Final Fantasy Tactics -- crystals

Ok, when someone dies in FFT, they drop a crystal, as we all know. Now, the crystal lets you pick an ability, if it’s one you don’t have. But here’s what I noticed:

  1. I took a crystal from a Thief, and had to choose from Steal Exp and Gil Taking. I chose the latter, but ended up getting both somehow.

  2. I took a crystal from a Summoner, and had to choose from Ifrit and Shiva. I chose Ifrit, but had both after the battle.

  3. I took a crystal from a Time Mage, and had to choose from Cure, Fire, Ice, Bolt, Haste, and Slow. I chose Bolt, but after the battle I had all six skills.

My question, then, is, if you get everything off the list of choices, why do they even give you a choice, rather than just saying “You get these skills”?


You get all the skills? That’s odd…

Because your game fubared and you’re not supposed to get all skills.

You’re a very lucky person :smiley:

Now you’re just showing off :frowning:

Umm… I could swear you always got all of the offered skills. I always have, anyway.

As did I. I don’t know why it gives you a choice, but frankly, I ain’t complaining.

I never did.

It is a well known bug in the game. Just another in the long string of things that work better than advertised.

A lot of people at GameFAQs say you get all (or more than one of) the skills too, as well as some of the FAQs. So, it’s maybe just an oversight on the devs part, or something?

It’s just a very common bug. I am playing it right now and my game doesn’t do that.

As a test (just to make sure I didn’t miss anything), I managed to learn Antidote and Eye Drop off a single crystal. So yeah, make of that what you will.

I know that it’s a mixed bag for me…some copies I’ve played I only get one…but other times I’ll get several. I mastered Mediator with Ramza in just one fight by grabbing the crystals of all the enemies I fought. There were definitely not that many mediators, nor where there the amount of people to match the amount of skills you need to learn to master Mediator. FFT is weird. :stuck_out_tongue:

The cheat is supposed to be that if you choose the last option in the list you get them all. At least that worked on all of the copies I’ve ever played and I’ve owned about 3 and played at least 5. :hint:

I only get crystals usually very early in the game. Then again, Ramza’s always at level 99 before the end of Chapter One.

:hint: Yeah, so, AR is right. Pick the last option on every list, and you’ll always get all the skills.

…Oh my GOD! …Did I just use an Earthbound smilie!!! :eek: (I feel so… dirty)

scrubs self vigourously


I don’t think I’ve clicked the bottom option any time it’s happened and I’ve still gotten all the skills ever since I began testing.

These guys don’t seem to be wrong about anything else…

Yeah, I checked that guide after my first findings, and I’m inclined to trust it.

indeed, I mean those guys have been working on that guide since mid 99… they prolly know a thing or 2 of what they are talking about.