Final Fantasy XII....what do you know?

What has everyone heard about Final Fantasy XII? I have read some about the characters, and just a little about the plot. Anything you all know and would like to share would be great. And does anyone know when the North American release date is supposed to be?

Thanks in advance for sharing whatever you might have learned!

First of all, welcome to the forums! I know you’re already registered and that you are staff, but nonetheless, I haven’t seen you here before.

I can’t say I’ve been keeping track of story or anything like that, but I do know that the North America release date is 02/14/05. Valentine’s Day!

Japan will see a release on December 31st, by the way.

I heard that unfortunatly it will be postponed further and will come out in March.

Wow, a game that actually comes out just in time for my birthday, that hasn’t happened in a while.

Anyway, I heard the same guy who made Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy Tactics is heading the game, pretty cool actually. There’s no information I have that can’t be found on RPGamer, but…I had no idea that the release date had already been announced.

I’d need to check about the story, but the game is based in the ffta ivalice with judges and Vierra, with one of your characters being Vierra, and the battle system is really tweaked, with no more random encounters, being about the see and avoid enemies, and also being distance based, allowing you too move in battles and having certain range of attack. could probably find more but I’m lazy at the moment.

Now it sounds like Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter and Pink Lugia your Avy is cool. Yay for Illusion of Gaia.

…Which probably got that idea from Grandia II anyway, that’s beside that point I guess. I wonder how it’ll turn out, personally, I didn’t mind the linear fashion FFX had, but I tend to like the set up used in FFIX and past entries more, for one, the sidequests weren’t held until near the end of the game, and because while it sucked knowing I missed scene that could only be viewed at one point in the game, it can be an extra incentive to play through it again.

Then again, out of all the games I have, only a handful have been beaten, and out of all the games I’ve started over again, I haven’t beaten any through a second playthrough.

I heard it’s being made by Yasumi Matsuno :kissy: , what instantaneously makes this the best. FF. ever. If this game is half as good as Tactics Ogre, it may achieve that.

Matsuno >>> Sakaguchi :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well from what I’ve seen Square has figured out how to make hair not look wet yet still real! :slight_smile: And the main character wants to fly an airship or somin like that, and…I think something like judges is very important.

Seems like it has some Pirate-Style, oh and Bangaa appear too as well as Judges!

Get everything here:

Thats all i know:

Well if it is movement type I hope it’s closer to Grandia 2 then Bofdq. I loved Grandia 2 hated bofdq.

Not sure about that. This is from Game Spy:

[i]Final Fantasy XII still has a ways to go before it’s released in Japan, let alone America. The Japanese date is merely 2005, and we can only speculate about an American debut at this point. Late 2005 would make sense given Square-Enix’s past localization lag, and even 2006 could be feasible.[/I]

It looks like it’s going to be a great game. It also looks like the release date may be farther away than I had anticipated. Oh, well. Something to look forward to.

I am embarrassed to say that I have never played Tactics, although I do have it. I will have to do that before XII comes out.


well, 12 is based on FFT Advance, not the original FFT.

Oh, really? I didn’t know that. GameSpot says that XII is set in the same world as both Tactics and Tactics Advance, so I thought I would just get a little familiar with that world. Ivalice, isn’t it? I have been meaning to play it, anyway, so before XII is released seems like a good time.