Final Fantasy XII

I’m wondering if there was a leak, they sent them ahead of time or if the guys at my store are 1337 smugglers, because I’m playing a very official-looking English version of this as we speak. WTF?

The release dates I saw on IGN and Gamespot were Oct 31

Thus my bewilderment.

Maybe you got a preview copy.

This is just between you and me :wink:

Ah, that makes perfect sense since the store pretty much sells burned ISOs instead of real copies. Well, it works just fine, so I guess I don’t really care how is it that I have it already. Thanks Seifer.

Your store sells burned ISOs instead of actual games? O_o

Tax deductible :stuck_out_tongue:

Do those get a reduced price compared to actual copies?

Ah yes, I better clarify. Video game industry does not exist in my country at all (No Gamestop, no company branches, no localization teams, no nothing) so everything is either pirated or exported. Consoles are already modded before being sold just so they can play pirated copies, to give you an idea.

And yes, all games are a lot cheaper. CD games go for five bucks and DVDs for fifteen, and those are about to take a big price drop. If I just had a DVD burner and knew exactly how they do it, I could just burn the games myself >:/

O_o Whoooa. That’s funky.
My father’s actually from Argentina, but we’ve had no contact at all with the place since I was born… for some reason I thought it was more… industrialized than that. Although that’s entirely the wrong word, but I think you know what I mean.

Oh, it’s actually pretty normal in general. We’ve got Blockbusters, Wal Marts, an innumerable amount of excruciating cellphone companies trying to sell us their marginally improved and ever tinier apparatuses that do the exact same shit as all the rest and all the other beauties of modern commerce, it’s just that the VG industry never set foot in the country. Since nobody tried to advertise videogames here, a very tiny fragment of the population cares or knows about them, and the ridiculous price of the exported + gotten through tightass customs + modded + converted value into X3 Pesos consoles just deals the killing blow.

There’s also how not that many people can speak English very well, and nearly a minuscule amount can do it in their childhoods (I was a rare case), so you can imagine what that does to genres like RPGs.

FFXII was put on torrents a week-ish ago. How is it btw?

I’m only one hour or so in. More or less, it looks like the world from FFTA (desert-ish with bangaas and the bunny chicks, though the starting city is a huge metropolis) with an FFX graphic style and a hint of the political mumbo-jumbo of FFT and Vagrant Story somewhat thrown in as background. Vocie acting is so-so up to what I’ve seen and the FMV is obviously beautiful.

The battle system is kinda… boring. You just input a command like attack, step back out of the enemy’s range while you wait until a pseudo ATB fills and the command is carried out, input command, step back, rinse and repeat. I hope it gets better once I get more characters. There’s also something that resembles the FFX Ability Grid in function, only it doesn’t look as pretty.

Does it feel a lot like the game is playing itself with the gambit system? Is that what’s making it boring?

I still haven’t tried the Gambit yet. I’m busy with college and haven’t gotten far enough to get other party memebers. Plus, I’m alternating between this and Valkyrie Profile.

I just played the first part of the demo because it’s the only thing my PS2 plays at the moment. My first impression is…it’s weird, but in a different sense. It’s just so different from the norm it doesn’t feel right. But as I kept playing it, I liked it. The only problem I had was that I tried to cast a Black Magic spell a couple of times and the bar would fill up, but I wouldn’t cast it. There probably something “different” I haven’t found yet. I think the graphics and CG videos are awesome though.

You probably just weren’t close enough for the spell to be cast. Just as long as the target line doesn’t break, you can just wander around until the bar fills, but you need to get in-range for the action to trigger.

Unrelated, but I fucking hate these new bunny-like moogle designs. They look like rabid rats with giant ears and a dingling antenna rather than either cute bunnies or fluffy lovelable moogles.

They’re not new. They started in FFTA. But yes, they aren’t cute any more. -_-

Yes, I know. Having them in FFTA certainly wasn’t a plus either.

Ok, as a side quest, I joined a clan by talking to their founder, a rat-bunny-would-be-moogle named Montblanc and am now performing hunts as sidequests. I am not pleased and I swear if Marche pops up I’ll make quite a few heads roll.