Final Fantasy IV DS

After beating Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, I’m going to try and finally beat FFIV. As of right now, I’m in the Slyph Cave, and LORD OH MIGHTY. It’s not hard, but god is it frustrating. I can barely get off one attack by one character without getting Bad Breath’d, Slept, or Silenced. There’s such a frustration difference between the SNES one we played when we were kids. I know this version is suppose to be harder, but eh. It’s like the rate at which enemies cast their spells/abilities is like ten-fold.

Earlier, I was running around in the underground. I ran into two Chimera Brains. I died in two rounds. I swear, Blaze’d once, 1500 damage. Blaze’d again. Only Kain and Cecil survived. Attempted to Phoenix Down Rydia and Rosa. Blaze’d twice. Game Over.

Am I just unlucky, or do the enemies just always go out with all their abilities first?

FFIV DS sucks is your problem. I mean, I don’t think the SNES game is particularly good or memorable, but you’re playing the absolute worst version of it in all respects.

If you like challenge for the sake of challenge, I say just keep pushing through. Don’t expect to be rewarded with anything but bragging rights though :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha. I think the only reason why I bought it was because I really liked FFIII. Square-Enix’s DS-3D is the only one I can sit through. I’m starting to think that FFIV Advance might of been better. But oh well, I think I’m just going to finish this game. F’ getting all those Augments. Annoying as hell, where you have to give characters augments to get augments. Honestly, how the hell is anybody suppose to know that without looking at a guide.

But yeah, I think you’re right. :stuck_out_tongue: After I run through all my backlog of games, and I forget about the DS version, I’ll go find me a copy of the GBA one.

I rather liked FFIV DS despite it’s shortcomings, though I enjoyed III more.

But yes, the enemies did seem a lot cheaper than they were in the original version.

I don’t think the DS 3D of FFIV was so bad… but during normal enemy battles it looked awful as the models were farther away and looked all pixelated and nasty, they should have went over-the-shoulder viewpoint for all battles, which looked a little better.

I liked FFIVDS. I’m not sure I’d call it the worst version, not that i"m sure which I would call the worst version. But the difficulty was definitely too high at times, and some of the monsters just lost their gravitas in 3-D. Like the Giant of Babil, the enormous automaton of of unparalleled destruction, looking rather smaller and… dumpier than I would think. Same with Zeromus, who I always thought was the coolest, most chaotic-looking endboss ever. Still, I like ths game and give it another go every so often.