Final Fantasy VII Last Order

Hey everyone, I have recently seen Final Fantasy VII Last Order.
It’s an Anime by Square-Enix and its ruffly 25 minutes long or so, this is the chapter from the FFVII game and it goes more in depth to what happened to Cloud and Zack in the Sephiroth incident, when he kills everyone in clouds home town.

Anyways for anyone who liked FFVII the game, FFVII Advent Children, then this is something you must see.

Yeah I agree I saw it earlier this year and I was very happy with it. Although I thought it was slightly inaccurate in one or two places, but still it was very good and I agree with gamestesterjan that it is a must see! :moogle:

It’s not possible for it to be inaccurate, as both it and the original game were created by Square Enix. If anything the anime probably shows more accurately how they wanted it to be, since it’s more recent.

Intresting and valid point. The specific scene I was refering to is when Sephiroth willingly jumps in to the life stream in the anime, but in the game he is stabed and then falls in. Also in the anime I dont think he was ever confronted by cloud like he was in the game(granted I may be wrong) . The events are far to different in my opinion.

Haven’t seen the anime, but he certainly was confronted by Cloud. Whether he was stabbed or jumped in is, I think, more of a moot point.

If you saw it you would know what I’m talking about, but its not important enough to start a huge rant over which I could see happening. I can be stubborn at times, wether I’m right or wrong doesn’t matter.

Where is this anime? I’d like to see it!

I don’t know if it’s licensed or not, if it is: go to a store that sells anime, otherwhise there is always the internet.

It wasn’t released in English. The only way you can see it is by downloading it online somewhere.

Bummer, sorry for the second neocropost, I really gotta look to see when the last entree was!

Two months isn’t that bad a necropost if you have something relevant to add. I’ll let you off this time.

Damn it I was waiting on the release over here. Time to start looking for it online I guess…

EDIT: I found it. Its pretty good. i didn’t want to double post so I just edited this one :slight_smile: