Final Saga character profiles

Remember when I used to do this? All the way back, long before the evil worm terrorized the land and destroyed RPGC? I stopped about halfway through the Daemon Saga; even though I did get a kick out of them, I just stopped. So, since this is the grand finale, I thought I should just start them up again, just for the hell of it.

Hopefully, when this mess is over, I can merge it with the signup thread to create a perfect list. Until then, it’s just for all the original characters:

Good Guys:

F. Galloway
Age: 19
Race: Half-Saiyan (Half-Human)
Gender: Female
Height: 5’6"
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Appearance: An almost exact copy of Galloway. The only major difference is the two things sticking out of her chest.

Bio: During Galloway’s first conflict with Naar, the gods decided it would be beneficial to have another Galloway around. After firing up their dimensional gateway, they sucked in the only other Galloway in the multiverse to have the same power level. Only problem was, it was a she. Apparantly she had come from one of the worlds Naar had destroyed early in his conquest.

F. Galloway (as she was named, as her full name was also d Galloway), begrudgingly joined them against Naar. During the battle with Mox, Galloway and Winnie-the-Pooh went to join the others, while F. Galloway infiltrated Naar’s castle. Inside, she rescued two Digimon from Impaler, who she sent flying into the Lake of Blood, and helped Weiila and Scorpion free the other captives. When Naar was apparatntly destroyed, she decided to stay and help Galloway, citing that “she didn’t have much of a home to go to.”

During the battle with Dr. Kaizer and GOD, F. Galloway aided slightly, but didn’t do much. Afterwards, she returned to her world to search for survivors. Finding none, except for the few remaining members of Naar’s army, she slowly went mad. When Galloway was possessed by the Soul Reaver, he stopped by her planet, where he somehow snapped her back to sanity and helped her attack Belladonna’s fortress. The witch escaped, but F. Galloway finally decided to leave her world behind and join her male alternate again.

When the Treasures of Fanfiction were stolen, F. Galloway joined the RPGCPD for a brief period of time. She assisted them in two cases: one involving the evil “Meat King,” the other involving two ultra-assholic british lords. She also fused with Galloway to battle Mary Sue, but broke out of the fuison too early, leaving Galloway stuck as a female. She finally re-merged during the battle with the shadowy figure, and Galloway came out normal (but since Gallo had hit Young Val while still female, F. Galloway got no After-Battle Brownies).

When F. Galloway learns that Naar has returned, she will most likely take the strongest position against him. Her hatred for him borders on fanaticism. Perhaps there is more to this than anyone suspects…

Power Level: 8,000
Black Magic Level: 0
White Magic Level: 0

Equipment: Same as Galloway (minus the katana)

Strengths: Powerful, can use ki, is actually decent-looking
Weaknesses: Very unsound mentally, is fanatical about destroying anything remotely related to Naar

Age: 16
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6’1"
Class: Black Mage (secondary class: Ninja)
Alignment: True Neutral

Appearance: Brown hair, green eyes, slightly browned skin. Wears a straw hat, black robes, and a black ninja suit.

Bio: JFGemini is Galloway’s younger brother. When Galloway became a mercenary, his brother went the other way and joined a secret ninja clan. He, along with another young man, Hunter, went under the tutelage of Sensei, one of the oldest surviving ninjas. During the whole Mox fiasco, Gemini was working with both the ninjas and the mob, in trying to stop a mad Japanese warlord from destroying the US. Fortunately, Mox got tired of helping the guy and killed him for them. Gemini then helped in the final battle against Mox, and succeeded in killing Dragon, a ninja from a rival clan that Mox had hired.

Gemini became slightly more helpful during the Daemon mess, although not by much. He did help return time to normal, however, and aided in the final destruction of Daemon (although he was teleported out of the final chamber before Daemon summoned Avoozl).

Gemini continued his training, but was already beginning to become bored with it. When Galloway was seemingly killed in the collapse of one of Naar’s towers (in the God-forsaken Hell-Hole called North Dakota), Gemini and the other ninjas showed up. They then joined Chris of the Brood in travelling to Xen, where they had their asses kicked by both a giant spider and Scorpion. Finally, they battled a giant alien head, which was killed only by the sacrifice of Hunter. Gemini and Sensei then battled the head of a rival clan, Yakuza, during which Sensei was killed. Gemini ran Yakuza through with Gungnir, then returned the spear to Val. He was taken out by Mox in one punch, and went into hiding during the final battle.

Gemini left after the battle with Naar, leaving the way of the ninja behind him. He instead opted for his other dream class: a Black Mage. He studied under Wil for a while, then aided in the battle against GOD. The next Christmas, he was horrified when Galloway ran off to housesit an old house (taking the PS2 with him).

Last christmas, Gemini joined Galloway, Trisha and kirokokori on a whirlwind trip across North America. Along the way, they stopped at a University of Texas exhibit, the highlight of which was the rare “Phoenix Staff.” Dr. Kazier chose that moment to attack, while Galloway was in the gift shop and the two girls were in the bathroom. Gemini instinctively grabbed the Phoenix Staff, only to get a burning jewel shoved into him as a result. Using the staff, he was able to incinerate Kaizer’s troops, while the doctor himself fled. Gemini kept the staff for his own.

Gemini was last seen departing into some deep woods, following the voice in his head. Perhaps the staff knows more than anyone thinks…

Power Level: 1500
Black Magic Level: 10
White Magic Level: 0

Equipment: Gemini wears little armor. His primary weapon is the Phoenix Staff, a weapon that contains the sealed essence of the phoenix. This greatly increases his power over flame, but weakens his other elements.

Strengths: High understanding of magic, ninja training gives him much higher strength than normal
Weaknesses: Is not much in an all-out physical fight, has little control over any elements besides fire

Damn, those were long. If I feel like it, I’ll continue to write more.

Bad Guys:

Age: Unknown
Race: God
Gender: Male
Height: 8’5"
Class: God of Evil
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Appearance: A large warriro, clad completely in jet-black armor. He also wears a horned helmet, which completely covered his face, leaving only his red eyes visible.

Bio: During the creation of the multiverse, the planar universe of Aon was one of the first to stand. Among the gods placed there were Kai and Naar. Kai quickly took up the position of Sun-God, and passed his wisdom onto the world of Magnamund, the only true planet in Aon. Naar, meanwhile, took up residence in the Plane of Darkness, isolating himself fromt he others.

While it is unknown if Naar was truly malicious before his isolation, it is well-known that he eventually returned with a monstrous army, intent on binding all of Magnamund to him. Kai led his own army against Naar, and the two clashed in the field of battle. After nearly a hundred years of fighting, Naar was defeated by Kai, and returned to the Plane of Darkness, this time as banishment from Aon.

It was not the end, however. Naar used his power to manipulate Aon’s growth, corrupting the once-fertile universe. Many of the isolated planes were completely taken by Naar, this time through clever subterfuge rather than force. Magnamund, however, had been strengthened by Kai’s influence, forcing Naar to send his minions over in his place. Each of these were defeated, first by the Magicians of Dessi, and then by the Kai Lords of Sommerlund.

Finally, Naar struck a crippling blow to Kai and Magnamund. During a religious feast, Naar’s servants, the Darklords of Helgedad, launched a surprise attack and massacred the Kai Lords. Only Lone Wolf, who was chopping wood as punishment for misbehavior, was left alive. This proved to be Naar’s undoing, as Lone Wolf recovered the Sommerswerd, the one sword that could destroy Naar, and the Lorestones, which contained the wisdom of Kai. In the end, the Darklords were destroyed completely, the Kai were reborn, and Naar was defeated once again.

Many millenia passed. Lone Wolf was eventually taken by Kai into the heavens, so he could be trained as Kai’s successor. Naar, meanwhile, fumed in his castle, intent on destroying the Kai. It was then that he encountered the mage Mox, who had contacted him after hearing of his power. With Mox’s help, Naar escaped from the Plane of Darkness, shattering the barrier forever. Rather than directly face Kai, however, he decided to destroy the other worlds, to further spread his darkness. During this time, he also came into contact with Daemon, with whom he made a pact, and Belladonna, who he made his bride.

After countless regions of the multiverse had fallen (including F. Galloway’s homeworld), Naar learned that Kai had sealed much of his power away at a fairly unknown world. Intent on regaining it, Naar began to sacrifice four children. His plans were halted, however, when both Mox and Daemon were defeated. Naar went to RPGC, and nearly killed Galloway and the others. He then left them to rot, content that his generals could finish them off. He was dead wrong, however, and came into conflict with them again. Galloway, now both a Kai Lord AND wielder of the Sommerswerd, battled Naar in an aeriel battle, seemingly killing the god when his Trigger spell detonated the Sommerswerd (which had been stabbed into Naar). Just prior to this, someone blasted Naar is the back, saving Galloway from a death-strike. Naar instinctively knew this was Mox’s doing.

Part of Naar survived, however. It was strong enough to will him away to the Plane of Darkness, where he was able to reform and strengthen himself. After laying low for two years, Naar returned, intent on killing Galloway and the others. But are those his entire plan, or is there more to this?

Power Level: Immense (no known scale)
Black Magic Level: 10
White Magic Level: 5 (mostly resistance and immunity)

Equipment: Naar has a black sword, which he occasionally loans to his highest generals. It is the polar opposite of the Sommerswerd, and draws its strength from darkness and evil (Naar himself does not require such things to survive). His armor also acts like an extension of himself, and is almost completely indestructable.

Strengths: BEYOND powerful, seemingly immortal, highly intelligent and cunning.
Weaknesses: Weak against Kai’s power, very paranoid

Age: 36
Race: Saiyan
Gender: Female
Height: 5’5"
Class: Witch
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Appearance: Always wears a black cloak, with the hood raised. Most likely has a tail (which is hidden by the cloak). Has deep black eyes and a permenant scowl.

Bio: Belladonna is one of the last surviving pure-blooded Saiyans, as many of the remaining Saiyans have interbred with other species. Like many, she as born with a very low power level, and seemed to grow weaker as she got older. Realizing her weakness, she instead turned to the art of magic, which she slowly mastered.

During her studies, she learned of Naar, one of the old dark gods. She was fascinated by the creature, so much that when Naar himself came to destroy her world, she betrayed it to him. At first, Naar kept her around merely as a general, but the two eventually became much closer. Naar finally consented to marry the mortal, and keep her as his queen. During the course of their marriage, Belladonna received direct tutelage under Naar’s most powerful sorcerers. Just before Naar left to battle Galloway and the others, she finished her studies of necromancy and alchemy, and had long-before finished her mastery of sorcery.

Naar’s apparant destruction struck the woman hard. She returned to one of Naar’s outposts on F. Galloway’s world, which she held for her beloved husband. When Galloway and the others arrived, she was consumed with rage, and blew them out. Realizing that something like that would not kill him, she left for another world, where she revived Yellow Tiger, Dragon, and Neo Galloway (who had been turned into androids by Dr. Kaizer). When they failed to kill Galloway, Belladonna travelled to RPGC.

She decided to lure Galloway out by helping PC Glenton kill Valkyrie Esker. She then led them to her castle, where she was prepared to kill them. Much to her surprise, however, Naar had survived, and returned to his queen. She now serves him again, just as intent on killing Galloway as ever.

Of course, there’s the small fact that Naar is an evil God, and is known to betray his allies. Whether or not he does this to Belladonna remains to be seen.

Power Level: 40
Black Magic Level: 15
White Magic Level: 0

Equipment: Belladonna uses no weapons or armor, relying instead on her immense control over magic to defend herself.

Strengths: Unbelievable magical power, control over finer arts of sorcery (such as alchemy and necromancy)
Weaknesses: No immunity to white magic, completely attached to Naar

Maybe some more will come later.

These are great. But, are you doing EVERYONE in the story?

Yeah, they are really good…but how the hell can Naar, the God of EVIL, be NEUTRAL evil! It boggles the mind!

You really don’t know the alignment system then considering Neutral evil is also called True or Pure Evil.

His other choices are Chaotic or Lawful. Neither seems to fit.

Ah, I forgot about Gemini from your Yuletide saga, although the staff of the phoenix, when I first noticed it in the new story, seemed familiar to me.

Neutral Guys:

Age: Unknown
Race: Giant/God
Gender: Ambiguous
Height: 7’10"
Class: Trickster God
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Appearance: Very tall, very handsome young man. Other features can shift and change at will.

Bio: When the universe was still young, the Norse god Odin found a weakened giant. For reasons unknown, Odin shared his blood with the giant, turning him into a god, as well as Odin’s brother. This god became known as Loki, God of Fire and Magic.

Loki was essentially the class clown of the Norse gods, causing all sorts of mischief and madness. The only problem was, his idea of a joke was quite alarming, and could be considered malicious, if not outright evil. Odin somewhat defended Loki, although he himself was sick of the god’s actions. During his many misadventures, Loki was also a shapeshifter, allowing him to father the goddess Hel, the serpent Jormugand, and the wolf Fefnir, as well as mother the horse Sleipnir (don’t ask).

The nature of his final prank varies. Some say it was after Loki had crashed a feast he has not been invited to. Others say it was after Loki tricked Hod, one of Odin’s sons, into killing his brother Balder. No matter the cause, Odin finally lost all patience with Loki and banished him to the center of the Earth. He was chained to the wall, and a serpent placed over his head to forever leak venom onto him. His wife, Sigyn, used a bowl to help catch the poison, but when she had to empty the bowl, the poison dripped down nonetheless. Loki’s rage grew with every drop that hit his head.

Loki was trapped for thousands of years before Lucifer learned of his existance. After many failed attempts to kill him (one of which led to Rio’s chibification), Mox was sent to kill him. Naar showed up, however, and helped Loki escaped. The trickster god helped Naar destroy the Heavens, but fled when Naar turned on him. Now accompanied by the undead Valkyrie Esker, Loki has joined Galloway to kill the dark god. But is he truly changed, or is this merely a ruse?

Power Level: 300,000
Black Magic Level: 10
White Magic Level: 2

Equipment: Loki carries a sword around, and wears some armor, but for the most part relies on his other powers.

Strengths: Very powerful, complete control over fire, can shapeshift
Weaknesses: Paranoid and untrustworthy

Rio (Pronouncing his real name would require ripping out your tongue)
Age: About 5000 years
Race: Hell Hound
Gender: Male
Height: 2’0"
Class: Chibi
Alignment: True Neutral

Appearance: An overly-cute chibi, with feminine features. Has blue hair and eyes.

Bio: Created by Lucifer to aid in his torture of condemned souls, Rio quickly became one of the most feared demons in all of Hell. He worked his way up to favor with Lucifer, making him the subject of hatred amongst the other demons and hell hounds.

One of Rio’s main jobs was to ferret out living souls that had somehow made it into Hell by mistake. Rio would capture them, and take them before Lucifer. If they were deemed pure, they would be expelled from the realm, and be allowed to live out of the remainder of their lives. If Lucifer decided otherwise, however, they were trapped within Hell, and kept alive forever (making their torture even worse). One of these poor souls was Mox; despite his position as a Dark Demon, he was still ruled alive enough to suffer the most extreme tortures. The sounds of their screams became Rio’s greatest pride and joy.

Rio’s last assignment involved the god Loki. Because of the massive influx of souls going in and out of Hell, the boundries of the underworld were always being expanded, until Hell covered thousands of worlds and hundreds of dimensions. During one such expansion, Loki was discovered, and after Lucifer learned he was still alive, he decided to have him brought out. Unfortunatley, even chained as he was, Loki proved to be a major threat.

After many demons were killed, Rio was sent not to capture Loki, but to kill him. During Rio’s attack, one of his blows caused Loki to recoil so that a good deal of the venom splashed out of the bowl and onto the back of his neck. The incident burned off most of the flesh on the god’s neck, driving him into an insane fury. Loki didn’t want to kill this one; he wanted it to suffer. Thus, he used the most hated spell of all, one that drove even the gods mad with terror.

When the hell hound awoke, he learned he had been transformed into a human-like chibi. He was taken back to Lucifer, where he was judged guilty of being overly-cute and failing his mission. His punishment was to be forever sealed within the Cleft of Dimensions.

When Wilfredo Martinez decided to investigate a break in the space-time contiuum, he discovered a hole to the Cleft of Dimensions in the Police Station basement. Naar then used this hole to unleash the beast, despite Loki’s objections. Even as a chibi, the hell hound nearly succeeded in killing them all, until Poke got it in repeated body slams. Kirokokori was hired to kill it, but she instead took it as a pet. And Rio’s torture began…

Equipment: Rio wears gloves and shoes with claws at their end, simulating his original scratching power. He also has a helmet with night-vision googles, allowing him to see in near-darkness. His only armor is his leather tank top and pants.

Power Level: 60
Black Magic Level: 5
White Magic Level: 0

Strengths: Overly-cute, claws REALLY fucking hurt.
Weaknesses: VERY short, overly-energetic, very weak

Next time: MORE good guys! (maybe)


Loki’s cool to.

Great work, Gallo. I’m very impressed by your creativity, especially when you use bits like the one about pronouncing Rio’s real name. :smiley: And this list really helps, since your ten bazillion multiple stories had me a little confused sometimes.

It occurs to me that I can help by giving you info on Nyarlathotep. He’s from the Persona games but most of you may not know about him. So here’s some info (without giving away too much about the games, which you people might want to play one day- I recommend them!)

The Dark One (also known as Nyarlathotep, and many other names)
Age: Unknown (at least as old as mankind)
Race: Persona
Gender: none
Height: varies
Class: Embodiment of Evil
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Appearance: Uncertain. Changes shape at will. Seems to enjoy taking the form of a goat-demon and a tentacled mass.

Bio: The being known as Nyarlathotep formed when the all the minds of humanity became linked at the unconscious level, creating the realm of the Collective Unconscious, where all concepts and ideas took form as spirits called Personas. The Dark One is the embodiment of ALL that is evil, from jealousy to sadism, and is therefore one of the most powerful Personas of all- except for his opposite number, a being that would come to be known as Philemon. Naturally, the two hated each other immediately. However, they couldn’t fight directly, as violence was in the Dark One’s province, but not in the Light One’s. Instead Philemon oppossed him by granting selected humans the ability to summon Personas to empower them.

Over the millennia, the Dark One amused itself by toying with humanity, either thru its minions or by manifesting physically. Though its plans were often ruined by Philemon’s allies -and the Dark One itself had been ‘killed’ on ocassion- it didn’t care; the evil in mankind’s souls always ressurrected him. Every culture had a different name for it, but it came to prefer ‘Nyarlathotep’ because this was a name that struck fear in all humans, being the name of one of the Old Gods that, thought banished long ago, is remembered in our ancestral memories.

A few years ago, “Nyarlathotep” was defeated again, but this time Philemon’s Persona Users were aided by a mage called Wilfredo Martinez, who not only used no Personas, but was able to figure out some secrets about Nyarl, including the fact that its power was reduced on the Physical Plane. This annoyed the entity (especially since vindictiveness is also part of its substance) so it decided to manipulate the American Shadow Government into killing Martinez for it. It couldn’t resist showing up to boast, however (pride is also part of it) and that gave Martinez and his allies, the RPGC, the chance to destroy him (temporarily.)

When it reformed, it was now really pissed at having been defeated TWICE by Martinez, not to mention having its secrets revealed. This time, it sought a more subtle way to get revenge: it manipulated Martinez himself (who normally was too strong-willed to be affected, but was weakened due to self-doubts over his epilepsy) into having a falling-off with his friends. Its plan almost worked, and it managed to corner Martinez in a desert in another planet, where he could toy with him at will. Once again, however, his pride and desire for vengance caused it to overlook the fact that outside Earth, it had no way to regenerate as the Collective Unconscious of other Worlds were beyond his ability to tap- and that the bonds of RPGC are not that easily broken. Once again, with the aid of his friends, Martinez destroyed Nyarlathotep, seemingly forever.

However, Belladonna has recreated the entity, to serve Naar’s plans. What part will the Embodiment of Evil play this time, remains to be seen.

Power Level: Varies: When tapping the Dark Side of billions of human souls (which it can only do while in the Collective) it can actually change Reality itself. In the Physical Plane, however, it is powerful but not invincible.
Black Magic Level: 10
White Magic Level: unrevealed


Strengths: Shapeshifting, Evil Magic, can manipulate people (who aren’t too strong-willed), can inflict doubts by revealing people’s inner fears, can manipulate Reality (temporarily), can summon Personas and Demons, eventually reforms if killed (on Earth)
Weaknesses: Holy Magic, too evil for its own sake

Hope that helps! :cool:

Warning: Reaver Saga spoilers ahead!

Good Guys:

Lone Wolf
Age: Several thousand years
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5’11"
Class: Kai Supreme Master
Alignment: Lawful Good

Appearance: Long blonde hair, blue eyes, no facial hair at all. Wears a green tunic and leggings, as well as leather boots and a Kai cloak.

Bio: In the land of Sommerlund, in the dimension of Aon, fathers would send their sons to the Kai Monastery, where they were trained in the ways of the Kai Lords, Sommerlund’s own brand of warrior-monks. Lone Wolf was the youngest of three children, including an older sister and crippled brother. When he was six, his brother helped protect him from a Mountain Giak, and died as a result. This strengthened his resolve to join the Kai and become a Kai Master.

When he was finally admitted, however, he proved to be a below-average student, often slacking off in class and refusing to participate in training exercises. He was given the name Silent Wolf, as he was very much an introverted youth. The Kai Masters regarded him as a failure, and treated him like a servant.

That all changed one fateful day. On the morning of the Feast of Fehmarn, he was out chopping wood as punishment. When he saw the oncoming attack force heading to the monastery, he rushed to join the battle, only to run into a tree branch and fall unconcious. When he awoke, the Kai had been slaughtered, leaving only Silent Wolf. Out of respect for his fallen brothers, he took the name Lone Wolf.

Realizing the danger Magnamund was in, Lone Wolf raced to Duranor, where he retreived the weapon of the Kai, the Sommerswerd. Using the blade, he destroyed the Darklord leader, Zagarna, driving back the invasion. A few years later, he was tricked into going to the desert empire of Vassagonia, on the false pretense of a diplomatic mission. During his escape, he overheard a conversation between the new leader of the Darklords, Haakan, and the emperor of Vassagonia, Kimah, that mentioned the missing Book of the Magnakai. Lone Wolf suceeded in finding the book and killing Haakan, damaging the Darklords yet again.

The Book of the Magnakai next mentioned the Lorestones, which would impart the power and wisdom of Kai onto those worthy of holding them. Lone Wolf departed on a ten-year quest to find the Lorestones, which finally ended in the utter destruction of the Darklords, and the revival of the Order of the Kai. This brought him into confrontation with Naar, the creator of the Darklords. Lone Wolf suceeded in defeating Naar at every turn, finally stripping him of one of his most powerful artifacts, the Moonstone.

Finally, Kai took Lone Wolf into the heavens, to make him his sucessor. When Naar attacked RPGC, Lone Wolf trained Galloway, F. Galloway and Winnie-the-Pooh, then watched the battle from the heavens. He then guided Galloway against Darkmare, and was on Galloway’s side when the gods tried to destroy him. Now, Lone Wolf’s greatest enemy has returned. Will he be content to be on the sidelines again? Or has he decided to join the battle?

Equipment: Lone Wolf’s equipment is much like Galloway’s Kai Lord form. The exception is the lack of a magical sword (he gave his second sword, Skarn-Skae, to Galloway to help against Darkmare), which is replaced instead by unparallel mastery of various other weapons.

Power Level: 700
Black Magic Power: 3
White Magic Power: 9

Strengths: All the powers of the Kai Lords, mastery of all weapons
Weaknesses: Stuck in the heavens most of the time, has no immunities to speak of

Yellow Tiger
Age: 20
Race: Android
Gender: Female (moot point, though)
Height: 5’6"
Class: Mercenary
Alignment: True Neutral

Appearance: Brown hair, green eyes. Wears a black bomber jacket with white t-shirt and khaki cargo pants. Also wears an ammo belt at all times.

Bio: Yellow Tiger’s life prior to ten years ago is a mystery. She merely doesn’t like to talk about it. Any attempts to analyze it have ended in failure, as she has left no leads. When she was ten, however, she joined MERC’s training facility, along with Galloway. The two begrudgingly became friends.

Over the years, the two became much closer, and started to have romantic feelings about each other. Yellow Tiger joined Galloway against Hanzo, but left before the group went to fight Mox. The two joined forces again (along with a new recruit, Brown Cougar) against a terrorist group; Galloway, however, found Daemon at the base, talking to Naar’s shadow self.

Afterwards, Galloway finally asked Yellow Tiger out to dinner, and to his surprise, she accepted. Unfortunately, Galloway became involved in the war against Naar, and missed the date. When he returned afterwards, he was attacked by the MERC commander, who wanted to sell him out to Dr. Kaizer. Yellow Tiger saved Galloway, only to promptly slap him in the face. She then decided to join him against Dr. Kaizer, just so she could torture him some more.

During most of the conflict, both Yellow Tiger and Brown Cougar were doing well. When the time came to confront GOD, hwoever, they were both soundly defeated. Cougar was thrown from a tenth-story window, killing him. Tiger, meanwhile, was smashed into a wall, shattering every bone in her body. While Galloway and the future Galloway were fighting GOD, Dr. Kaizer secretly took Yellow Tigers body and sent her back two days before Galloway would arrive at his lab. He used the extra time to complete rework her body, turning her into an android, then placed her in cryogenic freezing along with his two other projects, an android Dragon and an energy-based Neo Galloway.

After being driven from her home, Belladonna activated the three to kill Galloway. Their first attempt was almost successful, but they were defeated when the Reaver took full control of his body, Their second attempt failed because of the Ku Klux Klowns. The third, however, was a complete fiasco. When the battle was over, Dragon was destroyed, Neo had been re-absorbed into Galloway (and then expended), and Yellow Tiger was badly damaged. She was taken aboard the SoL, where she was repaired. She then joined them until the journey was over.

When she returned home, she became a mercenary again, using her new skills to become the top in the world. She has not contacted Galloway in a year, and has no intention to. What will happen to her remains to be seen…

Equipment: Yellow Tiger uses automatic weapons above all others. She also has an extendable blade in her right arm, and numerous energy tools in her left arm.

Power Level: 2000
Black Magic Level: 0
White Magic Level: 0

Strengths: Superhuman strength, numerous weapons
Weaknesses: No magic, runs on an energy supply

Well, that’s all for tonight. Oh, and thanks, Wil.

Funny I pictured Naryl as More of a Neutral maybe even Lawful evil as he seemed to have his own sort of twisted moral code being more bent on being an evil jerk than just unrestrained destructive evil. If he was Chaotic Evil he probably would of just killed martinez while he was weak and been done with it.

Damn, Narr is just like me, only more powerful, and more evil. Freaky.

Maybe your related…Eeeeeeeghhhhhh…

Ok, not really.

Nyarl is Chaotic in the sense that, despite his evil intelect, he can’t restrain himself at times, even when it is obviously a stupid thing to do- and following Wil away from Earth WAS an enormous blunder.

So, is Gemini a neutral person who leans towards good, or does he just find himself working with good characters often? He is true neutral, but he was placed under the good characters.

Well the fact that gallos a good character and Gemini is Gallos brother who doesn’t hate gallo enough to want to harm him sorta sticks him on the good side because of family ties, or something.

Ah, what the hell. Here’s a few more. I’ll make a REAL fanfic update tonight (not promising it’s Final Saga, though).

Bad Guys:

Mox (Real name: Morgan Orsland Xian)
Age: About 7000 years (give or take a few)
Race: Demon (was Black Mage until two years ago)
Gender: Male
Height: 6’0"
Class: Dark Demon
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Appearance: Silver hair, red eyes. Has a silver breastplate, under which he wears all-black clothing. His face is suprisingly handsome for someone so old.

Bio: The human black mages, suprisingly, all spring from the same source: the original Black Mage race. Although mostly human-like, the Black Mages possessed total control over every element in nature, at a level far above any practicing black mage today. Their society even today is very much regulated by class, as only the noble families are allowed to practice the extremes of magic (the lower classes only learn enough to get by). Like elves, the Black Mages age at a snail’s pace, if at all.

Morgan Orsland Xian was born into one of the wealthiest Black Mage families. When he was only three, he was already displaying a great deal of untapped power, the likes of which nobody had ever seen. As he grew older, he continued to grow in magical power, but unlike his fellow Black Mages, also trained in close combat and swordplay, until he was more powerful than a trained knight. When he was twenty, his sister Lani was born. The two eventually grew close.

As Morgan reached adulthood (about fourty in Black Mage society), he discovered even higher levels of magic, which were permitted only to the royal family. He studied them in secret, learning how to control even the most miniscule element of reality. However, one secret remained out of his reach: the mythical 99th level of Black Magic. Gaining this power became his one obsession. When he was sixty, he learned the secret at last: he had to tap into the Black Pentagram, the source of all magic, and thus control all of existance. When searching for a means to doing this, Morgan stumbled across Naar, and made a pact with the dark god. In exchange for his obedience, Naar would give Morgan a plan to tap the pentagram. Unknown to Morgan, Lani had heard the whole thing.

Now known as Mox, and dressed in a full suit of black armor, Morgan organized an uprising among the lower classes. The night before the planned rebellion, Lani confronted Mox, and not wanting to see him turned into a monster, killed herself with Mox’s sword. The blade was permenantly stained with her blood, as an eternal reminder. Mox’s last shreds of sanity finally left him. Leaving his son, Falchin, and daughter, Meliah, he went to the Black Pentagram, as the rebellion caused a diversion. However, he was caught and killed by Blue Robe and White Robe, ancestors of Galloway and Weiila, respectively. They unceremoniously dumped him off a cliff to rot. The problem was, Mox wasn’t dead.

The armor revived him thousands of years later. Filled with a taste for vengence, Mox turned Weiila into an eight-year-old girl, and left to kill Galloway. This started what was known as the “Mox Saga.” When it was over, Mox was able to tap into the Black Pentagram, until Galloway disrupted the natural balance of energy by removing part of the Black Pentagram. The resulting explosion killed Mox and Falchin, and completely buried the Black Pentagram.

A year later, Mox returned, transformed into a Dark Demon after his death. Falchin also returned, now bound in his father’s armor. Naar approached the demon and offered him the position of head general. Mox gladly accepted, and became the most successful member of Naar’s army. He also became the master of a young man named Blade, but kicked him out when he proved worthless against Weiila. Before they could enter Naar’s castle, Galloway and co. had to fight Mox. When the dust settled, there were many dead, and many more injured. Mox, however, proved to be his own undoing when he started scarfing down one of Pooh’s honey pots. The sticky substance made it impossible to speak or motion correctly, allowing Weiila to spear him and Falchin to blow him up. Once again, though, Mox survived, and secretly saved Galloway from certain death, both during and after the battle with Naar. He wanted to kill the saiyan himself.

A few weeks later, Mox was nearly killed by Super Galloway, a clone of d Galloway. He joined up with Galloway to destroy the clones, as well as GOD, a being Galloway’s daughter had said would destroy the world. At first, Mox seemed to actually help Galloway, even saving his companion’s asses at one point. This changed, however, when Mox learned GOD was actually a futuristic version of Galloway. He tried to kill the present Galloway, but when that failed, he had no choice but to go after GOD himself.

That didn’t work as planned, however, and Mox was thrown through a portal into Hell. Mox was sentenced to an eternity of punishment, and was forced to watch Friends reruns (the horror!). When he was sent to kill Loki, however, he escaped through the same portal Naar used. Mox has returned to the world of the living, and unless he is stopped, all shall despair…

Equipment: Mox uses a red sword, forged in Hell’s foundry. His armor is also enchanted, protecting against all forms of offensive magic.

Power Level: 4,000
Black Magic Level: Unknown (surpases all known scales)
White Magic Level: 0

Strengths: Too many to list
Weaknesses: Addicted to honey, egotistical and overconfident

Good Guys:

Trisha (aka Elizabeth Jones)
Age: 57 (chronologically), 19 (physically)
Race: Catgirl
Gender: Female
Height: 5’5"
Class: Hybrid
Alignment: Neutral Good

Appearance: Long brown hair, cat tail and cat ears. Has green eyes, and wears mostly a baggy t-shirt and jeans.

Bio: Once, there was a strange, magical era known as the “60’s.” Many strange people lived during this time, including Elizabeth Jones. The daughter of two ultra-conservative parents, she (like all teens) eventually decided to rebel in her own pathetic way and ran away from home. Unfortunately for her, she was captured by Dr. Kaizer, who used her as a prototype for his gene splicing project. He altered her DNA in only a slight way, but it was enough to cause complications.

She was to be placed in deep-freezing for 35 years, under the codename “Trisha.” A month after entering cold sleep, she grew cat-ears and a tail. One scientest confessed to screwing up the project by not using the correct DNA sample, and not freezing the chamber enough. Turned out he had one of the world’s first furry fetishes. He was unceremoniously thrown into a meat grinder, and Elizabeth’s capsule was placed into complete freezing storage in Fresno, California.

35 years later, Galloway was sent to kill a terrorist cell in an old warehouse. When he arrived, he found Valkyrie Esker there, along with a bunch of dead bodies. They both discovered the capsule, and decided to take it back to Galloway’s house. Before they were even out of Fresno, however, Val had opened the capsule, revealing the catgirl. Naturally, she didn’t take her situation well, and had to be sedated.

When they got home, F. Galloway dressed the girl while Galloway found the location of her brother, Jeremy. Since it was the only family she had left, Galloway and Gemini took her down to see him. Unfortunately, someone else got there first, and killed both Jeremy and his family, then framed Galloway.

After escaping, the three went to Texas, where they found kirokokori. After rescuing her from pedophiliac gas station attendants, they continued down the road, until Galloway found a cloaked figure. After a few run-ins with said figure, which all ended in the figure running, they entered Canada. There the cloak figure revealed his true power, nearly killing Galloway, Gemini and kiro. He then took Elizabeth back to his compound, where other hybrids were preparing for world domination. She was promptly brainwashed, and became Trisha fully.

Galloway and the rest of RPGC eventually arrived, along with Trisha’s parents (which Wil had found in the Land of the Dead). Galloway feigned capture, and using two young children, escaped and found Trisha. At first, she was unwilling to listen, but when her parents came, the brainwashing wore off. The cloaked figure proceeded to capture them all, and took them into an auditorium, where he revealed himself as Dr. Kaizer.

Galloway proceeded to kick the shit out of Dr. Kaizer, while the rest of the gang started kicking Hybrid ass. Kaizer made a break for it, but was promptly fried by Belladonna, who came to get Naar’s sword back. Elizabeth convinced RPGC not to kill everyone, and became their new leader. She moved the group to Alberta, Canada, where freaks of all kinds were welcome. Before she left, however, she changed her name officially to Trisha, and said a sad goodbye both to her parents and Galloway.

It’s a given that she will be involved in the final battle against Naar. The question is, “How?”

Equipment: Trisha does not fight, and thus does not carry weapons or armor. She may have a can of mace on her, but that’s not likely.

Power Level: 8
Black Magic Level: 0
White Magic Level: 0

Strengths: Intelligent, compassionant, has great leadership ability
Weaknesses: Can’t fight, knows no magic

Well, that’s all for now.

Trisha’s cool.

Hey Gallo, can I make a request? :wave:

I’d love to team up with Lone Wolf. I think our personalities and abilities would complement each other’s. We could join forces against Mox! (I’ll bet Moxie thinks no Mage could beat him, but as I proved in my Xmas stories, it isn’t how powerful your magic is, but how you use your spells that matters. ) ^_~