Final Fantasy XI??

I just want to know on what FFXI is. I know it is a online Final Fantasy game(for those who will make a sarcastic remark) but on the price, how it is set up, the monthly fee, if it is a good game or not, the graphics, and the equipment you need to play the game. So if anyone knows any information about the game tell me, because I’m quite confused on how the game is. Any info will do. Thank you!

I’m against it myself, I don’t believe in paying £108 a month/year (can’t remember which) just to play a game that apparently isn’t that good anyways

Then what would that be Canadian?

I have no idea. I don’t even know if it is £108. I think I remember reading it but I’m not too sure

£ is this Euros or Pounds? If it is one of them I can determine what the cost is. But still I need to know more about Final Fantasy XI

It’s like 12 dollars a month american.

Ok, that would be proply between 14.50$-16.75 canadian. So does anyone have that game online? Also how is it? Do you need anything to install the game, I don’t know, help me you guys.

Well first when you buy the game there are instructions that come with it o-o ( at least i saw it on a store ) i don’t find FFXI very worthy of buying personally. Well you can always look up for information on the internet abou the game no ? I can look for it if you want

Yes please that would be great.

FFXI official site

Hopefully this will help


<< edit>> i am not sure the last one has good info…

Isn’t there a trial period for FF11? I thought there was, but I might be confusing it with some other MMORPG.

Ya I think, I saw like a 3 month trial sticker on the game at a EB store once.
Thanks Sakura Christopher for the links.

Dude do not waste your money on FFXI. Its basicly one giant grind fest. I meen I know most online games are like that but atleast some make it easier to go through with a bunch of different quests to do that dont get as boring after a while as most. I say go with WoW or maybe RF online though I havent tried RF even if its just like FFXI atleast its preetier. Or if you have patience you could check otu SUN online and maybe wait for it to go on beta and try that out