somewhere along the way). After the long, LONG epic was over, Weiila had not done much at all, save heal everyone several times and nearly get killed by Mox.

When Darkmare came, Weiila was unable to heal anyone, due to the nature of his plague-inducing attacks. She was infected herself, and was saved only through a concentrated antidote.

The next few weeks were not much better. She stayed around with Galloway to help fix some problems Naar had started, and was soundly beaten many times, but helped in recovering the seven Dragonballs. They then went to fight GOD, who nearly killed Weiila before being killed himself. When Galloway showed up on the docks shortly after Kaizer’s place had gone up, Weiila showed up to offer some comfort. She then said that Gemini had used their wish on a twenty-piece Chicken McNugget meal.

Weiila arrived at the Christmas hotel along with everyone else, intent on having a nice, merry christmas. Unfortunately, Val blurted out the forbidden words, causing Half-Santa to jump down with his Molecular-Reverserizer. Weiila managed to fly partly out of the room, but took a small hit. She was turned into a sixteen-year-old as a result, and due to the strange nature of the weapon’s power source, was sent into Silent Hill several times. She killed the main spirit haunting the crystal, only to have to fight Daemon. Fortunately, she was out of ammo, and Daemon blew himself up out of politeness. She returned to normal along with everyone else once Half-Santa and Stan were defeated.

Afterwards, Weiila was coerced (aka blackmailed) into joining Galloway on a quest to get the Soul Reaver removed. She didn’t do much, although she did kick some serious ass on a corrupt city-planet.

Christmas came before anyone knew it, and Weiila did not intend to be chibified again. She banished Galloway from RPGC, and was soon kidnapped by religious fundamentalists. Galloway eventually turned the group on itself, saving her, but in the process stepped past RPGC’s border, and was locked up. He escaped (thanks to Wil’s stupidity), but was captured again. Weiila, however, learned that Galloway was not responsible for chibifyings; in fact, SHE was! Fortunately, everyone had learned a valuable lesson, and Weiila was allowed to stay.

Now, Weiila joins the fray again. Not only has Naar returned, but so has Mox, the monster that has caused her so much grief and humiliation. When she learns this, one thing is for sure: nothing had better stand in her way.

Equipment: Weiila wields both a whip and a pencil, the former of which is much more useful than the latter.

Power Level: 5
Black Magic Level: 0
White Magic Level: 9

Strengths: Magnificent healer, beautiful, can fly
Weaknesses: Weak physically, no offensive magic, has sex with a cat

Age: 19
Race: Saiyan
Gender: Male
Height: 5’6"
Class: Samurai/Martial Artist
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Appearance: Red, spiky hair, sunglasses on at all times, red clothing and silver armor.

Bio: A few days after birth, Galloway was taken from his home and to Dr. Kaizer’s lab, along with every other version of Galloway from every possible universe. His genes were altered, so that saiyan DNA was buried latent inside his body. He was then sent back, before he was noticed. After a few years, most of the Galloways had died, due to complications.

Galloway grew up to be a typical loser, an average guy. When he was fifteen, he discovered RPGC, where he remained for a while as an observer. When he was sixteen, he discovered an artifact called the Ultra-Orb, which absorbed the very essence of entire dimensions, and provided untold power to him as a result, transforming him into Neo Galloway. When he realized what was happening, Galloway destroyed the orb; unfortunately, there was an unusual side-effect. The orb’s shattering tore Neo Galloway from the original body, and also transformed him into the Galloway everyone knows and loves.

Galloway eventually landed a job hosting the FF Break Room, while also writing horror fanfiction. Eventually, his own creations turned on him, only to fall before both him and Weiila. Also, Magus tried to kill the FF characters while disguised as a fake Mox. Galloway took him out, then dragged him back to Weiila’s.

When the REAL Mox showed up, Galloway was naturally targeted, as he was a descendant of Blue Robe. Mox’s Infanto-Ray was destroyed during the attack, and Galloway joined Weiila in trying to stop Mox from activating the Black Pentagram. After a while, they reached the Black Mage village, where Falchin attacked them. Galloway’s saiyan abilities suddenly appeared, allowing him to beat off Falchin momentarily. During the final battle, Mox activated the Black Pentagram, but was blown up when Galloway’s everlasting rag disrupted the energy balance. Galloway also learned that Weiila and Star were dating, much to his chagrin.

During a MERC mission a few months later, Galloway observed Daemon talking to a shadowy figure. He was then hurled into confrontation with Daemon himself, where he stopped the dark wizard from erasing himself out of existance. Also, Red Phoenix, a madman Galloway had killed during his first mission, showed up, and was beaten only by Ultra Galloway’s Blitzkreig, as well as a SSJ transformation. When their attempt to kill Avoozl was accomplished through Weiila, Galloway, Star and Poke were turned into kids and sent to her house. Weiila almost fed Galloway to Molor, then hung him upside-down for the whole week.

When the Naar fiasco began, Galloway was soon attacked by Naar himself. The battle ended with Galloway nearly killing himself to blow Naar away; the dark god survived, however, and attacked the still-weakened Galloway at Valkyrie Esker’s base camp. During the brief battle, their swords clashed, shattering each other. Naar eventually gained a new sword, while Galloway discovered his old device, the Flying Bunker, and found the Sommerswerd in ancient ruins deep beneath the ocean. He was then trained by the Kai Lord Lone Wolf, and became a Kai Lord himself. He joined the battle against Mox, but was almost killed due to a back-handed attack. He then fought Naar in an aerial battle, and seemingly killed the dark god through energy gathering and a Trigger spell. The battle brought out all of Galloway’s saiyan traits, giving him a monkey tail.

Darkmare showed up next, infecting Galloway’s allies and nearly killing him. Galloway destroyed the monster only through some concentrated serum (which destroyed its body), and a Spirit Bomb (which destroyed its spirit).

Dr. Kaizer was the next to attack, unleashing clones of Galloway along with the Dragonballs. Also, Galloway’s daughter from the future, Maria, showed up and warned them about GOD. Galloway and co. succeeded in defeating all the clones and gathered the Dragonballs, but were unable to stop GOD from being formed. Galloway, however, was able to confront Kaizer, who told him the truth about his power. Galloway joined the others in going to the future to fight GOD, but was pulled aside by Mox, who wanted to kill him to stop GOD from being formed. Galloway finally defeated Mox, but was knocked out in a sneak-attack. When he returned, Tiger and Cougar were dead, and Mox was thrown into Hell.

Galloway killed GOD, but not before realizing that GOD was actually his future self. He then returned to the present, and hunted Kaizer down. They had a final shoot-out, and Kaizer was seemingly killed when his lab went boom. Galloway contemplated suicide, but decided against it, vowing to change the future in some other way.

That christmas, Galloway joined the others at a hotel, on a quest for snow. He was not at the hotel when Half-Santa attacked, as he was getting a christmas tree. He also bought the Soul Reaver from the black market. This attracted the Dark Five, who fought him every night for the blade. On Christmas Eve, Necrophilia stole the blade and used it on Galloway. The sword shattered, bonding the sword’s true embodiment onto his arm. Afterwards, the entire group joined Santa in reclaiming the North Pole.

The gods then sent Galloway on a quest to remove the Soul Reaver. Galloway eventually succeeded in having the weapon removed, but not before he had been possessed several times and had recovered his former allies F. Galloway and Yellow Tiger.

Galloway was banished the following christmas, causing him to go on a mission to Fresno. He freed Elizabeth Jones from her prison, and saved kiro from a fate worse than death. He was nearly killed by a cloaked figure, and saved Weiila and Star from two feuding brothers. After all this was over, Elizabeth was saved from the cloaked figure, who turned out to be Dr. Kaizer. Following the doctor’s death, Elizabeth (who took up the name Trisha), left for Canada, while Galloway returned home.

Now that Naar has returned, Galloway has returned to the warzone yet again. Only this time, Naar has stripped him of his SSJ form, making him MUCH weaker. Without the Sommerswerd, can anything stop Naar?

Equipment: Galloway has a katana, which is actually not enchanted in any way (unlike most). His silver armor provides a good deal of protection, while remaining flexible and manuverable. As a side-effect, however, both can be broken, and have been on occasion.

Power Level: 9,000
Black Magic Level: 1
White Magic Level: 1

Strengths: Very powerful, good with a sword, can use ki
Weaknesses: Has no major magic, is not very intelligent.

Shame. The cat’s getting more than I am. snickers

I thought your original post was funnier.

Galloway eventually turned the group on itself, saving her, but in the process stepped past RPGC’s border, and was locked up. He escaped (thanks to Wil’s stupidity), but was captured again.

Eh? When did that happen? did I miss a chapter somewhere?

Anyway. Cool sum-ups, Gallo. I love these things… I even own all the Who’s Who in the DC Universes and (almost) all the Handbooks of the Marvel Universe. :slight_smile:

BTW, I whipped up an origin of my own for Weiila (with her approval) for use in my stories. I was going to reveal it in XMAS 2004, but things didn’t go as planned. There are hints there, thought. I can give you people details if you wish.

You know, I’d love to see you do a Profile on the “Me” from YOUR stories, just for the heck of it. I think we would all have a good laugh with it. :hahaha;

I should love to see Galloway write a profile for anyone. :cool:

Here’s our cheapstake-theater presentation of Wil’s stupidity, from the Christmas Saga 2: Ho Ho NO:

Galloway: calls Wil on his cell
Wil: Hello?
Galloway: Help! I’m a hot model! I’m trapped on the third floor of the police station!
Wil: There IS no third floor!
Galloway: Uh…there is on Earth-J.
Wil: launches into a rant on the implications of reality-destroying crossovers, and finally leaves, allowing Galloway to escape

Oh, and whatever you planned for Weiila, please give us more details. It would be helpful (since you’re much better at being serious than I am).

Ah, NOW I remember! Yeah, that was classic! :hahaha;

As for Weiila’s origin, this what I came up with (Please note this is still a rough plot, since I never got around to writing it.) :

Weiila’s real name is Anjya, and she’s the daughter of Ukko, the supreme god in the Finnish pantheon (she inherited his wings- Ukko is also a sky-god.) Born in relatively recent times, she’s not mentioned in any legend. Anjya was disgusted by the warrior-culture of Kalevala- she was just a born pacifist. Eventually, she sneaked out into the mortal world, and became fascinated with technolgy, discovering a gift for using computers. However, this caused a feud with her fellow gods, and she decided to leave Kalevala forever, thinking she would never fit in there again. On Earth, she eventually discovered RPGC, and (using the name “Weiila”) was accepted into the group, and soon found herself helping to run the organization.

Weiila is one of the best-loved persons in RPGC, because of her kindness and wisdom. It was she who convinced Wil to join the group. Most of the time she limits herself to help only by directing missions, giving advice or by healing, but, as the daughter of a major god, she DOES possess tremendous powers that she rarely ever uses.

Recently, in order to find Wil and his group before Nyarlatothep got to them, she risked going back to Kalevala and begging Ilmatar to lend her the Sphere of Creation to find them, knowing she would be duty-bound to the goddess as a result. Thanks to this, the heroes were found before it was too late. Wil then returned the favor by asking Ilmatar to allow him to fulfill Weiila’s obligation for her. What this onus will result in -and whether Weiila will ever return to Kalevala again- remains to be seen.

(Notes: Why the Finnish Mythos? Well, we considred making her a valkyrie, but we have enough norse characters here, so I chose to go with Finnish myth, which contains many similarities but also stands well on its own. Besides, I find them interesting but had NEVER gotten around to use them in a story. The Anjya name was provided by Weii herself. )

I want an origin! XD

Keep up the good work dude.

Ya know since this saga started, I’ve been wondering about all this sort of background stuff. This is cool, d. (And yours are cool too, Wil)

Bad Guys:

Age: Unknown
Race: God
Gender: Male
Height: 8’0"
Class: Sky God
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Appearance: Has wings, no other info available.

Bio: Ukko is the supreme sky god, as well as the head of the Finnish pantheon. He is practically hidden from view, his appearance and mannerisms known only to a select few. He is the father of many gods, most recently Weiila.

Ukko is said to be a warrior at heart; he believes that all problems can be solved by force, and respects only the strong. He is also said to have a deep hatred for the gods of other religions, ESPECIALLY the norse gods. He also despises the mortal world, seeing its residents as weak and unworthy. He more or less forced his own daughter out after she learned about the wonders of that world.

The most recent encounter between him and other dieties was a few years ago. The Sommlending sun-god, Kai, led a small diplomatic group to Ukko, in hopes of forging an alliance between the Finnish pantheon and the other gods. As an offering, Kai gave him one of the Lorestones. Unfortunately, Ukko took the Lorestone, then drove the diplomats out. He now possesses the Lorestone, although without the connection to Kai, he could not access its wisdom.

Although Ukko’s alignment can be questioned, a black-armored being has been seen hanging around his home…

Equipment: Unknown.

Power Level: 400,000
Black Magic Level: 0
White Magic Level: 0

Strengths: Unknown
Weaknesses: Unknown

Neutral Guys:

Age: Unknown
Race: Fallen Angel/God
Gender: Male
Height: 6’2"
Class: King of Hades
Alignment: True Neutral

Appearance: In Hell, he looks like a red, horned demon. Outside of Hell, he looks like a handsome, dignified man, in a black suit and with jet-black hair and eyes.

Bio: When the Judeo-Christian god was forming his world, one of his angels, Lucifer, led a rebellion. The rebellion was put down, and Lucifer and his followers were thrown from Heaven and into Hell. There, Lucifer became the supreme lord, citing, “Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven.” His followers were transformed into demons, and became his mindless slaves.

While Lucifer steamed for countless millenia, he eventually came to accept his position. Unlike the other evil “gods,” Lucifer was interested in keeping the balance between good and evil in check. Evil souls were constantly sent into Hell, fortifying Lucifer’s personal army. When the other Hell-dwelling gods tried to strike at each other, Lucifer intervined by crushing their forces. In keeping this balance, he became the most powerful figure in all of Hell (which he began to call “Hades”).

He also developed a liking for dogs, and transformed the souls of evil animals into hellhounds. Among these were Rio, who served him well before being chibified. Lucifer also became enemies with Santa Claus over the years, as he took away from his forces of darkness. Every year, he would send his chief demon, Pitch, to defeat Santa Claus, but Pitch failed every time.

Lucifer often takes trips to the physical world, finding suitable mortals and deceiving them to his own ends. He would also buy souls, in exchange for gifts such as power or money. Still, he never acts wholely evil, rather acting like an eighteenth-century gentleman.

The other evil gods are allying themselves with Naar, but not Lucifer. He doesn’t want to get directly involved in this conflict, as he will lose either way. If Naar wins, all existance will be destroyed. If the light wins, evil will be greatly diminished. With Rio out on the loose, though, things may go out of his control…

Equipment: No weapons or armor.

Power Level: 100,000
Black Magic Level: 10
White Magic Level: 0

Strengths: Capable of great manipulations
Weaknesses: No real offensive powers

There. I’m tired now.

Ukko is one of the Bad Guys? Hmm, I smell a plotline here… ^^

BTW, I have his D&D stats in case you’d like to see them.

And Lucifer is Neutral. Interesting. I don’t suppose you’ve been reading -or at least heard about- the LUCIFER comic book, currently put out by DC Comics? In it, Luci quit ruling Hell (which caused a civil war among the other demon lords- one that, of all people, The Sandman had to resolve) then asked God to be allowed to create his own universe. He’s currently finding out that being a Supreme Being isn’t so fun after all… ^^

(Heh, you could have someone -like me- call him Luci and piss him off.)

Here’s a Profile that might help you:

The Light One (Aka Philemon and other names)
Age: Unknown, at least as old as mankind
Race: Persona
Gender: None (but usually appears as Male)
Height: variable
Class: Embodiment of Good
Alignment: Lawful Good
Appearance: Usually appears as a man wearing a white mask with a butterfly design (a symbol for the human Psyche.) If the mask is removed, people will see their own faces as his own.
Bio: When the human race first achieved sentience, all their minds became joined at the subconscious level. This created the realm of the Collective Unconscious, where all imaginary characters exist as spirits called Personas. The being that would become known as Philemon embodied all the positive traits in mankind, and was therefore the natural opposite of The Dark One (Nyarlathotep.) Philemon doesn’t really hate Nyarl (Hatred is not part of its substance) but rather feels sorry for a being that will never know True Happiness. Still, he felt that he must oppose Nyarl for the sake of mankind. However, as violence is not part of his being, he could not confront Nyarl himself. The best he could do was grant certain humans the ability to summon Personas to empower themselves (it’s like Junctioning Guardian Forces in FF8) and trust that they’ll oppose the Dark One. (note: in the games, people MUST perform a ritual -nothing more than a simple incantation- before they can gain that ability. It doesn’t matter if they believe in it or even how long ago they said it. Some children even say it as a game. Doesn’t make much sense to me, but there you have it.) Philemon IS enormously powerful, and often helps indirectly, by manipulating events unseen. (In at least one ocassion, he saved the World by turning back time, but even then, he needed to follow certain rules, and ask permission from humans to do so.)

Philemon has mysterious servants that often contact humans for him, mainly to provide Personas in exchange for magical Tarot Cards (don’t ask me why that is necessary.) These beings may be Personas, or humans, or something else. Chief among them is Igor, who looks like a Mad Scientist assistant, with long hair, crazy eyes, a ridiculously long nose and a hunched stance. These persons appear in the Velvet Room, an extradimensional room whose door can appear on any wall anywhere. Oh, and they always dress neatly. :slight_smile:

Philemon has opposed Nyarl’s plans across the millenia. Most of the times his agents have won, but Nyarl still has succeeded in doing great harm to humanity (he may been behind WWII). Philemon is less known by humanity than Nyarl (possibly because, being Nyarl’s opposite, he is as humble as Nyarl is boastful) but some cultures have names for him. His current name comes from a Christian Angel, but like Nyarl, he’s being confused with a different being. He also visited the psychologist Carl Jung and helped him understand the true nature of the human psyche, probably to try to help illuminate humanity thru his works.

Wil met Philemon years ago when he helped his latest agents to battle Nyarl. Phil offered to grant him the Persona power, but Wil refused, uncomfortable with the idea of sharing his soul with other beings, even if they are fragments of Earth’s Continuum of Souls. Wil was also annoyed at what he thinks is Philemon’s unwillingness to interfere directly.

Philemon helped against Nyarl’s first attack against Wil by providing certain people (like Mudcap and Pokefreak) clues in the form of visions. During the second attack, Philemon also helped behind the scenes, but decided not to follow Nyarlatothep away from Earth, trusting that Wil and his friends had the power and courage to defeat his ancient foe. (Faith is also part of its substance.)

Whether Philemon wil help during the Final Saga (and how) remains to be seen.

Equipment: None
Power Level: Like Nyarl, his power depends on where he is. From the Colective, he can tap the power of the Good Side of Billions of human souls. On Earth he’s powerful, but not invincible.
Black Magic Level: 0
White Magic Level: 10

Strengths: Shapeshifting; Holy Magic; understands the psyches of all humans; can put visions and sugestions in people’s minds; can change reality (from the Colective), cannot be destroyed (on Earth), can grant Personas to others.
Weaknesses: Evil Magic; cannot fight physically; humans don’t understand him well.

Hope that helps. Hey, this IS the Final Saga… we all gotta do our part! ^_~

Pity. Some of his followers from Paradise Lost, like Moloch, Belial, Mammon, and Beelzebub, would probably be more useful servants if they were not mindless, as would the other fallen angels named in the poem, most of which are Near-Eastern and Egyptian deities.

Of course, it is your story, so I shall shut up now.

Neutral Guys:

Age: Unknown
Race: God
Gender: Male
Height: 7’4"
Class: Trickster God
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Appearance: Lone blonde hair, blue eyes, wears a white tunic. Sometimes seen surfing a log.

Bio: Lemminkainen was the Finnish trickster god. Before the multiverse was shattered, Lemminkainen met Loki, and the two became fast friends. After the shatter, Lemminkainen snuck over occasionally, but eventually stopped when Ukko found out and barred the gates of Kalevala (ironically, this occured a mere hundred years before Loki was chained in Hell).

Lemminkainen is a prankster, and a bit of an airhead at times. These, unfortunately, led to his death, where he was chopped into pieces and thrown into a river. Fortunately for him, his mother was VERY good at glueing, and pieced him back together using honey. He still drips honey where he was sliced, which limits his usefulness in battle (if hit hard enough, his body WILL break). He’s also nearly damned the world to eternal winter, broke the Sampo, and finally won only because the witch in question turned to stone for no good reason.

He became friends with Anjya, until she managed to sneak into the Mortal World. When she was cast out, he was one of the few who still spoke openly of her. He knows Naar is evil, and that Ukko is involved somehow. Of course, he can’t do it alone…

Equipment: Lemminkainen has no weapons or armor.

Power Level: 100,000
Black Magic Level: 0
White Magic Level: 0

Strengths: None known to man.
Weaknesses: A stupid, stupid god, and a failure

Just one for now. I have some more guys in mind, but I’m still drawing up ideas for them.

Okay, more stuff. Sorry about my lack of updates, but I’ve been working on the school musical (if you’re ever asked to work on Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, RUN!).

Bad Guys:

The Gate Keepers
Age: As old as the multiverse
Race: Demon
Gender: None
Height: 20’
Class: Guardians
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Appearance: Think the last boss of Doom 2, only minus the stone wall and John Romero’s head.

Bio: When the Multiverse was formed, it was still possible to pass through the barriers, allowing travel to the millions of new worlds. However, this soon became a major crisis; the constant shifting was damaging to the dimensional barriers, to the point that as much as 3/4 of the multiverse was in danger of collapse. To combat this, the gods created the Gate Keepers, making them one of the three original races.

The Gate Keepers were meant to block the paths between dimensions, so that the barriers would have time to recover and rebuild. To aid this, they made some barriers one-way, or simply blocked them off completely. They also destroyed many of the dimensional portals used by the first race, the Seroli. After a few thousand years, the barriers were fully restored, and the Gate Keepers could rest.

To moniter things on the worlds below during their hibernation, the Gate Keepers brought mortals to their cause. These mortals were often required to pluck out their own eyes and cut their own tongues, so that they could hear the will of their masters. They were also given psychic abilities, as well as vastly destructive magic.

When the first modern instances of dimensional travel began to surface (thanks to an alternate Wilfredo Martinez), the Gate Keepers were slowly stirred. During Naar’s campaign, many of the barriers were completely destroyed, annihilating all life in that universe. The Gate Keepers began to monitor these threats, but when Naar was destroyed, they instead turned their attention to the alternate Wil (and the non-alternate Galloway, who possessed a prototype, non-magical dimensional portal). In their strict observance of their purpose, they viewed the mortals as destroyers, and decreed them to be killed.

One of the Gate Keepers, however, had abandoned his post, and had traveled to the Seroli homeworld, where he captured the hibernating souls of the Seroli. Eventually, Galloway (trying to get rid of the Reaver) and the rest of his merry crew (trying desperately to escape) reached the world and destroyed the Gate Keeper. Such an action, however, brought attention to himself from the other Gate Keepers, who were now ready and willing to destroy him. They now plan to use their followers to destroy Galloway and his companions.

That is, if the multiverse survives that long…

Equipment: None

Power Level: Unknown
Black Magic Level: Unknown
White Magic Level: Unknown

Strengths: Dimensional control, massive power
Weaknesses: Exposed weak points, often overzealous

I’ll have more later.

Hey, d, what part are you playing in the musical? The Beast? :stuck_out_tongue: (C’mon, somebody was going to say it!) :hahaha;

Seriously now: That’s some very interesting stuff in the Gate Keepers profile. Is that from some stablished work, like Lone Wolf was, or did you make it up?

And WHICH alternate Wilfredo are you talking about? I think you’re going to have to clear up which ones of us are alternates soon. (Also, how do you know that ANY of the versions is the “real” one? Even in Marvel Comics, where they have a bazillion alternate realities, people keep arguing which is the “Prime” one!)

Check it out:
This page also explains that there is more than one Multiverse.

I’m not playing anything. I’m helping in the back, in the costume department. It’s just been a very stressful project. A few weeks ago, the costuming company we ordered the stuff from shut down, running off with the school’s $10,000 deposit and delivering 1/100000-completed costumes. Next, the costumes had to be taken to San Jose, where several were fortunately sewn together. Unfortunately, several were still incomplete as of 11:00 PM last night, and the show opens tomorrow. I’ll have to see how things are tonight.

The Gate Keeper is an original idea, whose design is based off (like I said before) the final boss of Doom 2. General idea: a massive stone face, with an exposed brain made up of John Romero’s severed head (he was killed by the time-traveling vigilantes that bought Daikatana). It also had the power to spawn demons (including Cyberdemons, Spider Masterminds, and Arch-Viles). Its only weak spot was its exposed brain, which could be pierced only with rockets.

And whenever I refer to the alternate Wilfredo, I refer to the one from your Christmas fics, NOT any of the ones from my fic universe. After all, that’s the only Wil that has actively dimension-travelled.

Man, sorry to hear that. Hope you manage to pull off the musical, anyway. :victoly:

Congrats on the Gate Keepers idea, then, it’s very interesting AND it makes sense. However, not all forms of dimension travel hurt the multiverse. Not that the Keepers might care about that. They sound too relentless in their duty. They kinda remind me of Demogorge the God Eater, in that respect. (Read about it here: )

BTW, the dimension-hopping Wil (aka Wil the Sage) is the main one, all the others are expendable. K? (Thought seeing Wil the Loverboy again might be fun… ^^ )

Okay, before I depart for a few days, here’s some more.

Bad Guys:

Agarash the Damned
Age: Unknown
Race: Demon
Gender: Nobody wants to get that close
Height: Has been lost to history
Class: Demonic Lord
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Appearance: A really big, really spiky demon.

Bio: Naar’s imprisonment only hampered his plans. Still powerful enough to send minions through, he created Agarash the Damned, the most powerful monster to have ever served him (before or since). Agarash was sent through the dimensions to Sommerlund, only a few hundred years after his imprisonment. Agarash appeared in the fertile lands of Magnamund, near the land of Talestria. Here there was a colony of battle-mages, who had been pawns against Naar during his exile.

Immediately, Agarash set out to destroy the mages. He quickly infected their land with a strange plague, which soon infected every plant and animal it encountered. The disease rotted their minds and mutated their forms, creating monstrous plants and destructive monsters. The waters were tainted with a black slime, the once-beautiful sky was blotched from sight, and the many who had once earned a good living on the diseased land either died, fled, or became monsters that continued the cycle of destruction.

Eventually, however, Agarash found himself battling the mages directly. Having survived their initial encounter, they had fled to Dessi, where they regrouped and launched an offensive on the demon himself. After a long, grueling battle, Agarash the Damned was destroyed, his body hacked to pieces and burned. In retaliation, Naar had another group of his servants, the Cener Druids, use another plague virus, this time decimating the mages themselves. In the end, there were only a few survivors of that battle, and Agarash the Damned faded into history.

Agarash’s spirit, however, had survived the battle, and he quickly returned to the Plane of Darkness to be reformed. Naar, however, was busy with another plan of his, and wanted nothing to do with some creature that had failed him. Agarash fled to the farthest reaches of the Plane of Darkness, where he tried to lure foolish mortals into releasing him. All his plans have failed. All except one…

Equipment: Being merely a spirit, Agarash has no equipment. When he had a body, he also had no need for equipment.

Power Level: 70,000 (as a demon), 5,000 (as a spirit)
Black Magic Level: 10
White Magic Level: 0

Strengths: Extremelly powerful
Weaknesses: Is currently a spirit.

Alternate Wilfredo
Age: 38
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5’11"
Class: Black Mage, Sage
Alignment: Neutral Good

Appearance: The same as our Wil

Bio: There is a multiverse, a series of dimensions interconnected via hidden gateways and walls. Each dimension is slightly different from the one bordering it, and completely different from those far away from it. Each of these worlds, despite being connected, is also isolated, as mortals do not know how to traverse the realms.

That is, until Alt Wilfredo came onto the scene. An alternate version of Wilfredo Martinez, this Wil is far less perverted, and more of a selfless hero and dimensional traveller. His thirst for knowledge is tempered only by his love of Christmas (which he has saved many times in his home world). Along with the other alternates of his dimension, he travels the many worlds of the multiverse, all in the pursuit of knowledge.

Alt Wil’s homeworld neighbors the one this group of heroes resides in, but due to the ever-growing caution of the Gate Keepers (who have their eyes on both worlds at the moment, due to certain inhabitants who shall remain nameless), they have been unable to form a gate through the barrier. Nonetheless, the worlds are rather similar, despite different strokes for the different folks.

Despite the growing power of the Gate Keepers, Alt Wil is VERY close to punching through the barrier. Needless to say, the powers that be will NOT be pleased…

Equipment: Same as Wil

Power Level: Same as Wil
Black Magic Level: See above
White Magic Level: See above

Strengths: Same as Wil
Weaknesses: Same as Wil