Final Fantasys Best Music

I was wandering what FFVIII’s best Music is, i mean the one at the end of the Game, every FF i know has had some, FFVII had One Winged Angel, FFIX had Dark Messenger and FFX had Overworld. Also what do the other FF’s have, the ones i haven’t mentioned…

There isn’t one best theme since everyone’s tastes are different, but the most accepted holy-shit-listen-to-this song in FFVIII is Liberi Fatali (The opening).

Yeah, i was refering to the final boss battle music, each FF has it’s own unique one like i said but there are so many Final Bosses on FFVII that i don’t know which one it is >.<

I’m just going to assume this means what’s your favorite track from each game. It goes as follows:

FFIV: The Red Wings.
FFV: Home Sweet Home. (Bartz’s Hometown theme.)
FFVI: hard to say, the entire soundtrack rawks, but I guess Devil’s Lab wins out. (Magitek Research Facility)
FFVII: Cosmo Canyon (the only track I actually liked.)
FFIX: You’re Not Alone. (That scene in Pandemonium, you know.)
FFX: Auron’s Theme. (no need to explain this.)

You’ll notice I didn’t put VIII in there. There’s a reason for that. I never played it, and so I can’t really say anything about the soundtrack.

My fave music usually is the ones from the end battles, Overworld and One Winged Angel had words, though Dark Messenger didn’t, it;s still really good, though for some reason i really liked Beatrix’s theme.

Ah, I get it now.

FFVI: Dancing Mad
FFVII: One Winged Angel
FFVIII: Liberi Fatali
FFIX: It’s a tie between Melodies of Life, Dark Messenger and You Are Not Alone
FFX: Otherworld

As an overall choice, FFIX had the best music. There are so many beautiful tunes in that game that I could spend all day naming them.

Eyes on Me
Liberi Fatali

FFVII: “Highwind Takes to the Skies”
FFVIII: “The Oath”
FFIX: The Black Mages’ Rendetion of “Vamo’ Alla Flamenco” was pretty sweet
FFX: “Ending Theme”
FFXI: “Opening Theme”

I always liked the ending song from FFVIII the best, the one that plays when the credits are rolling I think. I fought the last boss over and over just to watch that fmv and listen to the music, I don’t know what its called though.

There’s another song in FF10 after Overworld that plays while the fight against Yu Yevon goes on, but I don’t know/am too lazy to look up the name of it.

Is the topic of the thread which is the favorite music of ff games, or favorite end music?

Meh, favourite Music.

“Otherworld” from Final Fantasy X always caught my ear.

Otherworld is good, but too crappy in terms of the growler doing it. :x

I’d say basically every song in FFT is my favorite

Better than the concert version. >.>

Heh, I always thought that too. The lyrics are actually good, so it’s a pity that you can’t understand a single word during the song.

No, I meant the growler sucks at growling. I can understand what he says just fine, I’m just used to different kinds of growling, if at all.
The song wouldn’t be right without the growler. The version with female vocals sucks great amounts of ass :frowning:

Seconded. Some of the random battle songs are a bit dull, but the story battles more than make up for them.

I’m surprised that no one said the theme from the Magictec Resource Center Theme From FF VI. The Beatles Trumpet theme that got pretty addictive to listen to.When you go to help Tera regain her Human form. After getting Maudin and the other Espers that is.

I thought the growler did ok. Even though I wasnt too hot on his barking delivery.

The Female version is so fucking horrible. You went from a pretty decent metal track to… a fucking 80’s cartoon.

It’s good for comedic value, but not much else =
The solo’s pretty good in it, at least.