Final Fantasy IV for the GBA...nice

Well this so called “port” is looking to be the ultimate edition of Final Fantasy IV. Not only is this the hard type with the lovely graphics of the never released to America WonderSwan version (that has similar graphics to FF1 and 2 for that system)…but some extras too. Ever wanted to have the twins from Mysidian fight Zeromus with Yang and Cid aiding them…well now you can! :smiley: Plus a fifty level dungeon sounds nice too.


I love the fact that Edward can be halfway useful at higher levels. I love the idea of Warrior Bards, but no one takes them seriously much, especially because of Edward. And shouldn’t a Prince have at elast SOME combat training? But I digress.

The 50-level dungeon sounds super neat. When i read this earlier today, I was thinking, “Dude, plot? At the bottom of an optional dungeon? I need this game now.”

So yeah… Come the 12th (or 13th, whatever), you knwo I’ll be there, waiting for my copy.

Dude. This is like, total awesomenity. IT MUST BE MINE!!!

I… I am in love.

Yay Palom and Porum are back! I can’t wait for this to come out. :slight_smile:

I’m so happy that they’re re-releasing my favorite FF game with new features <I>on my birthday</I>. Thank you, Square Enix. I guess sending in registration cards for every game you’ve released in America finally matters for something.

Looks like I know what I’m getting for Christmas. :cool:

I am so going to spend that £60 on TOP-GBA and FF4A in March!! (UK dates are same date!)

Remember to save some money for the impending releases of FFV and FFVI for GBA, too.

Hopefully Chrono Trigger too! :biggrin:

BN: There’s been nothing announced about that, but there have been announcements about FF5 and 6. Unfortunately it’ll be a while before they’re out.

dude that would kick ass… well it would kick :scream:
they should release all the good ff on gba!

im totaly getting this and you better too :runaway:

No, they definitely shouldn’t. Putting aside the… quality of the later games’ plots and stories, I’d like to point out all those games were playstation era games, which meant the graphics are almost certainly beyond the capabilities of the GBA. And if they tried remaking them for the GBA, but had to adjust the graphics so it would actually WORK, all those goddamn FFVII nuts out there would just bitch about how they messed with the game and should have left it be.

4 through 6 is good enough, thanks.

well, man, you know what i meant. all the old school ones(1-6). maybe realease, but i highly doubt, the ps ones on psp. but i doubt anyone would buy it and i think you can get a emulator to play them on the psp anyways.
but i hear that they’re releasing ff3 on the ds… that sucks
is this true?!

From 6 onwards have the Problem of not only Graphics they also are going to have to make bottons run two funtions. Sabins Blitzs use one all the Buttons, one us Xy up down and another lrlrxy. FF8 is very hard to work on a GBA, but it just about works for PSP and DS.

So unless they are going to change several minor in battle things. I doubt that they will think of converting FF 7 onwards for the GBA. FF7 and FF9 can be coverted for DS and PSP with Little trouble.

Yes, PSP can run Emulators and most Roms, unoffically, and there is a English FF3 NES rom.

It’s going to be a bitch making Sabin’s blitz with GBA controls.

But anyway, I loved the news. I was thinking of buying a GBA anytime soon and this is another good reason for me to do so.

Remember Renan, The DS can play GBA games as well, but all Link funtions don’t work, but it seems that proberbly won’t matter since FF6-SNES/PSX is Primarly 1 player. P2 is like an after thought.

Thanks, Nutter. I didn’t know that… And I’ve never looked deep into the DS. Now I’m going to check it up before I buy anything.

They are rereleasing all the old ones - They released 1 and 2 as Origins, remember? And with 4, 5, and 6 coming out eventually, the only “old school” (GOD, I hate the concept of schools of gaming) game left would be 3. Which they’re redoing entirely for the DS, yes. I’ve seen screenshots of it, and it seems interesting. But my point still stands.

Eh, how many buttons does FF6 actually need?

Move: A- Action X-Menu Y-Switch party (in multi-party fights) Start-Pause. 4 buttons. Easy enough (use Start for menu and Select to swap parties). (or use L, R or B if you think the pause function’s important. They’re doing nothing)
Menu: A- Enter B-Cancel L/R/Select-switch party member. Again, the GBA has all the buttons.
Battle: A-Enter B-Cancel X-Next member Y-previous member L+R- Run Start-Pause
Okay, 7 buttons. GBA only has 6. So, combine X+Y into one (does the order of member change matter much? Just use Select to swap the active character. Or else just use L and R to switch members, Select to run. As for Sabin’s blitzes, maybe they’d have to do some button switches, but I don’t think it’d be too bad. Maybe use L and R instead of X and Y?)