Final Fantasy XII

I saw the other threads but they didn’t interest me.

I understand everything fairly well, I’m just curious how you string together those multiple hits? Also, what does it mean when it says “2 Chain” and etc… in the bottom right of the screen?

My copy didn’t come with a manual…

I just beat those Flan things and Gambits seem pretty easy. The game definitly doesn’t play itself but the action isn’t based on what’s actually going on, but revolves around telling someone to do something. I dunno. I like it so far though.

Well, FFXII was upgraded in the International Version. These enhances include…

  • 12 License Boards, hence the game’s “International Zodiac Job System” name.

  • The battle system got entirely tweaked so that both guest characters and Espers are playable with L1 button accelerating game speed.

  • new licenses, new spells and new gambits.

  • “New Game+” option, and a “Trial Mode”


Someone else asked me the same question on another board, here’s what I wrote. There are faqs / walkthroughs that explain it a lot better than I do, but I never looked for them.

  • You get 3 bars of MP as you learn the quickenings on the board.

  • There are 3 levels of quickenings - 1 bar, 2 bars and 3 bars, the number of bars corresponds to the bars of MP used up to do the attack

  • Basically you hit the button showed in the bottom right of your screen to execute a move

  • At first, just mash whatever you see. I think you hit R1 or something if the buttons are greyed out - you’ll get another chance for them to come up again

  • Using a quickening uses up all your MP, so it’s generally not worth it unless you’re really in trouble or just to finish a boss off when he goes into rage mode

  • When you’re doing the quickening, ‘mist charge’ sometimes shows up - using this gives you ‘bars’ of MP back so you can use another quickening

  • Mist charges are really key to keep the combo going and get higher damage. My record was a 14 hit quickening.

  • If each of your characters performs their level 1, 2 and 3 attacks during the same quickening, you’ll do a Black Hole attack, which hits for sick damage. I only had this happen once that I remember ><

  • usually I averaged around 8 hits or so per quickening, and I usually started them having 6 or 7 mp bars available (out of the 9)

  • there’s a mist faq on gamefaqs that’d probably help

  • it sounds ridiculously complicated, but it makes perfect sense once you get the hang of it.

I dont. have quickenings yet, but thanks for the explanation.

Ah - thought you meant how to chain quickenings together.

Combat chains: each time you consecutively kill a mob of the same type, it adds to your chain. Higher your chain, the better your chances of a rare item dropping are. IIRC some mobs will only spawn if you have a high chain (i.e. kill 25 wolves in a row and a wolf with a different name that has rare drops may spawn when you reenter the zone). If you’re chaining wolves and kill a different type of mob, the chain goes back to zero.

The multiple hits depends on the weapon you’re using and (I think) your speed and/or luck stats. (Been a while since I picked it up). Using katanas will up your number of hits to 7 or 8 by the end of the game.

:hahaha;Cool, I always thought that it was just based on luck and/or skill. Good thing I’m a fan of katanas!

I think multiple hits is also based on how much HP a character has left. Less HP equals more hits.

Ok, more questions:

So killing a large number of the same monsters in a row causes a higher mf drop rate? For stronger monsters, does the chain have to be lower or higher or does that matter? How many in a row are we talking anyway? I killed 25 wolves today in the Westersand and an alpha wolf appeared (for the second time) but he didn’t drop anything different than the other wolves.

Another thing, when you buy something at the bazaar does it become something you can find in the field? And after you buy something does it ever come back?

Ugh, the bazaar system, brings back a bad memory.

All I can say for sure is some rare items will only drop if you have a high chain. There’s this one Ninja sword that I spent hours trying to get and allegedly it only drops if the chain is 20 or higher. Alpha Wolf may or may not drop a special item - you’d have to check the FAQs. He might have a rare item that’s only a 10% drop rate.

re: bazaar - most items you sell can be easily found again. Almost all of them. But there are some exceptions. Some items are very rare - you’ll have to farm for 2-3 hours before it drops again. Some items you can only get once. The bazaar system is pretty lame IMO.

I didn’t really bother with it at all until I beat the game, only selling stuff if I had more than 10 of the item. After I won, I looked at FAQs and farmed for end game armor, some which you get through the bazaar, some drops off certain enemies. Then I went after some of the harder mobs I didn’t beat.

Don’t sell any of your loot before looking at the bazaar FAQ. Sometimes you’ll sell too much. The problem lies in the following case:

Item 1: Requires items A, B, and C
Item 2: Requires items A, D, and E

You sell A, B, and C.
You get item 1.
Now to get item 2, you have to get ANOTHER item A, and a D and E. In other words, if you would have waited and sold A, B, C, D, and E all together, you would have gotten both items at once. Since you didn’t wait, you have to do twice the farming.

Bazaar is the one thing you should definitely use an FAQ for.

That’s by far the best explanation of the Bazaar system I have ever heard.

And while you’re there it would behoove you to take a look at the requirements for the Zodiac Spear. (though it might already be too late)

Also some bosses carry more than one stealable item so it’s good to check every so often. I got burned on the Genji Equipment for not knowing that.

Regarding chains: I believe there are three levels of item drop, clearly indicated by the size of the symbol. Higher level item drops also occaisionally restore HP and MP. You level up the item drop level buy chaining enemies and NOT picking up the drops. The drop level can still increase while you pick up items, but it will be much, much slower (30-50 vs 10, or something like that).

Also, certain bazaar items that induce rarer drops from specific monster classes are obtained by repeatedly talking to certain types of merchants or checking the hunt board something like 30 or 40 times. You just need to initiate a conversation and can immediately quit it for it to count.

I never heard that last one. Damn, that would be sneaky if it were true.

Yeah it’s true, when you talk to a specific type of shopkeeper enough times you unlock a monograph for purchasing in the Bazaar that increases drops from monsters of a certain type. You could unlock all those items at the beginning of the game, but since they cost around 20k you wouldn’t be able to buy them. There’s a good chance someone playing the game normally would unlock all of them by the end of the game if they checked shops rather often.

Oh, right. Forgot about those.