Final Fantasy Species and American Sports

Okay, here’s an interesting idea. What if you could break the “barrier” between dimensions, and bring a sentiment species from the Final Fantasy and recruit them for an American Sport? Who would you get, and what sport would you put them with?

 My theory is getting the Ronso to play either basketball because of their height advantage, or the biggie, American Football! Could you imagine a full team of Ronso against any other team in the Super Bowl? DUDES (And DUDETTES)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hell, even the female Ronso would make most NFL players wet their pants in the first down.

I would take Red from final fantasy seven, and put him on my soccer team, so he could bite the people who get near him while he has the ball.

Hypellos, and make them swimmers or waterpolo players. And reap the billions. :mwahaha:

Hmm, never thought of that.Hehe, female Ronsos would make pro legend football players seem insignificant again :D:D:D Yay…

:booster: :runaway: :suckah: :moogle: swim team