Final Fantasy the television series

What channel should have one, if they ever do this, should it be computer animated or live action, and what should the story be like?

Please no remakes, and hell none of the characters from the previous stories give us something new.

Well, I guess a Disney-related channel…

I’ll go from anime with summons & airship CGI ala FFU & Digimon. Think a cross of Erueka Seven, Castle in the Sky, Naussica, Escaflowne, Avatar, & Fullmetal Alchemist in terms of a storyline and world concept.

If live-action, it could be like a Tokusatsu (PowerRanger/Sentai, MetalHeroes, Kaijuu), the effects of Garo are a best example to work with (this fight scene in Naraku Forest has a FF feel, ala FF6 when the heroes fight while falling a great distence from the ground).

They’ve had one already:

I know that. I meant another anime, hence “ala FFU”.

I think Cid was pointing it out to more to Ziggy, than to you dude.

Anyway, I don’t know if I would like seeing any sort of TV series of Final Fantasy. It just works better as a game series, than anything else. Which I guess was kinda why Spirits Within disappointed me, I mean it was a good film, but I would have prefer if they left the Final Fantasy part out of the tittle.

Oh well, that’s just me.

I think FFU let down many people with its bizarre storyline, the way Spirits Within let people down for, well, not having ANY of the true FF elements on it.

I have two ideas:

  1. A FF7-style series, aimed at an older audience; very emo, featuring older characters, done in CGI.

  2. A FF Tactics Advance- style series aimed at a younger audience, with all the classic elements. e.g. Jobs, Moogles etc. done in traditional animation, featuring younger heroes.

I’m convinced both would work, as long as they don’t stray away too much from the basic formulas, and don’t confuse their audiences.

Wilfredo Martinez: I’m surprised you didn’t refer to the anime I selected in a storyline. I mentioned FFU in terms of its use of CGI in traditional animation (Summons, ‘Limit’ attacks). The anime I picked provided the aspects that could work in a anime FF.

“Anime show” (concept)

Anime list: Erueka Seven (airship tech, Coralian-plot device), Castle in the Sky (Laputa), Naussica (Sea of Corruption), Escaflowne (Zaibach, fate-device, euro-look), Avatar (Spiritual concepts, asian look), & Fullmetal Alchemist (“all is one, one is all” life concept, government conspiricies), Wolf’s Rain (Nobles & their citidel cities) in terms of a storyline and world concept.

fractyl, please don’t expect everyone to have watched all the anime you have. -_- And not everything has to be explained in anime terms, in any case. If you’re already talking about a cross between six different series, why not just explain your idea in original terms?

That was a good idea. It’d get butchered in TV but it’s time for some DIY TV.

Cidolfas: You got a point. But a cross if not the intention. More like using the elements that are Final Fantasy-like…

Example 1: FMA’s “All is one, One is All” speech, which explains the relation of nature & alchemy, is much similar to the explaination of the Lifestream in FF7. Especially horrors that come from defiling the unwritten laws of the natural order.

Then you could just mention the Lifestream notion and not bring in external shows which many people aren’t familiar with.

Cidolfas: But external shows and movies are sometimes used to inspire games.

Besides Anime, I also use movies.

  • Lord of the Rings (Sauron, wizards, 2nd Age events, 3rd age battles)
  • Chronicles of Narnia (The battles)

But I’m surprise no one critized the live-action notion, especially using GARO as a nice example of what the special FX would be like.

But I would include Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow in the mix as well.

…is anyone else now completely lost by fractyl?

The way I see it, why should square by making any kind of anime, show or movies that are completely original and slap Final fantasy on them? They make Video games. I still don’t know what exactly spirits within was trying to accomplish, and FFU didn’t seem to have turned out very well. AC and related multimedia can be considered an exception because they’re now a sort’ve continuation of plot, but the video game came first. Really, what would square specifically have to offer to making a TV show? as fractly has listed there are enough shows out there that cover concepts similar to what Final Fantasy’s do, though i don’t think he meant it in that attempt.

Okay, has anyone actually talked about what the show would be LIKE yet if there WAS one? I don’t believe the original question was whether or not one should be made. No offense to anyone, of course, but still.

fractyl: Of course there are inspirations, but you’re trying to describe an idea to people who’ve never seen the things you’ve been inspired by. You’d need to be more specific and explain the actual things you’re describing.

Cidolfas: I was expecting some to actually watch anime, especially Nausicaa & Castle in the Sky. In fact, I also thought if a FF anime was mad, I would select Studio Gibli as its’ founder was a big nut for airships (as seen in Castle in the Sky).

Pink_Lugia: Not really, though the similarites to some is true, more like piece bits of those aspects seen in FF to create the world this FF story takes place. But the general plot & theme will depend on who’s making it.

You can’t expect anyone to have watched anything. And certainly not six different shows.

“Watch anime” does not mean “watch every single anime show, OVA, and movie in existence.”

Yar Kramer & Cidolfas: No, just one or two of the shows I picked.

If you only expected us to watch one or two, you shouldn’t have posted six. And as I said, you can’t even have expected us to watch one or two. Although there are more anime-watchers here than elsewhere, there are plenty of people who’ve never seen an anime in their lives. (I hadn’t till about three years ago.)