Final Fantasy XI beta

I now the applications for beta are closed, but I just wanted to know when and if anyone else got in, mostly so I know when to give up hope in playing for free…

I hope I am not being a pest, but I am curious.

<img src=“”> Meh, it’s P2P, that kinda destroyed my interest. The class system looks neat, tough.

heh… why do you think I signed up for the Beta? It’s free!

<Img src=“”> I hope they’ll hold an Open Beta over here as well. I doubt it tough, and I don’t think my comp could handle it.

Is this the free gameplay Squaresoft is giving out to certain applicants, or something like it?

<img src=“”> Open beta. They pretty much let people sign up, draw so many people from there, give them the beta of the game, then wait for feedback so they can tweak the game before the final release.

I hope there’s a deal, like, Beta testers get N free time online for the actual game.

I wonder when they tell people if they made it.

yeah, i had signed up…hopefully ill get chosen ^^;;;