Final Fantasy X-2 Chapter 3 question...

In Bikanel you’re supposed to, according to the Brady games guide, 0.4% for talking to the big cactus thing with Bonzo. The thing is I’ve lost out on 0.2% somewhere between the end of the Macalania mission to save the travel agency and the end of the Calm Lands. I’ve pretty much traced that 0.2% down to Bikanel, but I talked to Marnela and didn’t skip anything. Was there something else I was supposed to do? I’ve got a save right before going to Djose temple to finish chapter 3 and I’m already at the end of Chapter 4 on another save but I’d like to go back and finish chapter 3 and get that .2% if at all possible. If I end up with 99.8% and miss out on the perfect ending I’m gonna be pissed and probably through the fucking game out the window. Thanks for any help.

All that’s based on if you’re following this:

At Bikanel? No, all you had to do was talk to Marnela.

Did you rescue all of the tourists in Yojimbo’s cave? Did you see Shinra installing the commsphere in the chocobo ranch?

Yep, yep, and yep.

Oh well, I’m not sweating it anymore, I’m just gonna beat the game since I’ve got like 3 places left before I want to go to the farplane anyways. I’ll just play through again and give the sphere to New Yevon and see what that’s like.

Yeah, don’t sweat the percentages that much. I’ve heard they are off a bit.

Yeah, the percentages in the book are off. I beleive the FAQ’s at gamefaqs are pretty accurate.

Don’t even bother with it. No matter what the guide says, there is no way of beating it 100% in one game. Just save the New Game Plus data.