Final Fantasy XI Purchase

Well I am interested in purchasing FF XI. I use to play EQ and am looking for something new and better. If you could please answer a few of my questions to help me decide whether I should buy FF XI or stick with EQ it would be great, thanks.

  1. What are some pros/cons of FFXI?
  2. Your best guess-how many people play total/per server?
  3. Is there a greater range of races/armor/weapons/spells than EQ?
  4. Is it more user friendly than EQ?
  5. Is Tetra Master a good minigame?
  6. Does the game flow better than EQ?
  7. Are the graphics better? (I have seen a few pictures but cannot really tell)

Well, thanks for reading and I appreciate any input you can give me.

  1. Pro: You can always change your job to something else and start over as that.
    Pro: You can, after level 30, get more advanced jobs
    Pro: By taking up crafting, you can get a lot of money in a low amount of time. Moreso at the higher crafting ranks.
    Pro: There are a lot of nice players on. There are also a fair bit of assholes, but a lot of nice players At least on the Phoenix server (A lot of us play on it).
    Con: The World Pass system. You need a friend on that server to buy a 2000 gil item for you to get on it definately.
    Con: You can never change your race (duh)
    Con: You can only take one crafting skull into the artisan rank.

  2. At peak times, there’s usually around 3-4000 on my server

  3. Not Sure

  4. Not Sure

  5. Not worth paying for

  6. Not Sure

  7. Yes.

Seen as i might buy FF11 when When it come out the UK, its’ when the Chains of Phymethaia comes out simuitalusly in Japan, UK & USA. (Guess the real name)

Question 1a. Do i need a keyboard? If not, Should i Cash out for a PS2 Keyboard? (I’m for PS2 not PC (Cos PC is bit rubbish, and I have a PS2 already)).

Q1b. Would a PS2 net mike/earphone be surported? (If so I’ll buy Socom 2)

Q2. Could I find people Like TD or Zelopheris, or any one from Here, that don’t mind being found? and is there a block funtion (Like on MSN)?

Q3. How do battles work?