Final Fantasy subtitles

I’ve saw this a long long time ago on a now dead board…

You just have to find cool subtitles to each FF episode! Like :

FFI : The Warriors of Light
FFII : A pact with the Devil
FFIII : The Jealous
FFIV : In the Moonlight
FFV : Beyond the Void
FFVI : Absolute Power
FFVII : The Planet’s Cry
FFVIII : The Lion and the Angel
FFIX : Melodies of Life
FFX : The Final Summoning
FFXI : err…
FFXII : err…
FFT : Hero of the Lion War
FFTA : err…

Final Fantasy 5: Three women and a gigolo (honestly, what else are you expected to think >.>)
Final Fantasy 6: I will love again (Come Terra give it a rest)
Final Fantasy 7: And all that did not make sense
Final Fantasy 8: And the overcliched love plot

(of the one’s I’ve played, anyway…)

FFI: Crusade of the mutes
FFIV: Cool armour.
FFVI: Proof that clowns are evil
FFVII: Quadrupeds rule :wink:
FFVIII: Where no one good has short hair
FFIX: Grope the princess! :-p
FFX: Where people enjoy life, especially those who are dead
FFX-2: Attention all fanboys! :ah-ha!:

…Not exactly serious, but then again, what kind of mood am I in today? :wink:

FFI: A 2000 year loop.
FFII: As hard as it gets
FFIV: More crystals than you can shake a stick at
FFV: One Lucky Guy
FFVI: The bad guy succeeds (sort of)
FFVIII: It can’t get any worse
FFX: We were wrong
FFXI: Insanity costs 12.95 per month

FF1: The Legacy of Dr.Unne
FF2: Medieval Star Wars
FF3: The Unreleased
FF4: The Twice Released
FF5: The Unbalance of Gender
FF6: Too Many People
FF7: Destruction and Rebirth
FF8: Coincidence ? Whatever.
FF9: Opposites Crossed
FF10: The Journey

FFTA: Caught in a Dream
FFIV: Quest for Light
FFVI: Search for Memory

ff4 - A lot of people die, and return… Like, THOUSANDS of times

ff5 - The game where it is absolutely NO surprise when you find out that Faris is a girl.

ff6 - King Evil From KAlifornia :mwahaha:

1: No subtitle, since it’s the first
2: “Pact with the Devil” is good
3: Can’t think of anything
4: “Light in the Darkness”
5: “Tear between Worlds”
6: “Battle of the Magi”
7: “Lifestream”
8: “I am a Tiger”
9: “Death is not the End”
X: “Attonement”
X-2: “Sorrow’s Vengeance”
11: “Online”

Say, this is fun! I think Xelo’s are the best so far. Lemme try it:

FF1, 2, 3 and 11 and MQ: Don’t know enough to tell.
FF4: “The Evil Within.” (Mind controlled villains, Cecil begining as a Dark Knight, etc.)
FF5: “The Search for Oblivion.” (The Void.)
FF6: “The Power of Magic.” (It was magic that ruined this World.)
FF7: “When Madness Reigns.” (SEVERAL characters -Sephiroth, Cloud, Hojo, etc- had mental problems here.)
FF8: “The Times of our Lives.” (Time travel, plus lost memories.)
FFTactics: “Faith and Lies.” (Lots of people either lied or were lied to- St. Agora’s worshippers, the Hero, his best Friend, etc.)
FF9: “Death and Life.” ((The Terrans’ quest to reincarnate, and two of the heroes’ short lifespans.)
FFX: “The Spiral of Death.” (Explained in the game; similar to FF9.)
FFTactics Advance: “Perchance to Dream?” (Is Fantasy better than Reality? This game seems to ask.)
FFX-2: “Memories.” (Again, explained in the game. What’s this obssesion with Death and Memories the FF writers seem to have?)

Hmm, a bit too literal… I may rewrite them later.

FF7: Trying hard to impress a childhood friend
FF8: The Way of a Cool Guy
FF9: Humans Turning into Monkeys
FFX: Blitzball Can Kill
FFX-2: Cherish Every Moment

FFI: We’re The Strong Silent-Type Warriors!
FFVI: Kefka’s Failed Attempt, Take 4
FFX: Dreamy Boy
FFX-2: Who is He?
FFXI: Online
FFXII: Getting closer to hentai!

Another one:

FFT: <strike>The Lion</strike> War of the Roses

:moogle: FF7: Annoying Ninja who steals all your money :fungah: :moogle: