"Final Fantasy: Mixed in Balamb"

Here’s some flash movies for your viewing pleasure! ^.^

“FF: Mixed in Balamb”

“FF: Mixed in Balamb 2 (1/3)”

“FF: Mixed in Balamb 2 (2/3)”

You guys have probably already seen these… :too bad:

I’ve only seen the first. Thanks!

No problem.

I don’t understand. You have one of them. Then you have another one titled 1/3, then the last one titled 2/3…

1/3 and 2/3 are part of the second installment.

Okay, but where is 3/3? Is there an episode not yet included?

It’s still in production, I think.

He’s trying to be funny.

These are kind of good, but kind of “over the top” in terms of their attempt at being anime-styled. They’re still pretty sweet though.

:hahaha; Poor Wakka.

Barely worth a moldy cookie!

I am?

They’re ok…but come on, Sephiroth wouldn’t be THAT horrible of a classmate. Would he?

Can I have it, then?

Sephiroth wouldn’t be so bad, but I’d hate sitting in front of barret. Fidgety bastard.

Wait, isn’t Balamb that school-airship place in FFIIX?

Yes… and it’s VIII, although at least you know the logic behind the Roman system :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t understand why they have it was VIII as opposed to IIX. I mean, they have VI, and IX. Then they should have VII, then IIX. But instead, they just continue with the VIII. Think of it this way. The V part has 4, V, VI, VII, VIII, meanwhile, the X part has 2, X, IX. Why not each have 3? Stupid Square.

You forgot IV, XI, and XII, and XIII (that makes 5 each) :stuck_out_tongue:

But I meant before X, and after V. There should be 3 each.

Actually, that makes no sense, 'cause then it’d have to be IIV for III, which makes no sense.

Although, it was apparently gramatically corrected with the romans to use IIII instead of IV, just nobody did it, because it was longer.