Final Fantasy X-2 100% Completion Requirements (MAJOR SPOILERS!!!)

I know you have to push the X button during the ending in the Farplane to get the best ending but do you have to press any buttons at any other times?

The X button on the start screen. That starts the game.

Please, no sarcasm Sorc. I remember Wil or Cid mentioning having to press a button somewhere other than the Fareplane.

I don’t remember hearing anything about that. I believe the main thing is not to ski any dialogue. Ever. Or you FAIL.

The 100% goal in FFX-2 always seemed kinda unreasonable to me. I mean it’s not like a normal secret ending where you do a few things different, you have to do EV-ER-Y-THING. O_o

I’m only attempting it because I have a friend’s save at 98%. I think all I really have to do is beat the Bevelle dungeon and get the Mascot dressphere.

Does it matter who, besides the Prophet, you pick to be the culpret on the Mihen Highroad?

Oh, and Pierson, you can skip dialouge most of the time. The only time I know that you can’t is when talking to Meecham.

You DO have to press X one more time: In the third chapter when you visit the Farplane for the first time.

The culprit does matter, but you have a choice of two or three to get Chapter Complete.

As for it being unreasonable, it’s actually quite easy to get if you play through twice, and you give the sphere once to New Yevon and once to Youth League. There’s about 25% you can get just by doing different scenes in the different scenarios.

Cid’s right; you have to keep pressing X during the scene at the end of Chapter 3. You’ll know you got it right if after you’re done pressing, Yuna runs up a pathway of light like the ones in Macalania.

I’ve also heard you have to beat Trema to get 100% on a first time game, but I can’t be sure of that. The official guide for the game says so, but they have been wrong a few times.

I’m pretty sure that’s right, too. It’s worth .2% if I recall correctly.

Thanks for all your help guys.

Wait a sec… is your friend’s game on his second playthrough? If he has 98%, then it should be, because the last battle and the scenes there are worth 4%.

What the tip for Killing the Bevelle Monsters that are like slow Armored monsters gagazte on FFX?

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They are blocking me to Trema

I know of several things my friend did not do:

1.) Talk to Yuna in the moogle costume during one of the first missions in the game.

2.) Finish the Bevelle dungeon

3.) Obtain the Mascot dressphere

4.) Sell all ten tickets in one of Tobil’s missions.

I have now finished 1 and 4. I’m in Chapter 3. I’m also using a 100% completion guide from

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I know that in order to get 100% in one game you have to give the awesome sphere to the Youth League.

Hey guys, one more quick question. I got the culpret to be the Chocobo Eater and it gave me some completion points. However, does he give you the most? The guide I’m using says something like “The Chocobo Eater may or may not give you the competion points needed to achieve 100% competion in one game.” Do I have to make Rikku or someone else the culpret?

Sorry for the double post, but had another question and thought this would be easier than making another thread.

I totally forgot to the Publicity mini-game during chapters 2-4. I read in my guides that you should get a level 5 Publicity level before you go into the Calm Lands in chapter five. Now here’s the question, since this was already done during my last game (I’m using New Game +), do I have to start over again to get an Episode Complete or can I just do the Chocobo sidequest for an Episode Complete and still get the Mascot dress sphere.

Any info will be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

Nope, you need the popularity thing before you can get Episode Complete. Sorry. ;_;

If it’s just % you’re worried about, if you’re in New Game+ you’re fine. You can get about 125% if you play it through two times and give the Awesome Sphere to both groups. If you got an Episode Complete, don’t worry.

Thanks Cid. It looks like I’ll have to finish this game, I’m right at the end, and blaze through it again, this time doing the publicity sidequest. The only other percentage that I absolutely know I need is the percentage you get along with the Mascot dress sphere, therefore I need all the Episode Completes.

Again, if you could tell me if the Chocobo Eater is one of the culprits that give you all the percentage points available in that subquest, I’d be greatful. I’m only asking because when I did it and got the Chobo Eater as the culprit my completion total noticibly went up (98% to 99%). Does making anybody else, the guide I have keeps mentioning Rikku, give you more percentage.

Again, thanks in advance for your great knowledge.

Well, let’s put it this way: Every scene you see will add %. I don’t think there are any scenes that add nothing at all. So if you see multiple scenes on multiple playthroughs, each scene will add %. So it’s a good idea to get someone else the next time round.

Don’t forget that you’ll need all the Episode Completes in your next playthrough to get Mascot; getting just the one(s) you missed won’t help. But I think (I’m NOT sure) that you don’t need all Episode Completes to get the “good” ending, you just need 100% any which way you get it.

Right, I know I’ll have to do everything in Chapter 5 again. I mean I could rush through the other chapters. I’ll try to get Rikku as the culpret then too.

Sorry, if I’m nagging you to death but I would also be in your debt if you anybody else can explain how to do the chocobo sidequest in laymens’ term. The place where I’m confused is the chocobo runners. Do they have to be level 5 for any of their “runs” to count towards the three needed at each level of chocobo?

Thanks a lot for all your help Cid. You rock!

Here’s what I did to get it to work, if my memory serves.

-Capture four Chocobos. Call 'em A, B, C, D. All level 1. Make sure their max level is 5.
-Send out Chocobos A, B, and C to the Calm Lands (and make sure they return successfully), then level them up to level 2, send them out again, etc. up till level 5. At level 5, send out all four of them to the Calm Lands. That should do it, I think.

There’s an Chocobo Ranch FAQ at GameFAQs with all sorts of extra requirements that may or may not actually be required, but I guess you can use that to make extra special 100% sure it’ll work.