Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Does anyone have any information on this game or know where I can find some?
I’m also looking for a copy of the preview for this game that SE showed at E3 if anyone happens to know where that is.

FF XIII Versus info:

It looks very good, although I was dissapointed that Uemastu isn’t doing the music.

Wait, so FF XII isn’t even out yet and they’re ALREADY teasing us with FF XIII?? :eek:

Is this what happens when you let a game languish in development for too long? :no2:

I was thinking the same thing Wil.

The same thing happened with FF9 and FF10. They were both revealed at the same time and conference. It isn’t something Squarre hasn’t done before.

FFIX and X were very different in both story and visual style; IX was a tribute of sorts to the “old” type of FF (the kind they didn’t really made since VI- maybe V) while X was clearly “the next step”. They were aimed at different kinds of fans, so they weren’t really competing against each other. The differences on XII and XIII don’t seem so clear (yet) and I can’t help but think that splitting the hype between both now won’t be a good thing, especially with people unsure as to what next gen system to buy.

XII is going to be out sometime this year I think and the release date for XIII isn’t til sometime in '08, plus they are going to be released on different systems so I dont think it will be that big of a problem.

So basically Square is going, “Our new FF is great! …But the one we’ll have TWO years from now, that’ll be even better!!”

Doesn’t make much marketing sense to me.

It’s not really like one precludes the other. Every Final Fantasy is a different game with different qualities (as opposed to games like MGS or RPGs like Xenosaga). Creating buzz on two as yet unreleased games doesn’t make much difference as long as there’s a long gap in between releases.
And note that FF12 has been released in Japan for a year (I think its a year).

I never did reserve FFXII. For the first time ever, I say, without the slightest bit of regret, I doubt I’ll ever play it.

Squeenix has run the franchise into the ground so bad, it’s quite sad. People have said so since FFVIII, but I stuck by them, the ever vigilant fan that I am (was).

I thought the idea of a sequel to any FF was absurd, much less one to a story that ended on such a beautiful note, and allowed for speculation from players (FFX-2), but it looked pretty so I bought it. One of the biggest mistakes I ever made. Then I heard they were doing a movie sequel to FFVII. Bollocks, why make a sequel to a classic? One that ended on a beautiful note and allowed for speculation from players? But it looked pretty and I watched it. I’m still kicking my self for wasting precious harddrive space, even after a year after deleting it after watching it. They ruined a classic game with no less than 5 shitacular sequels and spinoffs. I now cannot stand FFVII.

And now with FFXIII, they got a game they already got a million sequels and spinoffs of. And I say fuck it. It looks oh so pretty, but I’ve been suckered in twice by that logic.

FF XIII + XIII Versus make a nice incentive package for potential PS3 owners.

And this could be a “test drive” for PS3 Blue Ray (DR, you gonna love it ;))-FFVII AC remake

I don’t quite understand what your beef is with there being sequels to FF games, DR. Would it help if they replace all the characters and called a game Happy Plumber Adventures or something? I really don’t see how lining up sequels to a game ahead of time would run the franchise into the ground any more than lining up games with unrelated stories.

What I can understand is if you have individual beefs with separate games - god knows, the laughing scene in FFX might turn some people off, FFX-2 had plenty of flaws, and FF12’s battle system might not be everybody’s cup of tea. But why shoot down FFXIII ahead of time just because the evil Square company is planning sequels to it? It’s not like they’re only milking a series with tons of fans - they’re still pouring tons of money into actually producing the games, and the reasons people stick with them is precisely because they continue to churn out high quality products.

Everything you’ve said just smells like the kind of knee-jerk anti-popular attitude every pre-FF7 fanboy had when that game came out.

I dont mind sequels. If they were even half as good as the originals, I wouldnt be complaining. But they’re not. They’re fucking terrible.

I shouldnt be surprised they’re rereleasing AC. Fuckin A, Disney isnt as bad as this.

Guess what. Nobody’s forcing you to watch/play them.

On that note, I’m not particularly interested in FF12 because it looks too Fantasy (which will no doubt prompt some finger-wagging at me. It’s called “Final FANTASY” for Christ’s sake, it’s not rocket science). But I much preferred the magic + tech that FF7 and FF8 had, and not the strict swords and sorcery of FF9 and FF11. (and I’m not sure what you’d classify FF10 as… there wasn’t any tech, but there wasn’t really any knights, castles, or the like)

XIII doesn’t have any sequals to it (as far as I’ve heard). XIII is just going to be made up by 3 different games set in 3 different worlds (from my understanding). As far as AC goes, it wasn’t a great movie but it was a great improvement on their privious movie TSW.

And I’d have to agree with wallflower, magic & tech seems to make a better story in my opinion and it seems to have places that are alot cooler to explore.

Guess what? It’s my opinion.

Yeah, but you’re saying all those sequels ruined the game for you, wasted space on your hard drive. That you stuck by Squeenix, the ever vigilant fan that you are. Squeenix doesn’t owe you a mother fucking thing. You’re the one who’s patronizing them by buying games, watching the movies (which by your own admission, was pirated, but there’s a lot of name-calling black kettles in the room, myself included). You were the one that was drawn in by the “prettiness” of everything like a sheep. You’re free to criticize them all you want, but you can’t say that like you were a part of their group and they did you wrong. This is not an exclusive club. That’s the same thing that happened with Star Trek and Star Wars fans. They get on this treadmill and just eat up everything that gets thrown at them because they’re so hungry for it, not thinking about its quality. After the horrendous quality of Phantom Menace, people still saw the next two movies, because they were so hungry for anything after the first three. People like you.

Exactly. And because of that, I’m no longer a fan, I thought I made that pretty clear. Did you see “(was)”?