Final Fantasy XII (Late)

I just started this game, and I was wondering what permanently missables there are in the game besides the Zodiac Spear (not opening the chests in the 4 areas or whatever)? I looked around gamefaqs, and I didn’t even see a partial shrine of FFXII here, so I was wondering if you guys could hook me up.

I’ve printed off a sidequest guide so I don’t miss any of those permanently too.


The Zodiac Spear is the only big thing. I remember hearing that the Genji equipment was also missable, but that it wasn’t really anything impressive either.

Aside from that, you might want to look up a Bazaar Loot guide to know which components you shouldn’t sell right away. There’s nothing that you can’t get through some other means, but since some materials can be EXTREMELY annoying to get, you might wanna hang on to them if you are lucky enough to find some earlier.

I’ve been told to hang onto my great serpentskin (from Nidhogg or whatever in the Lhusu Mines)

From the sounds of it, I think I’m going to love this game to death. I hate when games end.

I’ve got a couple more questions… Can any characters dual-wield (daggers)?

QUICKENING. Combo whatwho? I’ve not concerned with learning what they are and how the hell to do them as much as the fact that apparently only ONE character can learn a quickening on the license point table? Who do I teach what? o_o

The Zodiac Spear isn’t completely missable. There’s just a really low chance of finding one if you open the chests.

Yeah it’s something like 50% chance for it to be there, 10% chance for it to be an item, and 10% chance for it to be the Zodiac Spear if it’s an item.

Ah… well, since the serpentskin quest precisely involves getting that item to the guy who set you up to it in the first place, it’s kind of obvious that you should give it to that guy.

Now that I remember you should also hang on to the flower you get from that cactuar and some unique items that you’ll find around Eastersand. Still, there’s nothing big about either quest.

Second question: No. It’s either Weapon + Shield or Two-Handed weapon. There is a guest character that dual wields much later on, but your characters can’t.

Third: Quickening slots disappear from other character’s license boards when one of them learns them. Don’t worry, no character can learn more than three, and there’s exactly enough for all. Also, each character has their own Quickenings so it’s not like you can teach a specific one to certain characters. No matter which slots you use, Vaan will always learn the same moves in the same order and so will everyone else.

In short pick the three characters you want to use and reach the three closest Quickening sots for each.

As for use, the real advantage is that they double and the triple your characters’ MP. The actual moves and the summons start off being passably good, but once you get some good spells you’ll forget about them completely in favour of buffing and healing.

OH. So every quickening space has a first, second, and third name for each character? Until Fron has learned her first quickening all her quickening slots look like Feral Strike or whatever


Well, the Genji Glove is arguably the best accessory in the game, at least with a Masamune wielder in the party. The rest of the Genji stuff isn’t so great though.

There’s one important missable in FF12. It’s called the “storyline”, and I’ll be damned if I can find it. Better luck next time, Squaresoft.

Originally Posted by Silhouette2
There’s one important missable in FF12. It’s called the “storyline”, and I’ll be damned if I can find it. Better luck next time, Squaresoft.

Don’t worry Sil, Square’s got your back. They’ll be releasing a manga version of FFXII sooner or later. Watch for it to appear in a (comic)bookstore near you. (Unless of course something falls though along the way).

It’ll actually be out in English?

Another question and a comment…

I need a good gil grinding area around level 21~ (Vaan is 24 everyone else is 21), I’ve been grinding the Lhusu mines since around level 15… Maybe a bit earlier! But when you get to chain 150~ the skeletons drop 2 bone fragments and an iron helm practically every kill… Lots of gil. But I’m leveling/gearing every character so I end up blowing all my money everytime I get into a city. (Bone fragments sell for 198 gil each!)

Okay so maybe I have two questions

I learned Brawler and I have the unarmed accessory for Penelo, I’m trying to make her into some kind of monk. However, the damage just isn’t there compared to a one hand sword/shield. Does unarmed just not really work for damage?

I finally tried taking down the turtle today in the Lhusu mines and I ended up nearly one shotting it with my first successful quickening! Did almost 14k damage O_o Do you have to re-roll less and less with the more character’s quickenings you get? Or does it always stick with the three you have in your party?

I guess I ended up with four questions!

Characters not in active combat don’t affect quickenings at all. However, I found it nice that if even if only one character has full MP bars to start a quickening, other characters with quickenings can join in the combo by rerolling the quickenings even if they start with 0 MP.

I have no idea about the barehanded stuff, I never bothered with it.

DO NOT TRY TO LEVEL EVERYONE! Seriously, it’ll either take you forever or you’ll be permanently underleveled. Be aware that the amount of EXP enemies give doesn’t rise even remotely exponentially to their own level, so there’s not much difference between levelling a Lvl40 character and a Lvl60 character in the same area. Because of that, levelling not-usually-employed characters is a fucking chore regardless of where you are. You’ll have to pick three characters you want to use for the whole game and relegate the other three to emergency revivals.

Unarmed is suicide. Sword + Shield + All Shield Licenses works wonders for the first half (You’ll block like 1/3 of everything) but then it’ll be about time to upgrade to some big guns. Katanas are awesome speed-wise and two-handed swords are excellent bashers, not to mention the strongest weapons in the games fit in these two categories. Don’t even try ranged weapons unless you absolutely need them for flying enemies (And you’ll eventually get Telekinesis which will make them obsolete).

The only time you’re going to level your 3 reserve characters is near the end of the game when it becomes super not tedious due to awesome equipment. My unused characters were at like level 15 until my main party was at like 60 and I was just wasting time before I beat the game. The best you should do is stick a golden amulet on everyone as soon as you can buy them. Hell, I had golden amulets equipped on all 6 characters for almost the entire game, LP is way more important and harder to get then exp.

You may NEED to level your support characters, at least a little, if you expect to get through all the sidequests. Plus, it’s pretty easy to power level them all to lv. 99 in an hour or so.