Final Fantasy Table Top RPG

For those of you familiar with the <a href=“” alt=“FFRPG”>FFRPG</a>, I’m looking to pick up some people for a game.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, namely everyone since either you played 2E or not at all, check out the <a href=“” alt=“the Wiki”>Wiki.</a>

<a href=“” alt=“The Recruiting Thread”>The thread.</a> There’s a short world description down at the bottom. You don’t need to post in it, but if you do, it’d be nice just so I can keep a head count all together.

You can contact me in one of 5 ways:

Posting in a thread (here or at Returners)
PMing me
MSN Messanger (phoerret AT gmail DOT com)
AIM (JustTheRandomGuy)
E-mail (see MSN)

The game will run on weekdays from between 4/5-10 PM EST, possibly a weekend or two if people are willing. They’ll be on IRC, on EsperNet (their chat is there, too #returners).

Contact me with any questions/comments. I know it’ll seem like a lot to pick up, but it’s not terribly confusing. Also, if you do plan on making a character, down the bottom of the Wiki there is a page specifically for playtest campaign character creations, use it please.

I am definately intrigued.

Dunno if I can actually do this, but…I’ll consider it. :slight_smile:

Sounds interesting, but that whole character creation process made my head spin.

If I can figure it all out, I might join.

Precisely what does “wiki” mean, anyway?

Character creation’s actually pretty easy… It’s a bunch of dice and imagination, with a bit of basic math to keep out idiots. :wink:

looks interesting, but I doubt I’ll have the time

I made a character sheet. Just gimmie the when and where. :smiley:

I figured out enough to make a character sheet too. If I’m not too late, I"ll join as well.

:thinking: As someone who’s been playing RPGs since the days of the first D&D edition, I must say I’m impressed. I have no plans to join- yet, anyway- but it makes for fun reading. Kudos to its creators.

Thanks! We’ve been working on that project for such a long time now, and it’s nice to hear that people like it.