Final Fantasy XI Minimum Specifications

Does anybody know the minimum requirements to run FFXI for the PC? My PC isnt that great, maybe i just need a new graphics card because Neverwinter Nights runs quite slow and not all objects appear clear :too bad:

time to bust out my handy ff11 box.
micosoft windows 98 98se Me 2000 xp
intel pen3 800mhz or faster processor
128 mb ram
graphics card- nviadia Geforce seriers with 32mb or anti radeon 9000 series card
sound card-directx 8.1 compatible card
6 GB hard disk space
4x cd-rom drive
cable modem or dont bother playing

i had to go spend 150 getting a new graphics card put in, that price includes card price and installion since i didnt know how to put it in. you also need a credit card to put the monthy $16 or so dollars on.