Final Fantasy Vlll

Where do you need to go to get Bahamut?
I’ve heard you have to fight it, but I don’t know where.

The very bottom left of the World Map. You can’t actually see it as an island if you bring up the Map Screen, but it’s there. Look for a helipad and land there.

After that you must venture down the underwater station and face some of the meanist battle’s in the game (make sure you have alot of potions and what not) well at the very bottom you will face Ultamate Weapon i think thats right… and then after words you will get Bahamut by beating him (note might be the other way around) I though it to much of a hastle for one summon but hey… what you gonna do?

That’s for Eden, actually. Bahamut is on the first floor in the room with the huge blue generator (walk only when it is off, or face battles). When you get Bahamut, leave the area, and board the deck of the Ragnarok (where all your team members are). Then, you can descend further in.

The dragon’s cake, actually. Junction pain to your elm-attack, which negates his mostly physical attacks, and stay healed up on the off-chance he uses mega flare.

To get to him, walk (DON’T RUN) when you first enter the under-water research lab (bottom left hand corner, as has been said. Can’t land there until you have the Ragnarok.) Once there, walk foward slowly when the blue light recedes. He’ll ask you a few questions, each followed by a Ruby Dragon.

I’ll let you try to figure the questions out on your own, call back if you need the answers. They’re not that hard.

To be exact, he asks you three question. The first one followed by a normal Ruby Dragon fight, the second followed by a ‘back attack’ Ruby Dragon fight, and the third followed by him. IF you answer his querstions right.

I believe when he asks you questions, the last question there is a secret option and you have to press down after the last option to choose it…I think o.O

Well Eva, you remembered right, that is true about the final question, but I didn’t want to spoil it for 'em.

Let me just say that if you’ve spent any time gathering spells on the islands of heaven and hell, and have the lionheart, then neither fight will be particularly difficult. Just use Doomtrain and then meltdown and cast aura on squall and have him limit break away.