Final Fantasy XI

Server: Phoenix
Name: Mrsaturn
Nationality: Bastok
Race: Tarutaru
Job: Black Mage

Anyone else online yet? If you need, I’ll go about buying a worldpass to get people onto my server, then I’ll pick up an RPGC Linkshell so we can all stay in touch.

And I don’t want to hear crap on this thread about the monthly fee. There’s already been a thread to bitch about that. If you want to upkeep the server yourself, feel free, but I’m fine paying less than $0.50 / day to keep the server running. It’s about $0.50 even to play two characters on two different servers. Hell, I spend more than that on Cherry Coke every day, and at least 10 times that on food.

Can I at least get to bitch about it not being released in Norway yet?
Stupid Norway.

Originally posted by Nulani
Can I at least get to bitch about it not being released in <strike>Norway</strike> Europe yet?

Originally posted by Nulani
Can I at least get to bitch about it not being released in Norway yet?
Stupid Norway.

That should be okay. Can I bitch about how you Europeans always bitch about stuff not being released there in a timely fashion, even though you got FFX International and a bunch of stuff we gamers in the US wanted? Can I bitch about how the US got Silent Hill 3 last? Can I bitch about how the world is run by a group of guys in France that have nothing but their own interests in mind?

<img src=“”> No, you can’t. That has nothing to do with FFXI, and it’s our just reward after years of opression :stuck_out_tongue:

And besides those examples you listed and a few others, EVERY other Japan-brewed game has always been released in Europe last, if at all :stuck_out_tongue:

Can I bitch about how this thread SUPPOSEDLY about FFXI has so far been nothing but people complaining?

Seriously, I’ve heard a bunch of things about it that bother me, and I want to know how true they are, and if it’s worth me spending the money on or not.

Can I bitch about bitching? Cause there was this bitch bitching the other bitching day, and I was like damn that’s a lot of bitching.

Anyways, I heard FFXI is pretty good… I’m wondering if I should get it for the PC or PS2, although I heard it’s only on the PC so far.

Can I bitch about the wicked kick ass game that’s coming out in Europe before America? I forgot the name 'cause it pissed me off.

But I might consider FFXI. Cash flow problems, mainly.

Originally posted by d Galloway
Can I bitch about how the world is run by a group of guys in France that have nothing but their own interests in mind?

Actually, I can say with pretty good certainty that during at least one brief period during the past year, the world was run by a flock of geese that likes to spend its time on some soccer fields not far from my house. I wouldn’t say that they have nothing but their own interests in mind, but they are geese for goodness sake! It isn’t easy for them to take everybody’s interest into account.

The <A HREF=“”>second largest 3rd party game develoer in the world</A> is located in Europe. And their games usually (with few exceptions) come out in America last, not to mention that they often translate kick-ass JP games for EU countries and never for the US (like Shining Soul).

For the curious, Atari (formerly Infogrames, LLC) is second only behind Electronic Arts, and American company. The third largest 3rd party publisher is Sega, out of Japan. So each of the three largest game markets have a chunk in the top three developers.

Server: Bismark
Name: Glenson
Country: Bastok
Race: Hume
Job… You have to ask?

Just replying in kind.

I wish I could really afford it … and my parents are kinda sensitive about me asking for something as expensive as <i>another</i> video game for Christmas at the moment, since I’m already asking for FFX2 and Disgaea. But yeah, it’d be cool if I could play it.

I personally don’t have a problem with the monthly fee because I understand that the servers require funding. I just don’t like the feeling of obligation you have with a MMORPG. I don’t like feeling obligated to play a game because there’s bill for it at the end of the month. Well, that and I don’t have a broadband connection or a computer that can handle it and I won’t buy more stuff to turn my PS2 into a computer.

If I did play, I’d be a Tarutaru Black Mage too. My friend and I can’t get over how cute they are. Cute…but deadly :mwahaha: .

Sorry sat 8\

Can I bitch that I am either going to have to buy a video card or the PS2 harddrive + extention internet cord thing to play FFXI? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sat, that’s cool of you, you must have a bit of money if you can afford to buy worldpasses O.o;

And I waited for SH3, and I am not disappointed. Europe didn’t get half as many games before the US/Japan did. Take a turn waiting.

So how many people here think/will be playing FFXI?


<img src=“”> Well, if someone takes care of the worldpasses. I might pick it up if it gets to Europe, but there are a ton of normal releases coming out first, so I’m not sure.

I might: It depends on my mood, the amount of time I have, and the size of my income at the time. But, most likely, yes.

I even have some plans about what I’ll play as and where I’ll live. I got bored today, so I read through all the information pages.

I’ll be happy to buy as many world passes as neccesary. They’re really not that expensive, and they only cost Gil, not $$.

How is the lag and the like?

From my point of view I might as well import it: There’s no way SquareEnix will do anything special for the European release, if it’ll even come to exist.