Final Fantasy Tactics:the remake

People of RPGC REJOICE for what many of us have been longing for years has happened:A remake of Final Fantasy tactics click here

Well not in the system I wanted but oh well better than nothing,let’s hope for a better localization.

This isn’t good news, this is BAD fucking news. Its for the PSP! I don’t wanna get a PSP! Its an overpriced piece of shit with no games on it and advertising so bad, it makes me not want to get one!

… God dammit.

ARGHHHH! DAMNIT, NOT THE ONE I CAN’T EMULATE! This has been a wet dream of mine for years, I MUST find some way to play it! Any chance of a DS launch?

Frustration aside, about damn time. I hope they fix the translation and rebalance Orlandu.

FFT is awesome, but not awesome enough to warrant me buying a piece of shit like the PSP

I say we start a petition against making FFT for the PSP. The DS has the graphic capabilities to handle this -_-.

Makes me wonder why PSP? If Revenant Wings is part of this “Ivalice Aliance” shit, wouldn’t it make sense to launch them all in the same system? What are the odds of a multi-platform launch on this stuff?

Well I know what you all mean,I am not going to buy a PSP even if FFT is coming out for it,so I agree with Sin let’s make a petition for the DS I mean Revenant Wings is for the DS why not this.

Well, I have two reasons to blow 200 bucks P(iece of)S(hit)P. I want to get MGS Portable Ops as well. Maybe by the time the FFT remake comes out, MGS and the PSP would have dropped in price.


Does anyone want to put together a brief statement?

Bad game for a bad hand-held. There’s my brief statement.

I suggest we forward Hades’ post to SE. Ought to be enough.

We wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings.

Whatever, FFT is the Gigli of the video game industry. Hands down horrible.

I totally brain-farted when I saw this early today, and I thought that “The Lion War” was “The 50-years War” and got very excited at the idea of a prequel.

The only reason I’d like to see this game now is to see if they retranslated it. I think the game’s story would be really good, if the dialogue was just…passable.

My stepdad just got a PSP for his birthfay from his boss. So I’m not really opposed. But if I get a DS then I’ll join you who would rather see it on the DS.

But at any rate, a FFT remake is something to look forward to.

Notice how the only good RPG’s to come out on the PSP are rereleases or remakes of older ones. As far as I’m concerned RW is still the only one I’m really interested in. And unless they address some of the major flaws in FFTA when they make FFTA-2 (Like adding some challenge to the game.) then I might be interested in that. (One of FFTA’s ideas like each race having their own job selection should be kept and rebalanced as that was a good idea.)

Ah, I dunno about that. FFT at least tried… It is hands-down horrible though.

FFT is easily the best game of all time

I love it